The Man of the House

A Sailor Moon drabble

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Sailor Moon characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, not me. I'm just finally getting back into writing fics for my very 1st fandom… Hopefully the plot bunnies (no Usagi pun intended) will multiply! So read, review, and enjoy! *Set during that peaceful period for the Outers in the 3rd volume of Sailor Moon Super S manga*


Michiru let down her hair, glad that the house was silent for once. Setsuna had taken Hotaru out to run some errands, which left the house to Michiru and Haruka. The teal-haired woman had just finished tidying up the kitchen, and she could hear the noise of the television leaking in from the living room. She gritted her teeth.

"Haruka, you've been in here all day," she said slowly and she entered the room. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and awaited a response.

On a commercial, Haruka turned around and glanced at her lover. "Ah, sorry, Michi… It's just—the sports channel is replaying some of the best races…"

Michiru raised her eyebrow. "Replaying old races which you have seen before?"

"Ah, well, yeah…"

"While I've been doing housework?"

"Aha…yes…?" Michiru had Haruka's full attention now, and the blonde sheepishly looked at her.

"And you've been doing nothing?"

"Well, watching TV doesn't count as—you're right, I've been doing nothing," Haruka hastily caught herself as she fidgeted under Michiru's stern glare. She clicked the TV off and hopped off the couch. "Michi…" She walked over to her but didn't dare try to placate her, not when Michiru was this annoyed.

"Haruka, go mow the lawn, please."

"Of course."

"And do the laundry afterwards."


"If you finish quickly and do a good job, then maybe I'll take you out."

"Yes, of cou—what?"

Michiru grinned impishly and tugged on the open collar of Haruka's shirt, dragging the taller woman down for a spicy kiss. "That's a preview of what's to come—but only if you listen to me!"

Haruka was like a puppy for the rest of the day.


XDDD I love Michiruka (always have), but I think Michiru is the dominant personality… I did this for my challenge in the newly formed Sailor Moon Fanfiction Challenges forum I made. Because of FFN problems, the only link is through my forums but I placed a linked to the forum on my profile, so please come visit and join if you love Sailor Moon!

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