AvatarCat11: Hey, everyone. This is AvatarCat11 saying that I'm gonna change my Avatar Cat story a little bit. Instead of adding three segments of each episode, I'm gonna put all three parts together.

Katara: Hopefully, things are going to be all right with this story. But you do know about the extra work you'll have to do.

AvatarCat11: I'm aware of that, Katara, and I'll just try my best. So let's get on with the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I will never own Avatar: The Last AirBender or Warrior Cats. And I'm sorry to say, but I might delete my other Avatar Cat story; I'm just going to try and reconstruct the story.

Updating Date: November 10, 2011

AvatarCat11 and Katara: Enjoy!


Water, element of kindness.

Earth, element of strength.

Fire, element of passion.

Air, element of freedom.

My grandmother Rainbreeze has told stories to our Clan about the older times. It was a time of peace. It was also when the Avatar Cat kept balance between the four new Clans: WaterClan, EarthClan, FireClan, and AirClan.

Unfortunately, everything changed forever when FireClan attacked. And the Avatar Cat, master of all four Clans and their elements, can stop these ruthless cats. But when the other cats needed him badly, he disappeared from every cat's sight.

Fourteen years have passed and FireClan is already winning the War as if StarClan gave them ultimate power. And four moons ago, my father and leader, Emberstar, and most of the warriors have went away to help the other Clans in the War, leaving me and my littermate Ashpaw to fend for our Clanmates.

Some cats say the Avatar Cat was never reborn and the cycle of Avatar Cats had been broken forever. But as for me, I will not give up hope; I still know that one day, the Avatar Cat will return to save our world.

To be continued…


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