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Hermione slapped Harry's hand away as he fiddled with his bow-tie once more and rolled her eyes at Ron, who stood next to them.

"Harry, stop it!" she hissed. "It's perfect and you're going to mess it up if you continue."

"I can't help it," he complained. "It feels too tight."

"You're just nervous, so stop fiddling and just remember how great Daphne is and how lucky you are to be marrying her today."

Harry turned to look at everyone staring at the three of them. "This is awful," he moaned. "I wish we had just eloped instead."

"Get a grip, mate," Ron whispered. "Daphne deserves to have all the pomp and ceremony she wants. After all, she had to put up with you hiding her for years."

"Besides, if you make a run for it now then Ron and I will officially be the worse Best People ever."

Hermione giggled slightly as she remembered how shocked some people had been when Harry had announced that he wanted his Best Men to be Hermione and Ron. Many of the older generation had expected her to be included in Daphne's wedding train, but, although she loved Daphne, it would have felt strange not to be standing by Harry's side. She and Ron had always been next to him through all the important parts of his life and his wedding was no exception. So they had ignored tradition and Hermione and Ron were officially Harry's Best People.

Harry and Daphne had originally set a spring wedding because of the time limit of the curse, but the date had been changed once it had been broken and here they were on a beautiful July day by the Black Lake at Hogwarts. Minerva had been touched when Harry and Daphne had asked for her permission to marry there. It had been Harry's first real home and the curse that had hung over it had been a catalyst in his and Daphne's relationship becoming public. The Hogwarts grounds were also big enough to hold all the guests that had to be invited to the wedding of Harry Potter.

The music started and the murmuring of the guests came to a halt as the anticipation of the bride's appearance became real. Hermione laughed once more as shocked mutterings went around the guests as Draco glided down the aisle as Daphne's Man of Honour. After the shock of Hermione's position as one Harry's Best People had caused, the wedding party had decided to keep Draco's role quiet. It would be amusing to see how scandalised the guests would be.

Daphne had tried to co-ordinate Draco with her bridesmaids but he had flat-out refused to wear any pastel colours. She'd managed to get him to at least wear a tie of the same colour as the rest of the bridesmaid dresses.

The rest of the wedding march went smoothly as Astoria, Daphne's younger sister, Tracey and Pansy followed after Draco. Then there was an awed hush as Daphne appeared on the arm of her father. Hermione felt her eyes fill with tears as she saw how beautiful she looked. Harry just had his mouth open as he took in his beautiful bride.

The ceremony went smoothly, although Hermione did finger her wand at the bit where someone could object to the union. Not that she expected anyone to do so, but it wouldn't be Harry's life if there was no drama. But luckily, she didn't have to hex anyone and soon Harry and Daphne were being introduced to the guests as Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

As they walked back down the aisle, Hermione held her arm out for Draco to put his hand through. He looked at her repressively and held his arm out for her instead.

"I'm the Best Person," she objected.

"Don't push your luck. Besides, Cormac McLaggen is here and he's been eyeing you up. I want to make sure he takes note of your left hand."

Hermione rolled her eyes. When would all the men in her life realise that Cormac McLaggen was nothing but a pain in her arse? She'd never had a thing for him and never would. He was the one who persisted in having a crush on her. But she did smirk evilly as she followed the pushy Falmouth Keeper's eyes as they rested on the large engagement ring that now rested on her finger.

Draco had proposed to her last month. Narcissa had been pushing for them to make their relationship more official and permanent but they had resisted until they'd made it to six months. Then they both realised how ridiculous it was not to get engaged. They weren't young kids who were likely to regret such a decision and they knew each other inside out. So they'd gotten engaged but hadn't yet set a date for the wedding. They had loosely spoken about next summer and it would obviously be held at the Manor but they felt like teasing Narcissa and Rachel who were on constant tenterhooks, waiting for the announcement.

The wedding party was in full swing when Hermione realised that Draco had gone missing. Where was he? She had been dancing with Blaise, Bill and Theo while he was chatting to Pansy and George but she hadn't seen him since. She was beginning to search the room for her missing fiancé when Ginny came over.

"I've got a message from Draco. Something about some rare potions book he's come across in the library. He wants you to see it and then try and persuade Minerva to sell it to him."

Hermione rolled her eyes. This was typical of Draco. They were meant to be enjoying a wedding and instead he was perusing the Hogwarts library shelves to see if he could acquire any of the rarer volumes. She highly doubted that Minerva would be keen to sell any of her stock.

She walked along the corridor to the library and pulled the doors open.

"Draco?" she called, unable to see him in the gloomy light.

She whirled round as the door clicked shut with a locking spell. She heard footsteps from behind her and turned around to see Draco leaning against one of the stacks, whirling his wand in one hand. Her eyes roamed down him to see that he was decked out in a Slytherin uniform. She looked confusedly at him and then gasped as he swished his wand and all of a sudden she was clothed in Gryffindor colours.

He stalked towards her and pinned her up against the books. "I thought I'd give you an opportunity to realise that fantasy you had of me in the library," he breathed in her ear before swooping in for the kill.