Uncle 1

A Transformers Movieverse Fanfic

The village had no name, the tall mountains it huddled between had too many to count. Not that Crusher really cared about such things as human nomenclature, he simply waited. The hulking, rust orange Decpticon, had hidden there for nearly a month, quite content to remain as ignorant of the fleshlings' culture as he was of any of the dozens of worlds he had helped destroy. Water had rusted his armor; boredom had eaten away at his circuits. Someone had noticed the unusually large amount of new shavings washing up downstream of the old saw mill. A child exploring the abandoned structure had asked why there were now two rusting machines inside when local legend only told of one. Worried whispers spread. A call was made. Now a ring of heavily armed soldiers slipped silently through the dense conifer forest while the sun shone brightly through its branches.

Perhaps this time combat could be avoided, but if it couldn't the attack was to be swift and powerful. The enemy was known to be strong, NEST would have to be stronger. Due east of the mill a black pickup rolled easily down an old logging road. Major Lennox sat upright in the driver seat; eyes flicking ceaselessly over the terrain ahead, hands lightly checking his weapon. Due west of the mill a logging truck approached across an open field. Chief Master Sergeant Epps leaned forward eagerly in the cab, one finger resting lightly on his earpiece. Every five minutes a series of clicks came in, soldiers reporting their readiness. Every second that passed without contact meant a greater chance they could haul in the con and get home without any loss of life. The final signals came in. All the soldiers were within sight of the target.

The logging truck pulled up to the mill came to a stop beside the weathered remains of several more of its kind. On the other side of the mill the pickup truck rolled to a halt. The two vehicles paused for a moment while their occupants hopped out. Then they moved. Metal shifted, gears whirred and where two trucks had sat now towered two giant robots. Optimus Prime strode forward a few steps and addressed the occupant of the old mill,

"Crusher! We are aware you are in there. We are also aware that you have lived peacefully among these humans since the defeat of Megatron. If you are willing to surrender, you will be allowed to do so." The silence of the high mountains rang around the Autobots and their allies when Optimus had finished speaking. For a moment nothing happened, and then slowly the roof of the old mill collapsed. Crusher unfolded from the dusty building and stood glaring at the Prime.

"Surrender? To you?" he demanded in a raspy voice full of venom. Optimus inclined his head.

"If that prospect is unattractive you may also surrender to our allies," the Prime indicated the human officer standing alertly beside Ironhide.

Crusher never took his optics off the Autobot leader as he reviewed the situation. Never the brightest of the Decpticons the thoughts rolled sluggishly through his head. For a moment the cool, clear air of the high mountains sang through his memory. Yes it had been lonely, and boring, but there were moments; when the mill had creaked and groaned at night reminding him of Cybertron, when the small organics had run through cheeping and beeping like minicons, one could grow to like this planet. But his eyes focused on the hated Autobot leader and the millennia of combat rushed to the surface. His servos gripped the machine he had copied for his alt mode.

"I…Will…Never…Surrender…To…A…Prime!" Crusher roared. As expected he lunged at Optimus. Not quite as expected he threw the old saw mill over his shoulder. Optimus side stepped and caught the charging con with a swift palm blow to its lagging shoulder while kicking out at its legs. Crusher's own momentum carried him past the Autobot and into the ground. He was up again in a moment, but a moment was all Optimus needed to activate his energon sword. Crusher charged again, roaring an old Decpticon battle cry. The Prime swung down and in one mighty blow sliced through the con's spark chamber. The rusted, battle scarred, Decpticon fell to his knees and the red light faded from his optics. "I, it was not so bad here…" he murmured as he collapsed on the ground.

Optimus checked quickly on Sergeant Epps. The human was busy radioing the results of the battle to the rest of the ground force. All being well there, he turned his attention to the other side of the now destroyed mill. Major Lennox appeared to be fine, but Ironhide… Prime strode easily across the stream that had once driven the mill. The old Autobot warrior was cradling his arm carefully against his chestplates while Lennox looked up at him with a mixture of gratitude and exasperation.

"…and for the last time. I'm fine! Ratchet will fix me up as soon as we get back to base," the old bot was explaining to the Major. As if to prove his point, the warrior transformed back into his alt mode. There was the usual whirring and clicking, then a grinding scrape that made Lennox's stomach lurch. Ironhide had made it fully into truck mode but something was definitely wrong.

"Ironhide!" Optimus said as he arrived, "Stay where you are. I'll summon Ratchet."The Autobot leader knelt worriedly over his friend. "What happened?"

"Ah, just got hit by a bit of debris is all." Ironhide replied. Major Lennox let out a short bark of laughter and interrupted.

"He means he jumped in between me and a flying saw mill. He shot it to pieces then blocked the shrapnel with his own body. I'd be a Major stain on the grass right now if he hadn't." The old Autobot just grunted at that and continued.

"Anyway, there's no need to call Ratchet out here. I can still drive. It's just that old secondary transforming cog that's been giving me trouble since Praxis. It finally gave." The Prime nodded slowly.

"If you are sure of that, then you might as well head back to the transport plane. Major Lennox, if you would accompany him and give our report I will finish the cleanup here." Lennox nodded and climbed up into Ironhide's interior. He knew Optimus well enough to read the subtext of what was said. Make sure the older bot made it safely back to the plane. The human definitely didn't like the noises coming from Ironhide's right side, but decided not to say anything. The warrior was far more experienced that the human would ever be and most likely knew his own limits.