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Feelings Through Body and Heart

Merlin is trying to stay quiet. He really is. But when you're young, no more than eighteen, and awkward with all the things that manhood is bestowing upon you, it is hard to keep your mouth shut. Especially when there is a hand wrapped around your cock.

He groans softly, his breathing coming out in loud, quick spurts as Arthur's grip on him tightens; leaving Merlin all but trembling against the wall, his pants bunched up around his thighs and his shirt tucked firmly under his armpits, leaving him exposed from chest to upper thigh.

He doesn't understand how something can feel so good.

He moans again, the sound coming out thick and hoarse as Arthur begins to stroke him, his large, calloused hand moving up and down the length of his cock, twisting at the head as he spreads the precome with quick strokes of his thumb. His movements are slow, torturously so, and there's a smirk present on his lips, like he knows that he's tormenting Merlin and is honestly enjoying it.

Stupid fucking prat.

When Arthur chuckles, deep and darkly pleasant, Merlin shivers, the sound of his prince's amusement sending lust coursing through his veins. He moans again, louder this time, and gasps as Arthur bestows a sharp bite at the base of his neck, rewarding him and chastising him all at once as he sucks a mark of possession against the pale skin.

"Quiet Merlin," Arthur murmurs, his voice rolling over him like silk as he pulls away from his servant's neck to breathe hotly against his ear. "You wouldn't want Gaius to wake up and catch you in such a…." his grip tightens around his cock, the pace of his hand slowing down gradually as he shifts closer, his thighs coming forward to hold Merlin more firmly in place to keep him from squirming, "compromising position, would you?"

"You're a fucking bastard," Merlin breathes, his hands coming up to grip at Arthur's shoulders as he bucks upward, trying to push his cock further into the blonde's hand for more friction. "Such a fucking…. Agh, Arthur, come on!"

"Patience Merlin," he whispers, pressing his lips high upon Merlin's cheek in a surprisingly tender kiss. "Just be patient. I'll take care of you."

Merlin trembles, his head bowing slightly as he exhales. He stares down at Arthur's hands; one wrapped tightly around his cock, the other gripping his hip a bit possessively, and something seems to break open inside of him. He gasps softly, his heart thudding almost painfully against his ribcage.

"I know," he finally manages to say, and those two words speak of so much more than he means for them to.

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