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Kingdom Hearts

Bonded Soul

Chapter 80

Another Side, Another Story…

All was quiet in the Mysterious Tower as King Mickey and Master Yen Sid sat in his study, discussing the many things Sora and the others had done, as well as what Data-Sora had found.

"Yen Sid… I think we're finally close to figuring out where Ven's heart is." the King explained to his former master. Yen Sid nodded at his former apprentice as he stroked his beard, lost in thought.

"Is that so? Then that leaves only Terra." he stated. The King nodded as he clenched his fist.

"Right. And we've gotta save all three of 'em." he added. Yen Sid nodded as he kept stroking his beard.

"Hmm…the question is: What does Xehanort intend to do next?" the King blinked at him in confusion.

"Xehanort? But his two halves are gone. There was Ansem, who commanded the heartless… and Xemnas, who commanded the Nobodies. Didn't Sora defeat them both?" he questioned. Yen Sid nodded, his expression grim.

"Correct, those two met their end. However, therein lies exactly our problem. Their destruction now guarantees the original Xehanort's reconstruction." he explained. The King cocked his head to the side, confused.


"Xehanort's heart, once seized by his heartless half, is now free. And his body, which had become his nobody, has been vanquished. Both halves will now be returned to the whole. In short… this means that Master Xehanort will return." he explained. The King was silent for a moment, before staring up at his former master.

"And you think… you think maybe he's gonna try something?" he asked. The elder sorcerer nodded.

"A man like Xehanort will have left many roads open."

"Well, it doesn't matter what he cooks up. Me and Sora, we'll be ready, and Riku and Kyrie, too!" he exclaimed. Yen Sid nodded as he resumed stroking his beard.

"Yes, they are indeed strong. But… not true Keyblade Masters, like you. Tell me… would a single one of you suffice if what you faced was not a single one of him?" he asked the King, his voice serious and his expression even grimmer.

"What? What do you mean?" King Mickey exclaimed as he slammed his hands on the table. The elder man was silent for a moment, before leaning forward and placing his hands on the table.

"Mickey, please summon Sora and Kyrie hither, Riku as well." he ordered as he stood. The King nodded.

"Of course, but…why?" he asked. Yen Side paused, before turning his gaze on him.

"To show us the Mark of Mastery."

Another Side, Another Story…

A girl with auburn hair looked up at the night sky as she walked, her sword at her hip and the feathers in her hair bouncing as she did so. Her bright blue eyes watched as the stars fell, before a smile graced her features. She stopped after a moment, feeling a warmth in her chest that seemed to grow the more she watched the stars. But that warmth…it didn't feel like her own.

"Something's coming. I can feel it."

Another Side, Another Story…

She came to him,

knowing that his time was near,

and took pity on his fading form.

Using her strength,

She breathed life into him once more.

But she left behind a piece of her,

That prevented her from returning home.

The Mighty Heart grieved,

For it would never see its friend again.

Until she regained what she had lost.

A woman with white, trailing hair dressed in an elegant, silver yukata sighed softly as she stood in the middle of a station, with an image of a white-haired girl: a girl who looked vastly different from the woman. Faces of various people also appeared on the station, that of a red-haired man, a brunette boy, a red-haired girl, and many others. She gazed up into the darkness, seeing a pillar of light far off into the distance. She smiled gently.

"Soon my friend, soon. We will come home as soon as our final duty is done. Just be patient." then she looked down at the station, a sad expression crossing her features as she gazed down at the face etched in the stained glass.

"I'm so sorry, young Kyrie. If things were different, this one would have allowed you to live this life to the fullest. Sadly…it is not to be."

For those trapped in sleep,

Are destined to dream forever.

They suffer from the pain,

Of losing something precious.

But only with hearts true,

Can they ever awaken.

For now, they wait in their…

Birth By Sleep…

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