"Maura, Jane, I'm back, and I brought presents!" Angela stepped inside the house, arms loaded with bags. "I had a great time in New York. Jane, we're going to have to go…" She stopped short when she finally looked up to see Jane lying on the sofa with Maura on top of her. "What's going on?"

"We were taking a nap until you barged in. God, Ma, you could wake the dead, I swear." Jane gave Maura a gentle pat, "Let me up so I can help her."

The doctor frowned but sat up, letting Jane stand. She followed, and they both took bags from Angela's hand. "I recognize many of these places, Angela. I think I may be jealous of your shopping trip." Maura sat the bags on the kitchen island. "Perhaps we can go together some time? There are a few shops and boutiques I believe you'd enjoy that you may not have seen during your trip this time."

"I'd like that! Maybe next month? I've got some more time off coming up then." Angela smiled as she put her own bags down. "So, how was your weekend?" She looked over at Maura for a moment, eyes stopping at her neck. "Looks like you had a good time," she said suggestively, giving the young woman a wink.

"Yeah, we both did," Jane said, voice slightly annoyed as she set down the rest of the bags.

"You both did?" Confusion fluttered across the elder Rizzoli's face. Voice suddenly hopeful, she asked, "Did you go on a double date?"

"Nope, we stayed here all weekend," Jane said, eyes sparkling with mischief. "Never left the house."

"You mean you spent the night here both nights?" Her mother looked from one woman to the other.

"Yup, we did," her daughter nodded before starting to unload the bags.

"It's true, Angela. In fact, we ordered pizza last night. Mushroom and hamburger," Maura confirmed as she followed Jane's lead.

"Okay, now you know I'm not the prying kind," Angela started, ignoring Jane's snort, "but, if you were here all weekend, what happened to your neck, Maura?"

"Jane." Maura stated, not bothering to look up from her work.

Angela frowned. "Why are you asking Jane to explain what happened to your neck?"

"She's not asking, Ma. She's stating. I happened to her neck… on Friday night. I also happened to her back on Saturday, in case you happened to see marks there today." Jane said, eyes and posture daring her mother to ask more questions.

"You? You happened to Maura's… but, Jane, if you… well, then… I don't think I understand." Angela leaned against the cabinet by the sink.

"Ma," Jane sighed, giving her mother a gentle look. "Maura and I… we're involved."

"Involved?" Angela blinked blindly.

"Yeah, like, we're a couple. You know, we're… dating. As in, she's my… um… my," Jane blushed deeply. "She's my girlfriend, Ma."

Her mother closed her eyes, face going blank. "How long?"

"A few months. We didn't tell anyone because I wasn't ready. But… but things are getting pretty serious, and I thought it was time." Jane shrugged, looking apologetically from her mother to her lover.

"There are better ways you could have told me this, Jane," Angela said, voice slightly cold. "You always were one for shock value."

Jane glanced down at the floor, "There's really never a good time to drop that kind of bomb on your mother. When is it a good time to say, 'Yo, Ma, I'm a lesbian, and the woman who has been my best friend for over four years is now my girlfriend. You cool with that?"

"I'm not narrow-minded," Angela opened her eyes, looking from one woman to the other. "I am, however, really ticked off that you didn't tell me right away. I feel like an idiot for trying to set you up with all those guys. When you said you weren't interested, I thought it was because you didn't like their personalities, not because you didn't like what was between their legs."

Her daughter grimaced. "Okay, you could have put that better."

"You could have told me you were a lesbian!" Her mother snapped back.

"You could have stopped trying to set me up when I said I wasn't interested in your blind dates!" Jane countered

Angela threw her hands up. "You could have trusted me!"

Pointing at her mother, Jane shouted, "You could have stopped pushing me! You could have trusted me to find the right person for me!"

Her mother rolled her eyes, "You could have shown me you were looking!"

"It's not like it wasn't obvious who I was really interested in, Ma!"

"You can be pretty dense, Jane. I didn't think you'd realize it was Maura!"

The room went silent. Both Rizzolis looked to the still quiet Isles who simply shrugged. "I'm not sure what I could add to this… conversation."

"Nothing," Jane said quietly before turning back to her mother. "Really, Ma?"

"Yes, really, Jane." Angela grabbed her purse and coat. Heading to the back door, she said as she went, "I'm glad you figured it out. Maura's good for you, but I'm pissed you didn't trust me enough to tell me without making a scene. I'm going to calm down. When I come back, we'll talk. Stay out of the bags. I don't want you or Maura to see your presents before I'm ready and while I'm in a bad mood." With that, she slammed the door behind her.

"I screwed that up," Jane mumbled.

"Yes," Maura answered.

"Thank you for your support," came the sarcastic response. "She's right. I could have done that better."

"Yes," Maura again answered.

"I promise to do it better with everyone else. Starting tomorrow after work, I'll work my way through everyone that matters. Frankie and Tommy are next, then Frost and Korsak. Are you okay with that?"

"I'm better than okay with that." Maura walked to the taller woman. Standing on her toes, she kissed Jane's cheek. "We'll work through it. Come on, let's go take a bath while Angela calms down. I think we all need timeouts right now."

"Sounds good," Jane said, as she allowed herself to be lead to the master bedroom. "Hey," she said, stopping their movement. "I'm sorry."

"I know, and it's already forgiven. Come on, I'm really in the mood for bubbles." Maura pulled at Jane's hand.

"Lead on."

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