Name: Kokoro (Heart) Kawaii

Age: Younger then Byakuya

Hair Color: Cotton Candy Pink

Eye Color: Blue

Rank: 3rd Seat

Squad: ex. 8th and recently 13th

Zanpakuto: Tsukishiro (White Moon)

Likes: Byakuya Kuchiki

Personality: Sweet, Caring, Loyal, Respectful, Strong, Serious when needed, Beautiful, Smart, Easily Hurt, Brave, Conflicted & etc…

Couple Years Earlier:

Byakuya and Yoruichi were walking down the streets of Seireitei Byakuya held his teenage angry face with his arms behind his back.

"Why am I even going with you to some boring tea party?" asked Byakuya annoyed.

Yoruichi turned to look at Byakuya and just grinned.

"Because your grandfather was too busy and I needed someone from the Kuchiki Clan to come with me. Who better then the Kuchiki heir?" replied Yoruichi.

"Probably some old dude who can't see anything, how lame." groaned Byakuya and kept walking.

They soon reached a huge manor which read Kawaii on the front and two guards stood there.

"Who are you and what business do you have here?" asked one of the guards and Yoruichi smiled at him.

"Yoruichi Shihoin and Byakuya Kuchiki we have a meeting with Kawaii-sama" answered Yoruichi.

The guards moved aside and let them in the huge doors open and they walked through them and they closed behind them. They walked through a huge garden and watched how the sakura blossoms softly fell being blown away by the soft breeze. Byakuya watched the sakura blossoms fall and kind of smiled and he looked across the garden and saw a teenage girl kneeling down by a nearby pond. Byakuya stopped walking and stared at the young girl she has cotton candy pink hair that mixed in with the falling sakura blossoms. Her shoulder length hair blow softly in the wind and she smiled as she touched the sakura blossoms in the water. Her eyes were blue it was like if you were looking into a nice blue ocean. Yoruichi stood behind him and leaned down to his face and grinned.

"Pretty isn't she, little Byakuya?" asked Yoruichi grinning.

"Hai" Byakuya simply replied still looking at the young girl.

Yoruichi jumped onto Byakuya's back and waved at the girl.

"Ohayo (Good morning) Kokoro-san!" shouted Yoruichi waving at the girl like crazy.

The girl looked up and saw Yoruichi waving at her and she smiled at her and quickly stood up and walked over them.

"Nani (what), you know her?" asked Byakuya shocked and surprise.

Yoruichi got off of his back and looked at Byakuya and just smirked.

"Hai!" responded Yoruichi and kept smirking at Byakuya.

"You better not tell her anything you stupid cat!" yelled Byakuya angry at Yoruichi.

"Apologize for calling me a stupid cat and maybe I won't say anything, little Byakuya" Yoruichi smiled at him and Byakuya just glared at her.

Byakuya let a deep sigh; "Gomen (sorry)" mumbled Byakuya and Yoruichi just smiled.

You finally reached them and smiled at them you were wearing a beautiful white kimono with a sakura blossom pattern and a light pink slash. You hugged Yoruichi and noticed Byakuya standing there and cheerfully smiled at him. Byakuya turned a little red when you looked at him and smiled.

"Ohayo, my name is Kokoro Kawaii" you told Byakuya and extend your hand to Byakuya.

Byakuya looked at your hand and shook your hand softly. "Ohayo, I'm Byakuya Kuchiki" Byakuya replied back weirdly and let go of your soft somewhat pale skinned hand.

"Nice to meet you Byakuya-kun" you replied and continued to smile at him and you then turned your attention to Yoruichi. "Yourichi-san what brings you here today?" you asked cheerfully.

"Your Ojii-sama (grandfather) is having tea with us today" replied Yoruichi.

"Gomen, but grandfather isn't feeling while today. So I'll be attending to all of his scheduled meetings" you replied leading the way.

Several years passed and you and Byakuya started to become close friends and the more time you spent with him the more your feelings for him started to grow. Byakuya's also did towards you but you both didn't show it or made any attempt too. It has also been some time since Yoruichi disappeared and you lost a friend, sister and a mother figure. You and Byakuya have grown into a couple of young and beautiful adults both leading your own families. Byakuya become captain of the 6th squad and you first became the 3rd seat of the 8th squad but later were transferred to the 13th squad becoming the 3rd seat there. You formed new friendships one including your friendship with Hisana. Then one day everything changed between you, Byakuya and Hisana.

Kawaii Manor:

You walked down the sakura blossoms garden and smiled to yourself Byakuya was walking along side with you. He watched as you looked at the falling sakura blossoms and smiled. Byakuya was now wearing his kenseikan which symbolize his noble rank and head of the Kuchiki Clan.

"Ne, Bya-kun what is this visit for?" you asked kind of curious.

Byakuya turned to look at you and smiled. "You know that Hisana and I are…" Byakuya stopped at the last part.

But you finished the sentence for him, "Dating, hai (yes), I know" that came out almost a whisper and you turned your attention to the floor and continue to walk.

"Kokoro…Hisana and I are going to get marry in week" Byakuya slowly spoke.

Your eyes went huge and you felt the tears forming in your eyes a huge lump formed in your throat. You held back the tears so Byakuya wouldn't notice and put a smile on your face and looked up at him.

"I'm happy for you Byakuya-chan" you simply replied not noticing you called him by his full name and didn't use, Kun, at the end. Your voice almost broke in the middle of the sentence but you manage to keep yourself under control.

"Doushita (what's wrong) Kokoro?" Byakuya asked confused and looked at you.

You simply smiled the tears sparkling in your eyes and shook your head. "Daijoubu (I'm alright)" you simply replied.

"Hisana and I would really like it if you came" Byakuya said.

You shook your head no, "Iie, gomen, but I'm really busy with everything in the house, gomen Byakuya-chan" you said trying to make an excuse to get out of the wedding that you know you wouldn't bare to see. "Sumimasen (Excuse me), but I have lots to do Byakuya-chan" you said quickly knowing you wouldn't keep yourself under control for long.

"Kokoro" Byakuya asked confused and looked at you walk away.

That was the last time you and Byakuya every spoke as friends again or at all.

Kuchiki Manor:

About five years have pasted you kneeled in front of Hisana holding her hand softly you held back the tears as you watch your sick friend die slowly.

"Kokoro-chan I know you've been through a lot you gave up your happiness for mine" Hisana softly spoke while she coughed a little.

"Hisana-chan you deserved everything unlike me you had nothing…it would have been…" you were holding back now the tears now. "It would have been…real selfish on my part…if I didn't share…B-" you were cut short when Hisana started to speak again.

"Kokoro-chan please stop you are my best friend…I need you to make me two promises" Hisana slowly spoke you nodded your head as your best friend spoke. "Please once Byakuya finds my sister please protect her like if she was your sister and let her call you sister. She has not right to call me sister or have anything to do with me.

"Hai, I promise Hisana-chan" you spoke the tears now streaming down your face.

"Also Kokoro-chan I need you to promise me…" Hisana slowly started to speak.

"Hai, anything" you spoke softly.

"I know about your feelings towards Byakuya…all I want is for you and Byakuya to be happy now. I know Byakuya loves me with all his heart but…he'll never love me like he loves you Kokoro-chan. Promise me you'll marry Byakuya and make him happy because I know that'll also make you happy" Hisana smiled weakly at you waiting for you answer.

You looked at her you didn't know if you could keep that promise but you nodded your head still. "Hai" you told her still holding her hand and smiling at her.

"Arigatou, Kokoro-chan" Hisana told you.

A couple hours later you got word that Hisana had passed away you went to her funeral you only spoke to Byakuya about the first promise you made to Hisana. Since then you and Byakuya hardly ever spoke, Byakuya found Rukia and adopted her. As you promise you let Rukia call you Nee-san, you and Rukia became close and all being in the same squad.