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Summary:Byakuran plans the perfect date to have with Shoichi, but not everything turns out the way he planned. What with the VOngola intruding and DAisy being a pedophile, poor Byakuran has to suffer.
Rating: T since it is yaoi
warnings: Yaoi, Mukuro Torturing :3, some OCs, language, and a driven insane Byakuran XD
Pairings: main: 10051 slight: 8059 & 1827

The First Date

Today is finally the day! I've been planning this special event for weeks now! And finally the day has come! My first date with my darling Sho~chan! It will be PERFECT! First, we'll have a nice romantic candle-lite dinner, all alone~. Then we'll go to my room and watch a romantic comedy, during which I will make my move :3. There is only one more thing to do before our magical moment.

"Attension! Can I please make a request from all of you? ~" I asked sweetly, standing before Kikyo, Bluebell, Daisy, Zakuro, and the Cervello. Kikyo suddenly jumped up eagerly, how sweet~,

"Anything Byakuran~sama!" he exclaimed. I'm so glad he said that.

"Well, tonight is going to be special, just me and my Sho~chan…so….I WANT ALL OF YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM US. IF YOU—ANYONE—RUIN THIS, I'LL SEND YOU SO FAR DOWN IN HELL THAT EVEN THE MIST GUARDIAN OF THE VONGOLA WON'T BE ABLE TO FIND YOU!"(This has started to become a common threat which works very well)

They all stared at me with appropriately horrified expressions.

"Thank You~!" I sang happily before skipping off to pick up Sho~chan for our date.

Making my way through the halls of the headquarters I headed toward Shoichi's room. I knocked on his door eagerly, waiting impatiently for my cute Sho~chan. After a moment, he answered the door, opening it wide. HE'S SOOOO CUTE! He was dressed in formal black pants and a white button up shirt. His face was completely flushed pink with embarrassment

"G-Good evening Byakuran~san." he greeted me in an adorable nervous voice. I smiled at him playfully—considering for a moment in changing my plans and making my move now—

"Hello Sho~chan! Let us be off! I have quite the perfect plan for us tonight!" I boasted proudly, grabbing his wrist and dragging him toward my room. We continued down the hall, when Daisy unexpectedly appeared around the corner and before us. He must not value his life.

"Shoichi! You look great!" he declared, looking Shoichi up and down.

I wanted to blind the immortal Pedophile so he would never be able to look at my Sho~chan with those shady eyes of his. Daisy then glanced at me and smiled.

"Byakuran~sama, if you plan on 'scoring' tonight—"

'I'M GONNA KILL HIM' I thought with such venom that Daisy actually flinched a little.

"—you're going to be pleasantly surprised by what awaits you~" he continued bravely before skipping off, but I quickly grabbed him ruthlessly around his neck.

"HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT!" I demanded, taking note of Shoichi currently banging his head repeatedly against the wall, his face beet red. Daisy just shrugged innocently.


"When indeed…"he mused with a sly smile.

I gave up, dropping him roughly to the ground and storming off, towing Shoichi with me. 'I'll get him later. Right now I'm busy!'

We finally made it to my room and I quickly opened my door, revealing to Shoichi what I had set up. In the center of the room was a table set for two. The table had a white tablecloth on top of it and two covered plates placed on it. And, just as I wished, there was a simple candle in the middle that was illuminating the table. Shoichi stared in shock as I ushered him to the table and gently sat him down. I then quickly lifted the cover to reveal a steaming plate spaghetti and meatballs. I went to the other side of the table and sat down doing the same to my plate. Shoichi glanced down at his food before looking at me cutely slightly confused.

"Um…..Byakuran~san…..what exactly is this?" he asked nervously, a blush beginning to form.

I mentally slapped myself as I remembered that Shoichi was Japanese and not Italian like most of the people in the base. Hopefully my dear Sho~chan will be willing to try new things.

"Why, it's an Italian classic. It is called Spaghetti and meatballs, I thought that you would like to try something international." I replied smoothly, praying that it would work.

"Oh, well that's good. It looks delicious." He exclaimed before starting to eat slowly.

I mentally clapped myself on the back that it worked, and even more to be able to see my Sho~chan eat one of my favorite foods (aside from marshmallows). This was turning out to be absolute perfection. A nice candle-lite dinner with my cute little Sho~chan. Shoichi slowly looked up at stared at me cutely.

"Byakuran~san…..um….why are you not eating?" he asked quietly.

"I'm sorry Sho~chan, I was too busy admiring how cute you look eating."

Shoichi flushed and stared with frustrated adorable eyes.

"Byakuran~san, I wanted to tell you…that I—"


Shoichi was interrupted by a loud bang that shook the whole headquarters.

'NO! NO! I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS! THIS IS MY DAY! AND DAMMIT IT WILL GO MY WAY!' I silently screamed in my head. Shoichi glanced at me nervously from across the table.

"Byakuran~san, what's going on?"

I turned to him quickly, sensing my dear date's impending demise and ultimate worry.

"Oh nothing I'm sure~ It's probably just Spanner having a technical accident or something."


"Maybe I should go check on him." Shoichi stated as he started to rise from the table.

"NO!" I yelled, effectively stopping Shoichi in his tracks, "I-I'll go and check on him quickly! You stay here and eat, Okay Sho~chan~?" I said in a slightly desperate tone. Shoichi stared at me for a moment before nodding slowly.

"O-Okay Byakuran~san…."

"RIGHT! Well I'll be quick!" I replied, quickly exiting the room.

I stormed through the halls to the basement where the sound came from. A dark aura surrounding me, fueled with all the fury and rage that fueled me. Arriving at the basement, I threw open the door and froze in shock at the sight. A HUGE hole was located in the headquarters' wall. Behind me, I heard the others dash into the room. When the smoke began to clear, dramatic music began playing and the Vongola strutted dramatically through the wreckage.


"Why hello again Baku—"

I located Tsunayoshi~kun and glared at him with every ounce of hatred that I could muster.

"GET LOST!" I growled dangerously, making Tsuna flinch.

"E-EH?" Gokudera whined, "Do you not ever notice our entrance music?"

Reborn shrugged knowingly,

"Wasted effort to impress, I suppose."

I smiled sweetly at them and gave them a quick thumbs up.

"Actually, I liked the music. Sakura Addiction I believe?" I commented.

All of the Vongola, except Hibari, smiled.

"EXACTLY!" they all exclaimed.

"Well I am very impressed!" I declared quickly before shifting back to my hateful glare.


Hibari began holding up his tonfas in a threating way.

"I don't think we will. Not before I bite you to death."

Every then began to move into an offensive position. A dying will appeared on Tsuna's forehead, Gokudera called out Uri, and Yamamoto unsheathed his sword. Mukuro and Chrome brandished their tridents and Reborn pointed Leon, now a gun, straight at me. I just stared at them in an exhausted silence.

'It's just too much….I just can't deal with this right now….'

I slowly turned around and grudgingly approached the wall beside the door.

"Oi! What are you—" Gokudera began, but I held my hand in annoyance, silencing him.

"Just….Shut..Up…" I said, exasperated.

I lifted up a small covering located on the door revealing a big red button. In an instant Kikyo was by my side. I almost forgot that they came in.

"N-NO! Stop Byakuran~sama! Don't do this!" he begged as the others began inching towards the door nervously. I flashed a glare at all of them.

"I can't deal with this right no!" I yelled, pushing the button hard.

The button caused a loud irritating alarm, like a police sire, to go off. Suddenly a spot on the wall opened, revealing a chute-like slide. Out of the chute rolled out two small girls.

"What the….when the HELL did the install THAT?" demanded one of the girls. I smiled at my saviors calmly.

"I had Spanner put it in for me."

At that moment, Spanner just happened to pass by, with Mini Mosca behind him, seeing the two girls on the floor.

"Oh good, it's properly functional." he muttered, while sucking on his lollipop. Spanner then continued on down the hall, the girls exchanging quick glances before glaring at Spanner's departing back.

One of the girls was small and petite-like with long hair that resembled gold dying will flames. Her eyes were cold and dark red. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt with long blue jeans. The other girl was also rather small and petite with dark black hair in a long ponytail that went down to her knees. She had a black dying will flame at the tip of her ponytail and dark, bored black eyes. She was also wearing a long sleeved shirt, but with a short sleeved shirt on top, and black gi pants.

The blonde-haired girl sat up quickly, her hair burning. I smiled gratefully at her.

'Ah~ my precious secret weapons~ may you BRUTALLY MURDER these Vongola intruders…..and Daisy too.'

"Shika…where my moomoocream? The blonde started to whine while frantically looking around her eyes starting to tear up, "Shika…WHERE MY MOOMOOCREAM! WANT MOOMOOCREAM, WANT MOOMOOCREAM NOW!"

I stared at her as she started to throw a temper tantrum that was bound to get out of hand. I then realized the HUGE mistake that I had made. I glanced at Shika desperately, knowing that she was the only one that could calm her down. Shika gave an annoyed sigh before getting up and going towards the angry girl.

"Hey, Hey Kai its ok. We can go get some more moomoocream." she said gently patting the girl on the head. Instantly, Kai stopped screaming and looked up pleadingly at Shika.

"Really? With extra strawberries that we steal from Spanner?" she asked, sniffling a little. Shika rolled her eyes and slowly nodded her head.

"Yea, with plenty of extra strawberries. So many that Spanner won't be able to make lollipops for a week."

"YEA!" Kai yelled, wrenching herself away from Shika and started jumping up and down happily.

I gave a sigh of relief and noticed the Vongola staring at the two with confused expressions. I then remembered the whole reason I summoned Shika and Kai and my annoyance returned tenfold.

"Shika, Kai, Remove Them!" I ordered, pointing at the Vongola.

Kai stopped jumping and stared at Tsuna and his guardians.

"Shika, who the hell are they?" she questioned, while pointing at them like I had.

"I believe that they are intruders to the base." she replied in a bored tone.

"Shika, you're so smart!" Kai exclaimed as she turned to face the Vongola.

Tsuna and everyone snapped into action, holding up their weapons and preparing for an attack. Kai stared at them with intimidating eyes, until she noticed Mukuro. She suddenly broke into a big smile.

"Kyaa~ so cool! Just my type! ~c'mon~ Let's go play a fun game now!~" she cried, while moving next to Mukuro so fast, no one noticed her until she was forcibly dragging him into a random room nearby.

I smiled triumphantly at the work one of my secret weapons was doing. I turned to glare at Shika, who was leaning against the wall in a relaxed and carefree way.

"I told you BOTH to get rid of them!" I growled. I wanted this job to be done quickly.

Shika looked up and gave me a cold glare but relaxed as she gave a yawn.

"*yawn~* I'm tired and I don't feel like doing this. I'm sure Kai can manage." she replied sleepily.

'Honestly, she is as bad as Zakuro when comes to being lazy.'

I sighed and glanced at the Vongola, who all seemed to be frozen with shock. Tsunayoshi~kun was the first to snap out of it and started to run towards the room.


Everyone, except Hibari, started to follow Tsuna towards the room, but they were all stopped when Shika appeared right in front of them, blocking their way.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Kai doesn't like to be interrupted." Shika explained quietly.

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?" Gokudera demanded has he tried to attack Shika, but was being held back by Yamamoto.

Shika cast a glare at Gokudera with blank uncaring eyes.

"I meant what I said, and I don't like repeating myself." She growled at them.

Suddenly a shout was heard from the room.

"HOLY SH—!" Mukuro's shout was cut off abruptly, successfully recapturing everyone's attention.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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