Castlevania: Dark of the Rose

Book 1: The Nightmare begins

Overview: This is sort of a crossover/spinoff of Rosario + Vampire and Castlevania.

Disclaimer: Before you ask, NO, I don't own Rosario + Vampire or Castlevania, so STFU! And now, without further ado, I now begin the first chapter…

Note: Flame me all you want for this, but I'm just a first timer so it's not gonna be that good. And if you get pissed off, I'll just say, "I missed the part where that's my problem." Besides, I haven't seen all of Rosario + Vampire, and I'm just trying my damn best, so if you're gonna flame me, do me a favor and keep it to yourself and STFU!


Kurumu Kurono walked through the halls of Yokai Academy, angrily. It had been a while since the her chosen mate of fate, Tsukune Aono, had become the official boyfriend of her rival, Moka Akashiya. The event itself had been too much for her to bear. She hated Moka more than she hated anyone else before. Now, she was determined to make her pay. But how?

Slowly, an evil smile crept upon her lips. She had an idea! An evil idea at that. Her idea: to once again enslave the entire male student body and make Moka cry. She had done it before, and she could do it again. Also, she had heard that a famous vampire was coming to visit Yokai. Not just any old vampire, but a direct descendant of Dracula! Dracula's grandson, to be exact. An evil plan slowly unfolded in front of her. As the rebirth of Lilith, she possessed charm that was nearly impossible to escape. Surely she could use it on , but only one thing stood in her way: Moka. Kurumu knew she would have to do something drastic to get Moka out of the way.

Slowly but noiselessly, she crept into her room and examined herself in the mirror. Kurumu fought the wild urge to scream. Her hair and face were both a mess! Her hair was all raggedy, her eyes had dark spots under them, & there were tear stains on her face. How could she possibly fulfill her plans looking like that? Kurumu got out her makeup kit and set to work to revive her beautiful self. An hour later, her beauty had been restored. Kurumu smiled to herself. Her plan to find a powerful mate of fate and destroy Moka would work! Kurumu immediately set off to find Moka and avenge Tsukune and begin Operation Dracula…

It didn't take long for Kurumu to find Moka and Tsukune. Moka and Tsukune were busy skipping stones at the pond. Kurumu came up beside Tsukune and Moka.

"Moka? I'm glad you're happy with Tsukune," Kurumu said in a soothing voice.

"Are you kidding?" Moka said happily, "I've never been happier!"

"It's true," said Tsukune, "Moka and I are perfectly happy together."

"Well, I wouldn't be enjoying the happiness for long," said Kurumu with an evil chuckle.

"What do you mean?" asked Moka and Tsukune at the same time.

Kurumu couldn't contain her anger anymore.

"Because you never know when a jealous rival will come along and ruin the magic!" shouted Kurumu as she transformed. Kurumu shot up into the sky, claws extended. It was at that precise moment that Moka and Tsukune realized how much trouble they were in.

Tsukune tried to take off Moka's Rosario with all his might, but he was suddenly stopped when a vine grabbed him and dragged him away.

"Tsukune!" shouted Moka. That did it for Moka.

Moka picked up a rock and hurled it with all her might at Kurumu, only to have it batted away. Moka picked up another rock and proceeded to climb a nearby tree to get better aim. Unfortunately, that tree was next to the pond. Just what Kurumu was hoping for.

With an evil laugh, Kurumu shot down like a rocket & sliced the trunk with her claws, sending the tree and Moka toppling into the water. Desperately, Moka tried to climb ashore, but her power was quickly shorting out.

"NO! MOKA!" shouted Tsukune.

"Kurumu! I thought your change of heart was sincere! Why?" cried Moka as she attempted to escape to no avail.

"Why? Ever since you made Tsukune your boyfriend, I wanted revenge. Thanks to you, I have to find a new mate of fate. I can't let an airhead like you get in the way of my master plan. Or your boyfriend," said Kurumu smirking evilly, "goodbye forever, Moka Akashiya."

Kurumu flew away, laughing as Moka was helplessly dragged underwater to her watery grave and as Tsukune was dragged into a nearby ditch that Kurumu had dug. With Moka gone, thought Kurumu, no one will stop me now. What Kurumu didn't know was that this was only the beginning of a battle that would be remembered for years to come…

To be continued...