Nezumi's house is always dark, always silent, and always cold at night. The only light that can be seen though was the soft hue of the candle light that he lets burn, but even then, it's still dark. Then, the only sounds that I can hear are the gentle inhales and exhales of Nezumi, and the squeaking yawns and grumbles from Macbeth and his brothers. And the only warmth in the room was the blankets that Nezumi draped over me, but it couldn't trap my body heat for so long.

"It's so cold in here," I whispered to myself, curling myself into a ball and burying myself deeper within the ice-thin blanket. I breathed in, trying to relax myself, but then I caught his scent and that threw my heart into a frizzling mess. I knew I was blushing, I could feel it and it was embarrassing to think that he could effect me this much.


I jumped, startled at the sneeze that echoed the room. Then, another noise that sounded like a mix between a groan and a growl followed. I wanted to, needed to know if he was okay, but I didn't want to be caught in the situation a placed myself in. I didn't want to be teased for getting turned on by just his scent. He wouldn't let me live it down.


I flinched and bit my lip. I wanted to ask so badly and it was tearing me apart. Tears were already threatening to fall. I tried burying myself even more.

"Dammit, Sion! It's ā€“ Achoo! It's freezing! Why don't you say something? And stop pretending to be asleep!"

"S-sorry?" Was I suppose to apologize?

"What the hell are you apologizing for," he asked, but just his voice sent shivers down my body and that wasn't a good sign. Keep it under control, I scolded myself. You don't want to get the couch dirty again, do you? It was hard enough to hide that fact from Nezumi last time.

"Uhm, I-Iā€“"

"Just come here!"

I froze. "W-what?"

He sighed and I knew he was rolling his eyes too. He always did that. Then, I heard the shuffling sounds of fabric rubbing against each other, the protesting cries of the bed from too much weight. Next, the soft slapping of skin against the concrete floor before . . . Everything was quiet and still again, just like before


My eyes went wide. He was standing right behind me, probably watching me with those storm-like eyes that held nothing but hatred and secrets.

"Hmm?" Could I disappear before his eyes? Could I somehow turn into dust?

"You okay?"

Of course not. "Yes. Why?"

"I thought we promised on no more lies." I was cold again now. We did promise that, but what was I suppose to say?

"It's . . . something I rather not talk about." Was that even fair? There was so much that Nezumi didn't want to share, but I wanted to know so I could help him.

". . . I see." Did you really, Nezumi? What do you think of me now?

"Good night, Nezumi."

"Yeah, a good night might be hard now."

It'll be hard for the both of us, Nezumi.