I did this in literally two minutes. Just a very short little drabble about Gibbs and Shannon since the episode broke my heart Tuesday. Shibbs forever.

Title: He Still Remembers

Summary: Gibbs remembers everything about Shannon

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Characters (MAIN): Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Shannon Gibbs

Pairing: Shibbs


He Still Remembers

He still remembers what her smile looks like. It's radiant, beautiful, and soft. It shows her love for him and the world in it. It's the most beautiful smile in all the world, and it's something that he will never forget.

He still remembers what her hair smells like. Vanilla strawberry. It was her favorite shampoo and she bought it by the armful. He loved breathing it in when they embraced. It smelled like her and it was beautiful.

He still remembers how her eyes shine. They were a gorgeous blue-green and every time she looked at him, they shone with beauty. When she was sad, they were sad. When she was happy, they showed him that. Her eyes were the window to her amazing, lovely soul.

He still remembers what it's like to hold her in his arms. Her tall, small frame in his loving, strong arms. He was her protector and she made it known to him all the time. She would tell him everything he was to her and never wanted to break from the hug. He didn't mind it.

He remembers it all. How his loving, faithful, beautiful wife was to him. What she meant to him. A strong-willed Marine so in love with this woman that it showed his innermost self to her. She was the only one he opened up to. She was his everything.

Gibbs remembers everything about Shannon. There's no forgetting someone you love so much. There's nothing but remembering.