Title: A facebook incident

Author: ebatcl/Natalie

Pairing: Clois

Rating: General

Spoiler: None...future-fic

Summary: Lois Lane updates her facebook status, and suddenly the minds of some JL members take a trip down the gutterville ;).

A/N: I was supposed to update One Last Chance today, but this idea simply wouldn't leave me alone :o.

My friends and I played a game sometime ago (and I'm sure plenty of other girls did too), where we update the location of her purse/bag etc. Because we don't tell the guys, naturally, they become curious.

That's the idea behind this story ;).

Anyways, I tried to make the format as facebookish as possible. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville.



On the couch ;)

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Chloe Sullivan and 7 others likes this

OJ handsome Q Seriously, Legs, we don't need to know :p

Ladiesman Allen Couch? How did Boy Scout fit in there?

Victor Stone WE. DO. NOT. NEED. TO. KNOW. BARTY.

Lois-ThEAWESOME-Lane Clark is VERY talented, Shorty. LOL.

MagicMistress I thought you said the kitchen counter ;). Lol.

Clark Kent What's going on?

Ladiesman Allen Zee, how do you know where boss man and wife did it?

Chloe Sullivan Don't bother with it, Clark. Just go and do...whatever. Lol.

Clark Kent Wait, are you talking about what I think you're talking about?

Arthur O Curry Bro, seriosuly, the couch?

Mermaid Mera Orin!...Lol.

DLBCanary Clark's here too? Perfect! Lol.

OJ handsome Q What's with all this LOLs, ladies?

Arthur O Curry They are hiding something. Definitely.

Victor Stone And we care, because?

Clark Kent We didn't do it in the couch.

Ladiesman Allen Hah! I knew Big Blue wouldn't fit in there.

Clark Kent ...today

StarG Courtney Lol

SpeedyM Lol

Emilvis H I see you guys are having an interesting convo :)

Carter Hall I wish they would stop. Kent, control your woman.

Lois-THEAWESOME-Lane Shayera, control your man. Lol.

Shayera Hall Lol.

Princess D So, where did you do it today, Lois? Lol.

Bruce Wayne Why do you care?

Lois-THEAWESOME-Lane Ooh, someone's getting a complex. Lol.

John MM Jones Uh, kids, let's all log off. Now.

Carter Hall I can't believe we are having this converastion :.

Bruce Wayne In your dreams, Lane.

Clark Kent Umm...

Ladiesman Allen Stretch even stammers in fb ;).

Clark Kent The porch swing.

OJ handsome Q WHAT?

Arthur O Curry What?

Ladiesman Allen W-O-W.

Martha Kent What?

Kara Kent Uh oh.