"Mommy I have something to tell you." Cindy Brady said. "What is it honey?" Carol Brady asked. "Well I thought you might want to know that Marsha borrowed your diamond earrings for her date last Friday." Her mom was furious "WHAT?" Cindy smiled "Yea, and guess what else? She lost them."

The mother of six ran upstairs to find the earrings missing from her dresser, then came back to the kitchen, red in the face. "Your sister is in big trouble." Cindy smiled even bigger. "What are you going to do to her?" she asked. Carol answered obviously loudly "Well I have half a mind to turn her little fanny red."

"You mean a spanking mommy." Cindy couldn't believe it. Neither she nor any of her siblings were ever spanked. "Yes Cindy, a spanking. I think it's time little Ms. Marcia had an attitude adjustment. Yea that's what I am going to do spank her. Now run along and play Cindy." Cindy skipped upstairs with a big smile on her face.

Alice the housekeeper was also in the kitchen, the three were the only ones home at the time. "Mrs. Brady are you really going to give Marcia a spanking?" Carol sat at the table "Alice I am, do you think it is wrong?" Alice replied "Mrs. Brady, do be honest, I have thought a good spanking would to Marcia good. I am just surprised since you and Mr. Brady never spank."

Carol stood up opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out a large thick wooden spoon. "Well there's a first time for every thing." Alice smiled. Just then Greg, Peter, and Bobby walked in. "Hi Boys. Have you seen Marcia?" Carol asked. "Yea mom her she and Jan were right behind us they will be right here." Greg said. "Hey mom what are you holding that spoon for" Bobby asked. "Because when Marcia gets home she is going to get her very first spanking. Now I want you boys to go wait in your room until I come get you."

The boys went upstairs saying things like "Wow a spanking? Wonder what she did?" As soon as they left Marsha and Jan walked in. "Hi Mom, Hi Alice" Marsha said without a care in the world. "Jan please go to your room until I get you." Carol asked. "Why Mom?" Carol slammed her hand on the counter and said "NOW!" Jan quickly obeyed.

Marsha was nervous "Mom what's wrong." Carol sat down in a chair. "I will be in my room." Alice said as she left. "Where are my diamond earrings?" Marcia turned white. "Ummm." Marsha stammered. Carol stood up and slapped her face. "Where are they?" Marcia started crying "Mom I lost them I am so sorry."

Carol sat back down "Marcia I told you about touching my stuff.. Now I have to spank you." Marcia backed up "Spank me? But I am 15 you never have."

"Unless you want your bare butt spanked in front of the family I suggest you get over my lap." Marcia was terrified by that thought and she obeyed. Marcia was wearing a short purple skirt which rode up as she went over her mom's knee. Carol pushed it a little further exposing her white nylon panties. "Whack ouch mom WHACK please owww WHACK it hurts WHACK owwwwwwww WHACK mommy WHACK nooooooo WHACK" By the seventh whack her butt was on fire. She cried uncontrollably. She squirmed as Carol Delivered 5 more hard whacks. She then stood her daughter up and said "Go wait in the Den until your father gets home"