The Journey Begins

Brett woke with a start. The remnants of his nightmare still hanging in the air, he quickly swept his eyes around the room to make sure no one was with him. When he was satisfied, he got up, slipped on his slippers and headed downstairs for breakfast.

When he got down there, Mom and her Audino were cooking breakfast at a pace only they could do. When she noticed Brett standing there, she threw him a quick smile, and said "Breakfast still needs a few minutes. Why don't you go watch TV for a little bit? I'll call you when it's ready." I nodded and trotted off to the living room and switched the TV on.

But Brett has watched too much TV this last month to last a while, so he wasn't watching TV for long. He was antsy and nervous for tomorrow, which was probably the biggest decision he'll ever have to make: his first Pokémon. He was not sure whether he should pick Tepig, Snivy, or Oshawott. He thought he would choose the same Pokémon as his father, but his father didn't choose one of the three standard starters. His father, who was a Pokémon League Champion in the Kanto Region before his death, gave him his first Pokémon. But he couldn't dwell on this. He had to make a decision tomorrow. When his mom called him in for dinner, he jumped out of his seat and rushed into the kitchen, hungry as a 15 year old should be. When he sat down, she tried to start a conversation he didn't want to start.

"So, have you decided what Pokémon you want?" Brett stopped before his forked reached the plate.

"I'm not quite sure; none of them really sound appealing. None of them really seem to fit me." When he looked up, he saw his mom staring right back at him. "Well I can understand that." She said "After all, I didn't choose one of the starters as my first Pokémon" "Audino!" followed this. Audino was actually an egg from another Audino who worked at the Pokémon Center. It was given to her because my mom was a frail and sick child, and Audinos have a knack of nursing people back to health. They've always shared a special bond that Brett envied, and wanted with a Pokémon of his own. He stared down at his plate when he heard a thunk on the table. He looked up and saw his mom set down a Pokeball onto the table.

"Why don't you go out and check out the mine outside of town? You can take Audino with you. There's bound to be a Pokémon out there for you Brett, you just haven't found it yet."

Brett's face lit up almost immediately as he rushed upstairs and got dressed. The thought of going out and catching his own Pokémon appealed to him much more than just simply choosing one. This seemed a lot more natural. He rushed downstairs, grabbed Audino's Pokeball, and headed off to the mine.

When he reached the mine, he started feeling a bit more nervous. He never tried to catch a Pokémon before, so he didn't know how. What if he screwed up? What if he couldn't find a Pokémon? But he had to press on. Brett took a deep breath, and with a bold step started searching for a Pokémon.

When he entered the cave, the musty smell of the dirt and rock was there to greet him, along with the rustling sounds of Pokémon. "Audino, see any Pokémon?" Audino looked around, and shook her head. "Aud Audino." She said

"Yeah, me either." Just then they heard the cry of a Pokémon. "Drill Drilbur!" it sounded desperate and in trouble.

"Audino! Where's that coming from?" Audino cocked one ear into the air, and was off immediately to fine the source. They went through a bunch of twist and turns, and plenty of dead ends, until they found the source of the noise. There was a Drilbur, surrounded by 3 Boldores. The Boldores were pelting the Drilbur with Rock Throw, and cornering the Pokémon so it had nowhere to run. There was also a Woobat flying overhead using Confuse Ray. They had the Drilbur trapped, alone, and confused. The sight made Brett's blood boil, and he went into a fit of rage.

"Audino, use Hyper Beam on the Boldores!" Audino took in a mighty breath, and shot out a snowstorm not knocked the nearest Boldore over, and staggered the rest.

"Good, now use Double Edge on the Woobat" this attack KO'd the Woobat, and destroyed the morale of the Boldores.

"Finish them off with Take Down!" Audino charged the Boldore that still remained and slammed him into the wall. After the Boldores ran off, carrying away their Woobat leader, Brett and Audino went to go check on the Drilbur. He regained his senses just enough to see Brett and Audino fight off his assailants. When Brett got over there, Drilbur was beaten and bruised up. Brett scooped him up and carried him home.

"Audino, use Healing Pulse." Audino went into a trance, healing Drilbur with every "Aud" that emitted from her. "It's a good thing you came across this Pokémon, or he would have been done for." When Drilbur regained consciousness, Brett rushed to his side to make sure he was fully healed. When Drilbur saw Brett, He leaped at him "Drilbur Drill!" he said happily as he knocked him to the floor. "Haha your welcome!" he jumped off and went into a salute and said devotedly "Drill Drilbur!" I sat up, not understanding what he was saying "Huh? I'm sorry I don't understand"

"I think Drillbur wants to go with you. You saved him and I guess he feels devotion to you." Mom smiled. Brett looked at Drillbur.

"Is that true? Do you wanna be my Pokémon?" Drillbur nodded vigorously. "Drilbur Drilbur!" Brett couldn't believe it. This Pokémon actually wants to go with me! He thought.

"Alright," Brett said as he pulled out the Pokeball his mom gave him "Pokeball go!" the Pokeball turned Drillbur into a beam of energy, and sucked it in as it dropped to the floor. It rolled once. Twice. Three times. Then it stopped. The feeling of joy enveloped Brett. "I caught a Drilbur!" he said.

Brett let out Drilbur from his Pokeball, with a smile laid across his face. Drilbur looked happier than he was before, and exited to be with his new Trainer. "So," Brett's mom said, "what are you going to do now?"

"We're going to train," Brett said, "And someday face the Pokémon League!" Brett's mom smiled. "I don't think I've ever seen you this happy." And she agreed to let him try for his dream. So the next day, Brett and his Drilbur gathered supplies, such as Pokemon food and camping things, and they were off, out of Nuvema Town and beginning their journey.