Twenty five years ago, Percy Jackson made a deal with the gods. This deal sealed the fate of every demigod once they hit the age of 13. The minor gods were to be respected much more and given a throne on Olympus as well as a cabin at Camp Half Blood. For twenty years this deal kept hold and the gods never broke the promise, but gradually, half-bloods stopped getting claimed, and demigods are trickling into camp at ages as old as 17, if they even survived that long.

"The gods have become forgetful like they always have been and always will be. No one, not even the great Percy Jackson can change that."

It took five years for the minor gods to slowly lose their power on Olympus. Once there was no turning back for the Olympians, Nemesis led a quick yet nearly harmless attack on Camp. She and many other minor gods snatched away every child that wasn't offspring from the Olympians and ever demigod that had yet to be claimed. Along with them they managed to take three others. These three half-bloods were some of the most respected and well known at camp, and not necessarily for good reasons.

Now, an unfortunate few may have to embark on a dangerous and confusing quest to find these three demigods. Because the gods have now shut themselves off from the world, it is up to the camp to set things right. The gods may never admit it, but they would never survive without heroes. This may have to come down to the point when gods and half-bloods work together to set things right. If only the gods could find a way to do exactly that without starting a whole other war amongst themselves…

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