Black Spy felt pain flood through his legs. He moaned and struggled a bit, and pain began to surge through his right arm. "STOP!" he screamed. The pain ceased for a moment. His leg was lifted up and another pain jerked into his upper thigh. He cried out and then was rolled onto his stomach. An uncomfortable moment later, his arms felt like they had screws riding through them, and his lower back felt like a thousand needles where jabbing into it. He shook but not from fear, from pain and unhealthy dehydration. Soon, from the feel of soft cloth on his back, he felt the pains subside and he was finally comfortable.

His vision cleared slowly and he looked around him. There was a dripping noise in the distance. He was cold and wet feeling and his head felt swelled up. He began to move and looked up. He was lying on a mattress which was flat on the ground of a wet and dark sell room. There was a barred window on the right side of the room and an iron door was in front of him. Black peered around the room with a confused expression. He looked down at himself and saw he was still as naked as ever and on his was sprawled an old raggedy blanket.

He threw the blanket off himself and stood up. He shivered as he did and looked down. About an inch of dirty water was drenching his bare feet. He ran to the door and looked through. A man dressed in white stood at the door with a gun on his shoulder. It was, of course, a guard, but he wasn't wearing a normal white uniform as do all White Spies. He was smoking and his clothes were dirty and burned. Black backed away and grabbed the blanket on the mattress.

He wrapped the dirty blanket around his waist as if it was a pair of underwear, and ran to the window. He pulled at the bars, but they wouldn't budge. Grunting, he splashed his way to the door and banged on it. "LET ME OUT YOU STUPID WHITE SCUM!" He screamed.

No one replied. He yelled louder and more aggressively, but still nothing. Finally he gave up. He walked over to the mattress and lied down. He undid the blanket and wrapped himself up the best he could. Shivering there, he wondered what happened to White.


White sat with his hands tided tightly behind his back, one of his eyes black and his lip torn and bleeding. He watched his Captain walk back and forth in front of him. "So after everything I've done for you White, after all those things, you still don't obey me?" White smiled. "I don't obey basterds." He told him. The Captain slapped White across the face. "SHUT your face White. You know you're not going to last much longer." White looked up and glared right through the Captains eyes. "I don't think so." He whispered.

The Captain took hold of White's chair and dragged him through the doorway. He brought him to a dark cement hallway with a single light at the end of it. There was one door there and that is where the Captain dragged White to. He unlocked it and walked in. The first thing White saw was Black, lying on his side on a mattress in a dark cell room with puddles surrounding it. A thick piece of glass was placed on the wall. Another room was where the Captain dragged White into and sat him in front of the window. "Now this is your punishment White. If you don't obey me, then someone else will." He pressed a button on the wall and smiled. A red light shone bright and a long beeping sound rang out through the room. Black Spy opened his eyes slowly.

Suddenly a man slammed the iron door open and he ran over to Black spy, dragging him off the mattress and onto the wet floor. White's eyes opened wider. The man pulled the blanket away from Black and hit him hard and brutally. Black screamed and kicked him as hard as he could, but the man was stronger then he looked. The man grabbed Black's hair and threw him onto his stomach on the mattress. White stared at the window intently.

The Captain smiled. "And he will submit, sooner or later."