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A Fight…!

A few awkward moments passed has everyone stared at the door in confusion. Even I was starting to wonder what Kai did to him. Shika got bored and went to lean on the wall again. Finally the door opened up as Kai came skipping out of the room looking completely refreshed. She skipped past the Vongola and went to sand next to Shika. Tsuna glanced at Kai quickly before staring back at the doorway.

"But what about—" Tsuna started to ask but was interrupted by a loud groan and the sight of Mukuro slowly making his way out of the room before collapsing on his knees.

"Mukuro! Mukuro~sama!" Tsuna and Chrome screamed has they, and everyone else, made their way towards him.

"Mukuro~sama….What happened?" Chrome asked in her usual quiet voice. Mukuro gave a slight shudder and, not even bothering to lift his head, answered.

"I saw Hell…."he whispered quietly.

"What? Stop being overdramatic, besides haven't you already been to the six layers of Hell?" Gokudera scoffed at him.

"NO! ABSOLUTLY NOT! THIS WAS ANOTHER COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LAYER!" Mukuro yelled, "SEE! I EVEN GOT A NEW NUMBER!" he continued, lifting up his face and pointing to his right eye. And there within his red eye was the kanji number seven 七 in his eye. A collection of 'wows' came from the group. Even Hibari mumbled a silent 'wow' of his own at Mukuro's misfortune. Mukuro continued to shake slightly from his experience as Chrome tried to comfort him. Tsuna stood up slowly and turned to glare, an actually threating glare, at me.

"WHAT DID SHE DO TO HIM!" he demanded, balling up his gloved hands, as if he was about to attack me. I glanced at the shaking Mukuro and then at Kai who was talking animatedly at a bored looking Shika. I put my hand over my eyes and gave a big sigh before glancing back up at Tsuna.

"I don't know what Kai did to him Tsunayoshi~kun…actually, I really don't want to know. Surprisingly, I feel rather sorry for your mist guardian, BUT this wouldn't have happened if you Had Just LEFT!" I explained to them, again, starting to feel an upcoming headache. "SO you guys just need to leave….RIGHT NOW!"

The Vongola cloud guardian, Hibari was it, stepped forward brandishing his tonfas.

"I don't think we will. Not before I bite you all to death." He stated firmly. I gave an annoyed sigh and turned to Shika and Kai, silently pleading them to fix the Vongola problem. Shika just sighed and rolled her eyes while Kai gave a huge grin and giggled. Kai flashed next to Tsuna, an evil yet cute grin graced her face.

"Waa! You're a cute one! Kai wouldn't mind having her way with a cutie like you!" Kai cooed, caressing Tsuna's face gently. Tsuna's face turned a deep crimson and his features turned to a horrified expression. In the blink of an eye Hibari was in front of Tsuna, a menacing aura surrounding him. He lashed out at Kai with his tonfas, causing her to jump back.

"Hehe! : 3 Kai think someone jealous." She giggled while glancing at Hibari. Hibari glared at her for a while before hiding his tonfas back within his jacket.

"Hn….there are too many herbivores crowding. I refuse to fight this many weak herbivores." He said coolly, standing protectively behind Tsuna and giving a warning glare at Kai. I gave a grateful smile at Kai and sighed in relief. That was two down, although there were still a few to get through. Though, I don't think that Reborn~san will be a problem, Chrome always stay with Mukuro and that cow is already asleep on the ground. As long as they all leave! Unfortunately, the Vongola storm guardian, Gokudera I believe, wasn't too keen on my ideal plan.

"That Bastard! Don't worry Juudaime! I won't leave without a fight!" Gokudera declared while calling Uri next to him and bringing out his C.I.A. system. The Vongola rain guardian, Yamamoto Takeshi, standing in offense just behind him. I sighed heavily and covered my eyes with my hand while rubbing the sides of my head to try and soothe the current headache caused by this whole situation. Through the cracks of my fingers I saw Shika move slightly and when I looked up she was right behind Yamamoto.

"Ya know…..I may not be as good as Kai, but I can do a pretty decent job. You wouldn't want something to happen to your precious boytoy?" she hissed in his ear. Almost instantly, Yamamoto paled and cast a glance at Gokudera who hadn't noticed the small exchange. Yamamoto quickly turned and lashed out at Shika, but she just dodged and backed up gracefully. Yamamoto relaxed and gave one of his famous smiles, though it was a slightly strained. He quickly walked behind Gokudera and wrapped his arms around his waist, successfully restraining him. Gokudera blushed a deep red and started to struggle.

"Oi! YakyuuBaka! Let go of me! Why the hell are you stopping me!" Gokudera yelled as he tried to get out of Yamamoto's grip, but it was too strong. Yamamoto completely ignored him and turned to look at Tsuna, giving him another of his strained smiles.

"Yo Tsuna! I think that it's best if we leave. They obviously don't have the will to fight, so it's pretty pointless. Ne?" Yamamoto stated, giving a small laugh and keeping a wary eye on Shika.

"Well…," Tsuna murmured while looking around at his guardians. Mukuro was still scarred and Chrome won't leave his side, Hibari was unmotivated, and Yamamoto backed off while trying to calm a still pissed Gokudera. The only motivated guardian was the loud sun guardian, Ryohei, but he always is, Reborn didn't care anymore, and his way to young lightning guardian,Lambo, is still asleep on the ground.

"I don't know…" Tsuna said hesitantly.

That is when I lost my little self-control. This was taking too long and this whole situation is taking away from my Sho~chan time. I lost my usual carefree grin and stalked over to Tsuna, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him slightly.

"WHY! WHY CANT YOU JUST LEAVE!" I screamed, shaking Tsuna harder. I gave a defeated sigh, for like the millionth time today, and hung my head in defeat while still holding on to his shoulders.

"please," I whispered, practically begging, "please Tsunayoshi-kun, just leave. Take pity on me. This is the ONE day that I get to spend with my dear Sho~chan, while YOU get to spend anytime you want with YOUR boytoy." I mumbled desperately, not really caring what I was saying or that I was literally begging. Tsuna turned red at my comment, but I didn't care. I will do and say anything to get them to leave.

"Well…," Tsuna mumbled a pondering look on his face, "I guess we could come back tomorrow and leave now." Tsuna glanced at Reborn to see what he thought, but Reborn just gave a shrug and gave him 'it-is-your-decision-since-you-are-going-to-be-the-tenth-Vongola-boss' look.

"Herbivore?" Hibari said, giving Tsuna a questioning look. Tsuna gave Hibari a small nod and turned to look a Gokudera when he heard him gasp.

"Juudaime…"Gokudera said disbelievingly, having stopped struggling in Yamamoto's hands. Yamamoto gave a relieved sigh and a small smile.

"Are we EXTREMLY leaving!" Ryohei yelled in his loud voice.

"Yea we are….for now." Tsuna replied calmly, his dying will flame disappearing completely from his forehead. Surprisingly, Ryohei calmly accepted Tsuna's decision, much to my relief, and turned to pick up the sleeping cow. He then headed back out of the huge hole they had created. Yamamoto gently steered Gokudera out with Reborn riding on his shoulder. Chrome led a slightly calmer Mukuro out the hole. Right before they left through the hole, though, Kai yelled her 'goodbye'.

"Bye Bye Mu~kun! Let's play again sometime! K!" Kai yelled, waving her hand excitingly.

Mukuro gave a shudder and walked faster without turning around. Last was Tsuna who gave me one last confused ye sympathetic look before heading out the hole with Hibari following protectively behind him. I was so relieved that they had FINALLY left, that I wanted to dance my marshmallow dance, but I had to get back to my dear Sho~chan. I turned to Shika and Kai, meaning to thank them, but I was distracted by the commotion coming from the entrance of the room.

"Kikyo! I'm just seeing what all the noise is about." Said a voice that, unfortunately, sounded a lot like my Sho~chan.

"Look Shoichi, um…Byakuran~sama is currently busy and….he…is trying very hard to finish up and get back to you." Kikyo stated trying really hard to say something convincing that would slow Shoichi down. Glancing at Shika and Kai I gave them a silent 'thanks', I rushed over to the entrance to save Kikyo from my date. I opened the door a crack, so as to not to reveal the mess within the room, and slipped through to the outside. Kikyo and Shoichi immediately looked up upon my exit from the room.

"Byakuran~sama!" Kikyo exclaimed as he quickly straightened up and bowed to me giving the usual hand pose at the same time. I gave him an appreciative look and turned to my Sho~chan who was looking at me with his beautiful green eyes and had a small cute pout in his lips. I gave him a big smile before going over to him and wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Well then, shall we be going Sho~chan?" I asked cheerfully, pulling him closer to me by his waist. Shoichi instantly blushed and diverted his eyes downward.

"Byakuran~san" he muttered before looking up at me with curious eyes, "What was going on there? Was it important" I glanced behind me to make sure that the door was firmly closed, then turned back to Shoichi giving him a reassuring smile.

"Oh, it was just a small incident that I had to take care of. It definitely wasn't as important as you, which is why I left the details and clean-up with someone else." I explained smoothly. Shoichi easily bought the explanation.

"Really? That's good then. Who did you leave in charge?" he asked innocently, actually interested in my decision.

"um…" I stalled, trying to think of someone to say. I couldn't say Kikyo since he was the one that stopped Shoichi. Bluebell was out and Daisy isn't even a choice to consider. Zankuro is too lazy and Shika and Kai barely listen to what I say. When I was starting to run out choices, I noticed Spanner coming down the hall typing on the computer around his neck and sucking on one his strawberry lollipops.

"Spanner!" I exclaimed, catching his attention and gaining a confused look from Shoichi.

"I…uh…left Spanner in charge of the details and clean-up." I explained in calmer manner while gesturing to Spanner. Spanner looked up from his computer and gave me a 'what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about' look. I let go of Shoichi and headed over to Spanner, patting him on the back happily.

"Yep! It's nice to have Spanner here to take care of everything else in the room." I said happily while looking between Spanner and the entrance to the room.

"Is that so…?"Shoichi mumbled, confused by how weird I am acting. Spanner looked at me weird before looking at the door I was indicating to. Suddenly, a look of realization crossed his usually blank face. He glared at me before closing his computer and giving an annoyed sigh.

"Yes, it must be extremely nice that I'm here. Especially since I'm the only that can or actually will do it." He muttered while heading toward the room entrance, calling mini-mosca with him. Shoichi worriedly stared at Spanner's retreating back.

"Are you sure that Spanner will be ok?" Shoichi asked, still worried about Spanner's response to the situation. I guess I have been piling things onto him so that I would have more time with Shoichi, but he is the only one capable of doing Shoichi's work within the base. I guess I will make it up to him later, right now Shoichi is more important.

"I'm sure he'll be just fine." I replied dismissively before grabbing his hand and dragging him back toward my room. As I passed Kikyo, I gave him a small pat on the shoulder and mumbled a quick 'good job' before continuing on my way with my dear Sho~chan.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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