"From the same bedroom?" Angela asked, eyebrows waggling suggestively, as both women filed into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Ma. Yes, the same bedroom. No, we didn't have sex." Jane winced at the word but kept going. "Yes, we've decided to move forward in our relationship. No, we don't want to tell anyone yet. Yes, we will eventually. No, we're not getting married any time soon. No, we haven't talked about children. No, we're not moving in with each other any time soon. No, we haven't even talked about. Yes, I love Maura. No, I don't see that as a reason to get married tomorrow. Yes, I would love a cup of coffee. No, Maura, I'm not eating that granola crap." Jane finished by grabbing the cup of coffee from her mother's outstretched hand and sitting down on a stool at the kitchen island.

"Since Jane covered all the basics," Maura said, clearly amused, "Could I help you with anything, Angela?"

"No, I'm almost done with breakfast." The elder Rizzoli gave a shake of her head before turning back to the pan on the stovetop. "I promised I wouldn't push you, but," she turned back around, "when you decide to get married, which I hope is soon, you better tell me about it and not elope. The whole family's been waiting on you two, and, if you elope, you're going to hurt everyone's feelings."


Angela held her hands up. "That's all I'm going to say on it."

"For now. I'll give you another ten minutes before you say something else," Jane said over the rim of her coffee cup.

"Jane," Maura admonished. "Angela, if and when the time comes, I promise we won't elope."

"Thank you, Maura. You've always been such a good girl." Angela leaned over to kiss the honey brunette on the cheek. "Now, go sit down so I you can eat your breakfast. You need to eat so you can keep your strength up. You know, Rizzoli men and woman are known for being long lasting in the bedroom once they…"

"Welcome to life as a Rizzoli," Jane whispered under her breath as Maura settled next to her.

"Happy to be here," Maura quietly replied back as Jane yelled at her mother to stop embarrassing her.

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