Title: To Protect

Author: MacGateFan

Rating: G

Disclaimers: This show belongs to people who aren't me unfortunately.

Lisa Braeden always knew what she wanted in life so when she as in the hospital the day after a car accident she couldn't remember she felt as though something were missing, something important. She asked her son, Ben, if he felt that way too and he said he did. It would be another six months before they realized what.

Lisa was driving home from work when she saw a man, wearing a suit, tie, and tan trenchcoat, standing on her front porch. She could see Ben riding his bike towards the house as she pulled into the driveway. Once she parked and met up with her son, the man turned to face them.

He didn't speak until they were directly in front of them. "I only did what I was asked to do. He didn't want either of you to remember, but I feel that you should. I just... it is very difficult to refuse him anything because of what he sacrificed."

The man seemed absolutely tortured but it was clear to Lisa that he had to say what was on his mind before she could say anything. "I should not have listened to him and what I am about to do now is because I do not know what will happen to me. Dean has so few people in his lives and I know he will need you in the near future.
Please do not be angry with him. He was only doing what he could to protect you both."

With a wave of his hand Lisa and Ben blinked. "Castiel," she said, but he was gone.