Chapter 1 - Vampire

He was gone. He was gone and he'd left a dark hole in my chest where my heart had once been. I would never love again i knew that for sure, I also knew I couldn't stay in this stupid little town anymore. It was filled with reminders. Reminders of them. Those leeches who stole my heart. It was funny how in a matter of hours my whole world had been distroyed. I now found myself having a new respect for the people i once thought were truely evil. The Volturi. They lived without morals or love and yet they still found a way to live, a way to get through each day without wanting to do whatever it took to distroy themselves. I knew what I needed in my life now and that was the order and reliability the Volturi had. I couldn't have love, he'd taken that from me. I couldn't have friendship, Alice had taken that with her. But i could keep hatred, If Rosalie ever taught me anything it was to hate who ever had what you didn't and that's how I would live now. My hatred for him had spurred the moment he ripped away my heart and soul leaving me with only one way out.

A lone tear escaped my eye, I let it find its way down my face as I packed my things. I didn't know wheather they would accept my request. My request to become a vampire but at least i knew if they didn't, I wouldn't have to live a pathetic life of suffering. I would die. Maybe, just maybe, I was condeming my soul to an afterlife of hell or maybe even an afterlife of nothingness but if I became a vampire, I didnt plan on dying. I didn't see no reason to worry. Even an eternity of nothingness would be better than having to live with a constant reminder that i wasn't good enough and not just for him but not for a single member of his family. I hadn't even got a goodbye. Not even from the person who was meant to be my best friend.

I zipped up the bag and took a last look around the room, the pictures I had drawn still hung on the walls, the picture of me and Jacob sat happily above the ancient and decrepid computer. I sighed, looking down at the aging carpet, even if Jacob had given up on our friendship the moment i had started dating him, Jacob had always felt like my bestfriend. More than Alice ever had or ever would have been. I shut the feelings I had for Jacob out, when i was a vampire it would be easier to block these things out, I would be able to distract myself with a whole new world hidden inside the world I lived in now. I smiled, this was what I wanted, a life without pain and constant reminders. Even if I had to give up my personal sun. Even if my farther never forgave me, I was leaving and no matter what happened. I had no intention of ever coming back. I let the numbing feeling of blocking out my emotions take over and walked downstaires.

I glanced to my right when I reached the bottom of the stairs. I heard the soft grunts of Charlie's snoring from the couch. I let myself feel the last wave of warmth from the childhood memories and happiness I had once reveled in. I was giving that up now. I smiled letting my eyes wonder over Charlie's sleeping form. He never was what someone would describe as the typical father but that's why it worked. I wasn't the typical daughter. I turned facing the bright yellow cupboards in the kitchen, I looked over the small piece of paper I had stuck to the cupboard. I nodded, there nothing more I could say. It said everything I would never be able to say in person. I wasn't a person of many words and I felt that the eight words written on the note said everything that needed to be said. These words would be what he remembered me by. I will always love you, Sorry - Your bella. To him I would always be his Bella. He would think I'd ran away, comitted suicide maybe. It wasn't that far from the truth, either way I was ending this life in the hopes I could gain another one in return.

As I stepped outside and climbed into the rusty truck, the emotionless mask fell back upon my face. I drove to the airport, the ride was quiet and if I hadn't been so set on what I was doing I would have found it un settling. Out of habit I glanced across at the empty seat next to me. Holding up my emotionless fascade, I ignored the pange of pain in my chest where my heart should be.

I parked the Chevy, leaving the keys in the ignition, I hopped out and patted the side in farewell. I'd miss my truck, saying goodbye to my truck had been that hardest thing so far. I shook my head, that wasn't right. I walked off, carrying my bag into the small airport, I checked in and walked through to the waiting area. There was a delay, typical. I sighed, I didn't need this. I'd pre booked my tickets, by phone, so there would be less chance of Charlie catching up with me.

An hour later I eventually boarded the plane and surprisingly enough the fifteen hour long flight flew by. I was the first off the plane, I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of my new home. Italy. This would all smell and look differently when I was changed. A whole new world, I repeated to myself. I hailed a Taxi.

"I need to get to Volterra." I stated, climbing in the back. The driver nodded, looking me over, he pulled off his sunglasses, his eyes were a bright green. I suddenly felt as if an arrow had been driven through my heart, my fascade had slipped. I cringed pulling back up my walls. This would be easier soon, I could forget this life. I starred out the window, trees flew by and cars whushed past as we drove to Voleterra. Eventually we arrived, we arrived at the start of my new life. I felt like the heroine of an adventure story. A dark Romance gone terribly wrong, my life would never again be described as anything like romantic.

I paid the green eyed driver, climbed out the taxi and started to walk through the village leading up to the castle. I stopped when I saw a small girl sitting alone on the floor, she had chocolate brown hair and green eyes with flecks of brown around the rims of the iris. I gulped, It'll be easier. I'll be easier, I reminded myself once again. That was one of the reasons I was doing this, I needed it to be easier or for this life to be ended. I started walking along again this time not bothering to look at who I was passing, I wasn't drawing any attention, so no one had any reason to look at me.

I found my way to the gates of the castle. I saw the guard, standing amungst the shadows. These were the guards that wanted to be seen, I knew there were more hidden away from human view. I took a deep breath, my emotionless mask couldn't fall now, I needed it. I stepped through the gate, extremely aware of how easily it would be for one of the guards to kill me instantly. Even though I was aware of this it did not scare me, I stepped inside the castles main doors and greeted the receptionist.

"I need the see the Volturi kings." I stated, the receptionist looked up at me with hazel eyes. She was human, I hadn't expected this and it took me by surprised.

"They're busy, do you have an appointment?" She asked, I shook my head. "Then you'll have to wait, they're having their lunch." She said, a smirk crossing her face as if she thought she wouldn't make it onto the menu and I would. I smirked.

"I'll wait then." I stated sitting down. I watched as the receptionist sat filling paperwork and typing things on the computer. What paperwork needed doing in a castle that vampires lived in? It wasn't like this was a buisness? They didn't pay taxes did they? The phone rang then pulling me out of my thoughts.

"A woman is here to see the kings," She said, writing something down on her notepad. "No, she doesn't have an apointment." She continued, writing smoething else down. "Her name? I- I don't know." She stammered, then placed a hand over the mouth piece of the phone. "Name?" She repeated, looking at me.

"Isabella Swan, tell them I know the cullens." I said. It was the only thing i could think of to make sure they saw me. When I mentioned the Cullens, the receptionists eyes lit up and she bit her lip. I would have killed to know what was going through her mind at that moment.

"She says her name is Isabella, Isabella Swan-" She said stopping as she was obviously cut off by the person at the other end. She started scribbling on her notepad again. "She knows the Cullens." She said, glancing at me. "Yes, Umm Hmm... Okay... Yes. GoodBye." She said, placing down the phone and continuing to write. Her eyes flicked up to me, momentarily. "Head down the hall, take the first right and it's the second set of double doors. Have fun." She smirked.

I shook my head, heading down the seemingly endless hall. She thought I was their dessert but if my plan succeeded, I planned on having her for dessert. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way and something told me, I'd enjoy her as my first meal. I laughed to myself slightly. To anyone else I would have seemed insane, maybe I was but I wasn't suffering and that's what mattered. I turned right and saw the double doors ahead of me, I paused before them. I took a breathe.

"Enter, Isabella Darling." I heard a soft voice call, this was the call of one of the most deadly vampires in existance, it was the call of a vampire I hoped to serve soon. I pushed open the double doors making my entrance seem somewhat dramatic, as I walked with confidence into the middle of the room. I looked up at the kings sitting on their thrones and the guards lined beside and behind them. I stood tall, they would change me, if they didn't give me my other option. Death.

"What is it you want from us Isabella?" The fair haired king asked, I new from the stories that this was Caius.

"I want to become a vampire."

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Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)