A/N: I believe everybody knows that Erin had her own rock at Drucilla's Pond that she would sit, think and write private thoughts when she wanted to be alone. We as the viewer never really knew what she was thinking about while she was there, so I'm going to try and put some thoughts into Miss Erin Walton's head. This may be a one-shot story, unless I get enough feedback for another chapter. This one story will be review based. I need at least five reviews per chapter before I continue because I'm busy with other stories, my college career (which you all know needs a lot of my attention), church activities (I teach a Sunday School class and have to prepare my lesson for that), and may be to be able to take a breath for myself. =) This story is starting at roughly Season Seven, but I might slip up, please show me and tell me if I do. Thank you, well, without further ado; I'll let you start reading Erin's Diary.

Erin Walton sat on her bed with her notebook thinking. Elizabeth walked in and looked over Erin's shoulder.

"What are you writing about Erin? Are you writing a book about us like John-Boy?" Elizabeth asked curiously. Erin closed her notebook and looked at her little sister.

"Please go away Elizabeth. This is private." Erin replied. Elizabeth scoffed.

"Come on Erin." Elizabeth said. Erin closed her notebook and put her pen above her ear and stood up. "Where are you going?" Erin looked at her.

"That's truly none of your business Elizabeth." Erin responded. She walked down the stairs with Elizabeth at her tail.

"Come on Erin! Where are you going?" Elizabeth questioned. Grandma and Mama were standing in the kitchen working on dinner.

"Mama, tell Elizabeth that she has to stay here and leave me alone." Erin said to her Mama.

"Where are you going Erin?" Grandma asked stopping her granddaughter.

"I'm just going to get a breath of fresh air. I need some time alone." Erin responded and walked through the door.

"Be back by supper!" Mama called after Erin. Erin walked down from the house passed the barn and the mill.

"Hey Erin!" Mary Ellen called out as she got out of Jason's car. She was wearing her nurse's uniform which meant she'd just come home from the hospital. Erin waved at her and walked down the road to the pond. She walked over to her rock and sat down with her notebook. Erin looked up at the sun; it was warm on her face. She looked back down at her notebook. Erin sighed and started writing.

"I was thinking of Ashley today. I looked at the picture he sent me in his uniform. I hate the idea that he's gone so long, but at least he still writes to me. We want to get married, but we have to wait until the end of the war. I'm so scared that I'll lose him. Curt and G.W. died in the war and neither of them are overseas; they were both still in our country. G.W. was at Camp Lee, and Curt was at Pearl Harbor. Ashley is all the way in Europe. He wrote me a letter last week and told me he can't wait to be back here on the mountain with me and we'll get married. I truly can't wait to be Mrs. Ashley Longworth Jr. The only problem is what will happen with Miss Emily? If Ashley doesn't come home will I become Miss Emily? Longing for a man to come my way who never will come back? A past love? That scares me sometimes, but I'm not Miss Emily." Erin sighed and looked up from her notebook. She picked up a rock and tossed it into the water and watched it ping on the water. She smiled and went back to her writing.

"I wish I had somebody to talk to about this. I know I can't talk to Mama or Daddy. They think I'm too young to love another person, even though Mama got married when she was my age. Mary Ellen seems like the most likely candidate because she was married and even has a son, but since Curt just recently died I can't ask her stuff like this. Elizabeth is too young and immature to talk to about things like this. She's only thirteen and still plays with dolls. Not as much as she used to, but it is still there. I used to be able to talk to Grandpa, but since he died, I haven't been able to talk to him like I used to. Grandma gets tired more easily since she had her stroke. But maybe I could talk to her." Erin looked up at the sun, it was going down and she was sure that she should be heading home soon for dinner.

"Well, I'm also getting tired of my work at the telephone office. I don't really do anything. I do the same thing day after day; hour after hour. I have been taking classes at the business school and my grades are pretty good, but it's not always the important thing." Erin closed her notebook and stood up. She strolled back from the pond back to her house and walked in the front door. Everyone was already sitting at the table ready to eat.

"Erin, come on; we're about to eat." Jason said.

"I'll be back down in a minute." Erin rushed up the stairs and put her notebook in the secret place that she kept it from Elizabeth and laid the pen on her desk. She ran down the stairs and slid into her seat next to Mary Ellen at the end of the table. "I'm sorry Mama." Olivia nodded.