This story was my entry to the SAMHAIN SMUT FEST CHALLENGE (September-October, 2011). I went with this prompt:

MY PROMPT: #45: Anonymous sex during a Halloween ball.

Suggested Character/Pairing(s): Any.

Suggested Kink(s): Anonymous sex.

This one is dedicated to all those who PM'd me over the last two years with a request for a Theodore Nott x Hermione Granger fic. This one has been a long time in the queue, and so I hope you enjoy it! Please review and let me know, yeah?

Disclaimer: I do not own "Harry Potter" or any of its characters (the copyright for the series belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros.). I do not profit in any way from the use of said characters and situations in this writing.

Story Details: A Hermione Granger x Theodore Nott romantic/drama/angst story. Hogwarts 7th Year – Alternate Universe (Voldemort never existed. Our cast of characters, therefore, experienced the typical teenage angst that occurs in high school. No wars, no Death Eaters, no 'Boy-Who-Lived' – just plain old Harry Potter, half-blood. A healthy House rivalry still exists, though.). Characters are OOC (out-of-character) because of the plot.

Timeline: October 31, 1997 – June 6, 1998

Main Characters (alphabetical order, by last name): Hermione Granger, Theodore Nott, Harry Potter

Summary: It's true that anonymity lends itself to bravery... and lots and lots of kissing. Hermione Granger discovers this truth on Halloween night after leaving the annual Hogwarts Samhain Ball and venturing down into the dungeons, finding an old storage room she hadn't known existed. The mystery wizard she meets there in the pitch-black makes her feel things she'd never thought possible. But secret, one-off liaisons with an unknown partner aren't supposed to lead to wanting more – not for either party. If only Hermione could get her heart to agree!

Extra Notes #1: All units of measure have been converted to American System standards rather than the International Systems of Units (SI - metric) that Britain follows. All spellings follow the standard American English dictionary, rather than the British English dictionary. I am also using the American idea of ranking students in a class – i.e. Valedictorian, Salutatorian - for this fic. In Britain, most secondary schools don't rank students in this manner. I made these changes purposefully because the majority of my readers are from America (~85%).

Extra Notes #2: I've always wanted to use the phrase, "as you wish" in one of my stories, as I adored it when Wesley said it in "The Princess Bride" movie. I've finally found my excuse!

Rating: MA+/NC-17 (very explicit heterosexual situations – oral, vaginal, anal, loss of virginity; profanity; implied alcohol consumption off-screen; implied smoking off-screen)



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland
Friday night, October 31, 1997

Hot, expert hands slipped loose the black ribbon that held Hermione's Halloween costume's halter-bodice together in the center of her chest, untying it with ease. Nimble fingers made short work of unlacing the binding from each eyelet, until at last the ribbon fell free and her unbound breasts were exposed to the cool air and cupped by her would-be lover with gentle reverence. She gasped at the exquisite sensation of her nipples simultaneously being rolled and pinched, and arched her back in a silent plea for more.

This is madness. You need to stop this now before it goes too far!

Now there was some sage advice from her conscience. She'd be foolish not to listen.

As if sensing her hesitation and withdrawal, her partner quickly bent his head and engulfed one breast in his warm, moist mouth, suckling with gentle pressure.

"Oh, my God!" she moaned, her mouth dropping open from the incredible pleasure. "YES!"

Hermione pushed the mute button on any protest her inner voice made after that.

There was no choice then but to call it official: she'd passed from the safety net of sound rationality into the realm of the certifiably insane. Because clearly she couldn't blame this illicit rendezvous on the alcohol; she'd consumed just a few wee nips of Seamus' contraband Firewhisky and that had been more than an hour ago (completely at Harry's insistence, too, and that only after she'd seen Ron snogging out with his newest girlfriend on the dance floor at the Samhain Ball and nearly pitched a fit at his lack of tact). Nope, there was no way in Hades that snogging out with an anonymous male student in a pitch-black, empty storage closet on what felt to be an old sofa instead of being up in the Great Hall fulfilling her Head Girl duties and helping the staff with student conduct issues could be written off as inebriation. So, there was only one logical explanation: she'd lost her fecking mind.

In her defense, she blamed it all on Ron. If her long-time crush had not asked Luna Lovegood earlier this afternoon to be his steady girlfriend and to go to the Samhain Ball tonight on his arm, she wouldn't have even considered drinking or engaging in something this reckless and foolhardy. The man was an utter idiot, passing her up, as she would have done whatever it took to make all his fantasies come true.

Well, it was all water under the bridge now. Regardless of the reason, she'd decided that she was through trying to catch Ron's attention. Her feelings had been slowly waning for him since this past summer when, on a trip with her and Harry into Muggle London, he'd made a sexist comment about a woman passing by him on the street. It was then that Hermione had begun to realize that he might never see her as anything but a friend. Now, she was certain of it. It was time to move on and to stop living the childish fantasy of being a virgin for him on their wedding night. That wasn't going to happen now as she was done with Captain Oblivious for good.

Besides, she was a woman, she was attractive and smart and powerful, and there was a man right here who thought so, too. Maybe she'd just try out this thing called 'sex' with someone anonymous (so her reputation wouldn't suffer for this later) and see how it felt. After all, she was sure the man currently kissing her didn't know who she was, and she certainly couldn't guess his identity, as they'd accidentally met in this storage room when she'd stumbled in, curious as to what lay behind this usually closed and locked door. He'd already been in here doing Merlin-knew-what. It had been a happenstance meeting, so why not take advantage of the situation to have a little fun?

Her unknown wizard slid the soft leather skirt of her female Zorro costume up and over her hips and caressed her over her knickers, even as his mouth continued to worship her breasts, taking them each in turn. He seemed oddly relaxed, not rushing to get her undressed with fumbling, nervous fingers as she'd expect a boy their age to do - which told her he was already sexually experienced. All the better.

His palms smoothed over her bare, rounded thighs, sliding down to her knees to tenderly stroke against the back of both knees. She giggled and jerked in automatic reflex.

"Ticklish, hmmm?" he murmured, his voice so soft and low she couldn't pin its owner.

"A little," she whispered.

He bit her tit with surprising tenderness, using the tip of his tongue to tease it even as he pulled it away from her body. On the cusp of the pleasure turning to pain, he let go. "I'll remember that."

"Do," she breathily replied as he leaned towards her other breast and repeated the action.

His playful sins became progressively more serious as he licked down her exposed midriff towards her bellybutton. Rimming the little dip was an excellent distraction for when he hooked his thumbs into the sides of her knickers and slowly began drawing them down. His head followed the path his body took, until his nose pressed against the top of her mons. Slipping her panties off her ankles, he encouraged her to spread her legs wide by lifting them under her knees and applying gentle pressure to them.

Pressing her head back into the lumpy cushion of the old couch, Hermione's heart sped up with a growing anxiety, but she counted to ten and tried to relax. She didn't want to appear unsophisticated and perhaps turn him off. Some guys were weird like that, or so she'd overheard Lavender Brown explain it to Parvati and Padma Patil once.

He inhaled deeply, nuzzling her curls and clit with the tip of his nose. His hum of approval buzzed against her damp, fleshy petals even as his tongue flicked out to lash at her tiny nub. She let out an, "Oh!" at the unfamiliar, exciting sensation and again, her lower muscles twitched. He duplicated his efforts several times, drawing from her all sort of animal noises she'd never thought herself capable of making. Her nails kneaded into the ratty fabric of the sofa, the scratching loud in the small room.

When he laved one long path from bottom to top, bathing her with his saliva, Hermione's chest hitched with a sob. "Yes, that's… I've never… Oh, God!" She began babbling a litany of praise for his talent and pleas for him not to stop as his tongue circled the little, engorged pearl, delighting in occasionally sucking it between his lips for a kiss. When he used that pink lash to taste inside her untouched canal, he paused.

"What is it? What?" she demanded, her panting breath blasting from her lungs. She'd been on a steep, hurried ascent towards orgasm and he'd broken off! Why had he stopped?

One of his hands shifted off her knee and a moment later, she felt it thrust into her, sinking in as far as it could go.

"Oh, sweet Circe!" she cried out, her head forced by the pleasure into craning back as far as it could, until her chin was pointed towards the ceiling. Her hands had dug into the couch with enough force to tear small holes in the well-worn fabric. She thrust her pelvis up, silently begging him to move his hand in and out of her.

Her phantom partner, however, had frozen in place. "Don't move," he growled, using his other hand to push down on her belly, trying to get her to lower her hips, even as he began slowly withdrawing from within her.

"No, don't!" she begged, reaching for him and grabbing his wrist as he fully withdrew his fingers. "I like it. Don't you?"

From the darkness, there came a round of grumbled swearing between clenched teeth. "Of course I like it," he murmured, sounding rather angry. "But you're obviously a virgin and losing it here, like this? It's not right. You should save it for someone important – someone you actually care for."

It took her two full blinks to process that. "If I didn't want to do this, don't you think I would have walked out already?"

He sighed with exasperation. "You don't even know who I am."

"So?" she challenged. "The mystery is what makes this whole idea sexy. Think about it: we don't know each other's identities, so we can enjoy the moment without worrying about House issues, or what our friends will think. We can be completely free to experiment and you can teach me all about how good sex can be. I won't have regrets, because it will be mutually satisfying – your obvious skill will assure it. Also, there will be no hurt feelings in the end to ruin it for either of us, so long as we agree to treat each other well." Her grip on his hand loosened a bit, and she slid her palm into his, turning them until their fingers entwined in a tender clasp. "This can be our wonderful secret, yours and mine - one unforgettable memory from our youth that only the two of us will ever share. We'll always be able to look back on this night with fondness. That sounds just perfect to me."

Her companion was silent for a long while, and Hermione worried that he might actually walk out in disgust. She held her breath, taming her impatient nature to await his decision.

"You're sure?"

She exhaled. "Yes, I am."

Still, he hesitated. "It's going to hurt the first time. I can't do anything to prevent that. And you'll most likely bleed."

Quivering with anticipation, she realized her nod wouldn't be seen in the darkness of the room. "I have my wand. I can clean-up after."

His sigh this time was of resignation. "Are you on anything? Pill, potion?"

"I know the Contraceptive and Disease Charm," she answered, and finding her wand in the crack of the sofa, placed it over her belly, reciting the incantation she'd learned from a book on sexual health for such an occasion. The small flash of pink that enveloped her was too quick to see each other by, and it faded fast, leaving spots in front of her eyes. "There. We're good for eight hours."

There was another pregnant pause, and then her unknown beau chuckled. It was a wicked sound that made her shiver. "Eight hours, huh? You really think this will take that long?"

Tugging on his hand, she pulled him towards her at the same time as moving her face slightly forward. Reaching out with her other hand, she found his throat, and smoothed upwards to touch his cheek. The fringe of his soft bangs tickled her fingers. "I did say I wanted it to be a perfect memory."

She felt his head nod once and knew she'd won his agreement. "So you did."


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