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My blood is cold as ice, or so I have been told

Show no emotion and it can destroy your soul

Another sacrifice to a tormentor

Your world wouldn't understand

Turn away again

Disturbed- Haunted

'Yagami-kun. You are finally free, and yet you haven't left this place.' Light heard the voice he was so accustomed with.

Ryuzaki was right: he had no reason to be there. Light had little recall of how being tied up to the detective 24/7 had felt while he was all innocent and not-Kira, but the few hours that had passed between him touching the Death Note and them returning to the headquarters had felt like an eternity.

Not that he had any particular negative feelings towards Ryuzaki's personality; it was who he was, not how he was, that made him Light's enemy. The two would have probably been friends- not the warm, friendly kind of friends, but the intellectual challenging, mind-fucking one another type of friends, but still friends- if it hadn't happened that one of them was Kira, and the other one was L. Tough luck.

Even if Light didn't like being around Ryuzaki, he knew he had to keep him under surveillance. Time would pass fast, though, and soon enough L would be six feet under. Then nobody could ever stop Light's plan of becoming God and reigning over a flawless world where anybody who dared to disturb the perfection would simply be eliminated.

In the meantime… it was pretense time. Pretend you're friends, pretend you're hanging around just for fun time.

'Not to mention that you are free to go on a date with Misa now.' the detective added.

Light gave a small laugh: pretense mode activated.

'As eager as I would be, it's been no more than a few hours since we solved the case. It would be unethical to have fun right now.'

'Having fun is never unethical, Light-kun.'

'Nor is it mandatory.'

'Indeed, it isn't.' Ryuzaki mumbled, seeming to be absorbed in his computer work. What the hell is he working at now?I know he's far from being sure that this case is closed, but he shouldn't make it so obvious.

Although they hadn't exchanged many words that didn't concern the Kira case, both being rather difficult to decipher- because they were brilliant, and because they didn't want to be deciphered, unconsciously being reluctant to breaking their shell and revealing their weaknesses- Light and Ryuzaki could often tell what the other one was thinking, words not necessary.

There was a tense atmosphere between them, running beyond the appearences that revealed nothing of the truth. They had been enemies from the very start and they had known the truth about each other from the very beginning.

L knew Light was a criminal.

Light knew L was a criminal, too. In his smooth manipulations, in his disregard for human lives, in his the purpose excuses the ways mentality, he was a criminal. He had killed people, too, even if it had been indirectly.

At the beginning, Light had thought of L's system of values as being fundamentally flawed. How could he let innocent people die just for the sake of a greater cause? How could he not care about good, and beauty, and justice?

But then Light started doing all the things that he had previously accused L of doing, and he didn't care anymore. He started killing innocent people and he ruthlessly eliminated any obstacle that stood in the way of his perfect world. He treated human lives as if people were pawns in a chess game.

The criminal and the detective weren't that different, after all. But the question was: in the end, which of them was going to be the victim, and which one the prosecutor?

'You do it', Matsuda whispered to Aizawa while entering the room.

'Yeah, Matsuda, I already told you I would.'

'Good. He won't be taking it too easy. The death of someone you love is a difficult thing to handle, especially if you're romantically involved with…well, if you were… God, I can't believe that…'

'Just shut up for once, will you? We don't have time for this.' Aizawa cut him off.

Ryuzaki and Light were the only ones in the main room, each of them at their computers. Light turned to the task force as they entered the room and he seemed surprised by their gloomy appearance. They all seemed uncomfortable, as if they were hiding something that they'd have rather kept secret for ever.

'What's with those faces, guys? You look as if somebody just died.' Light said, laughing at the absurdity of his own statement.

The men gave meaningful looks one to another and didn't answer. Finally, just as planned, it was Aizawa who broke the silence.

'Light… Misa was found dead in her hotel room this morning. Evidence shows that she poisoned herself this morning. We're all very sorry for your loss.'

Ryuzaki flinched in his seat and stared at the force with his black panda eyes. His glace turned almost immediately to the boy beside him, who was now open-mouthed in surprise, his eyes overwhelmed with an unknown emotion.

'W…what do you mean Misa… NO! It can't be! She didn't…' Light got up from his seat and started walking around the room, seeming as confused as someone who just found out something so terrible that he couldn't immediately get used to it. His breathing got heavier and he started mumbling undecipherable words, sometimes interrupted by a loud cursing. When he raised his head and looked at the task force again, his brown eyes were filled with tears.

'I swear… I swear I'm going to find Kira with the price of my life and avenge Misa. She was… she had nothing to do with this, why was she killed? Does Kira kill innocent people now? Is that his brilliant idea of creating a new world? I will catch that bastard even if it's the last thing I do!' Light shouted angrily, bursting into tears again.

Soichiro approached Light and put a hand on his back while the boy was sobbing quietly.

'I promise we'll catch him, Light. We won't give up until we gather all the evidence, and then it will all be over. I'm sorry you have to go through this.'

'How inconvenient', Ryuzaki observed from his seat.

'What do you mean, Ryuzaki?' Aizawa asked.

'Hmm.' The detective munched on a piece of strawberry cake. ' Do not get me wrong. I am most honestly displeased with this unfortunate event. I myself are one of Amane's admirers and I believe her death is a great loss for us. You have my condoleances, Light-kun.' The young man threw a hopeless look in the detective's direction. 'Yet I cannot be amazed at how inappropriate this is. Amane died from a heart attack, so it would be correct to assume that it was Kira's doing. But why would Kira kill a movie star? This is the first event of its kind, and I might not be wrong to believe that Amane was standing in Kira's way somehow. That is why she got killed. If you remember, she was suspected of being the second Kira, and if my suspicions were correct, the first Kira might have killed her because she had become … inconvenient for him.'

'How can you think of this now, Ryuzaki? Can't you see Light is in pain?' Matsuda raised his voice.

'If that is correct, since Misa was suspected of being the second Kira, that means that the first Kira would be…' Aizawa said, ignoring the young policeman.

'Yagami-kun, the main suspect. That is correct.'

'You're a bunch of heartless bastards, you! Accusing Light for Misa's death! Just look at him, he lost the one he loved and now he's being falsely judged for it! Can't you stop?' Matsuda shouted.

'Shut up, Matsuda. We understand that this is a difficult situation for Light, but we have to keep our feet on the ground and keep going with the case. ' Mogi said on a firm voice. 'Though Ryuzaki's reasoning doesn't seem too justified to me…' he added on a lower tone.

'Light isn't Kira. I thought we established that, once and for all!' the chief shouted in anger.

'No…Dad, Mogi, Matsuda. Don't mind me, I'm fine. I'm now more determined to catch the bastard once and for all, and we need to stay focused in order to succeed. But if me being a suspect again is what I have to endure to make things clear, I can take it.' Light said, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

'Ryuzaki, Misa might have been killed because she was Light's girlfriend. Kira might have found out of this somehow and punish him for standing against his justice.' Ide said.

'Or he might have killed her because he knew she had been suspected of being the second Kira, and maybe he considered her a threat…'

'But then why not kill Light, too?'

'The answer is obvious. But I have no evidence to support it.' Ryuzaki said, getting up from his chair and leaving the task force even more puzzled than before, with a devastated Light among them that they could find no way to console.

Light turned their backs at them, a large grin on his tear-stained face. Fools.