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A blonde brow twitches over a purpling iris, full lips taut in a thin line. A test? Aizen Sōsuke was really pushing the boundaries of Naruto's patience as he looked at the demon with a steely gaze that demanded submission and respect.

"A test?" The demon inquires, arched brow giving a minuscule twitch.

"Yes, just a simple test that will gauge your powers and prove to me how strong you are." Brown eyes close with a mocking smile of kindness.

"You insult me with your doubts."

Sōsuke chuckles gently, long fingers lightly grasping the arched handle of a tea cup as his eyes open once more, leveling the smaller blonde with a chilled gaze. "I mean no harm or insult, I put all my soldiers through a test, no exceptions."

Violet eyes narrow a fraction. "I am not one of your soldiers, I am only here to aid you in your silly little war. Once it's over, I'm leaving."

"Of course, Kyuubi-kun." Steely eyes glint with a hidden agenda. If Kyuubi really thought Sōsuke was going to let him leave, he was sorely mistaken.

"Then, shall we call this a mission? It's a tactical mission that will weaken my enemies force and give me the advantage."

"Call it what you want, Shinigami, it is still just a test."

Another chuckle leaves smiling lips. "What I want you to do is find and engage a captain of a squad. You'll be able to find her by the power and strength of her reiatsu."

A small frown tugs at the corners of his lips. "Is that all I have to go off of?"

"Don't worry, you'll know it's her when you find her."

"Che... So you want me to kill her?"

"No no, not kill." Aizen smiles at him like he was a kid mixing up an easy concept. "Don't go overboard, I want you to just wound her, but enough where she's out of commission for a long while."

Naruto tilts his head, blonde mane swaying gently with the movements. "Just maiming?" He guessed it didn't really matter if she lived or died, not to him anyway. "Fine, I'll put her out of commission." His head tilts back so it's straight and he scowls. "This, 'hunt and maim' mission of yours is annoying."

Sōsuke simply smiles benignly as he takes a small sip of his sweet tea. "I'll teach you how to open a garganta." Aizen wasn't completely sure if it would work, this demon's power was different from a shinigami's or a Hollow's, but also similar which gave him an inkling that perhaps Kyuubi could be successful in opening a rift. "It's crucial for your mission."

"Hn." The purple iris calming back down to a dull azure, Naruto glances around the large room before half-lidded pools settle back on to the self-proclaimed Lord.

A pleased smile tilts his lips as he sips his tea, watching the now seemingly bored boy. He was already thinking of ways he could get Kyuubi to obey him completely, but it would take time, and a lot of effort. No matter, Aizen Sōsuke was a man who always got what he wanted, and he was most definitely going to get this creature to be his newest pet.

Naruto walks stiffly down a crimson pathway, strained frown on his face as violet eyes glance every which way, as if he was expecting someone or something to come pouncing on to him. Why did this world's transportation have to be in the dark? Why couldn't this black abyss be a white oasis?

Shaking his head quickly to clear his thoughts and squaring slender shoulders, the strained expression drops to the now familiar cold mask. It was a useful way to get around... Being as this world seemed to have three separate plains and he couldn't just run to where he wanted to go anymore. He mused that it didn't really matter how transportation worked, as long as he could do it by himself. It had been looking pretty impossible for him to open a rift, but then he got frustrated and literally tore into the air and clawed open a... What did Aizen call it? A garganta? Whatever it was, he had managed to open one. Good thing too, because Naruto wasn't about to rely on someone to get him place to place.

A sudden twitch tickles his muscles as a soft tingle sparks in the air around him, the tell-tale sign he reached his destination. A clawed hand lifts up, thin fingers flexing before sharp nails dig into the air and tear open a rift just big enough for him to peek out of. Bluing eyes gaze down at a precarious looking cliff, a large and deep scar separating the edge of the cliff with the body of a mountain. The crimson road behind him starts to disintegrate as violet irises lighten to a dull cerulean, and right before it disappears from under bare feet, a spiral of flames engulfs his body.

Naked soles touch down on the rough, rocky exterior of the ground as the flames lick gently at his body before dispersing in the air. The demon gazes around himself calmly, ignoring a light breeze as it ruffles his golden mane, and taking in his surroundings. Soul Society, was it? This pseudo "Heaven" was vastly different from Hueco Mundo, in fact, it was the complete opposite. His gaze pans up to the blue sky, eyes squinting gently from the glare of a bright sun. Tawny skin wrinkles on the bridge of his nose as he's greatly reminded of Konoha, and he starts to miss and prefer the silver sands and pale moon of the barren desert than this sunny and woodsy "Heaven".

Starting on his journey down the mountain, his throat rumbles with a soft growl as memories of Konoha swirl around his mind for a moment longer than he liked. He distracts himself by thinking of the "mission" he was sent on, scoffing lightly. This was going to be highly boring, he could just feel it. After all, he wasn't anything like that irritating fox, nor was he a dog trained to hunt for its master. His nose twitches, train of thought docked for the moment, and Naruto lifts his nose up to sniff lightly at the air. A pleasant shiver shimmies down his spine as the wind carries powerful scents to him and making his mouth water. Maybe hunting down and devouring some of these creatures wouldn't be so drab...

Once at the bottom of the mountain, the blonde stares at a few buildings littered around the foot of the mountain. So, this place was like a huge city? Wonderful.

A nearly inaudible sigh passes through a small nose as bare feet step lightly on the ground, making no noise to be heard. Passing his first building, azure eyes glance around as he goes deeper and deeper into what seemed to be a maze. He keeps his ears alert, listening for any sound of unwanted company as his nose filters every scent he picks up.

His feet patter softly as he stumbles, quickly backing up a few steps and pressing his back to a wall as he holds his breath, watching a shinigami pass him by. "..." It was hard to keep track of the weak ones, but he was glad they were too weak to notice he was so close. Of course, he was starting to wish they had a higher, what did Aizen call it? Reiatsu? Whatever it was called, Naruto was starting to wish the weaker shinigami had at least a scent to their power so he could keep track of them.

Eyes panning up to the sky, his head tilts just a fraction as one of the larger signatures he could feel moves about and heads somewhere else. As long as they didn't start to come anywhere near Naruto, he couldn't care less where they went. Of course, he was very confident that these creatures couldn't pick up on his chakra, being as Aizen and his two lackeys couldn't feel his chakra.

Making sure the coast is clear, the lithe boy silently steps away from the wall, failing to notice how a small patch on the wall had pressed inward from the pressure of his hand, and a tiny light blinked red a couple of times.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri glares at the large screen of his computer, topaz pools bubbling in irritation. His teeth grind against each other as a painted finger taps at a button on the keyboard. "Che!" Painted lips peel away from yellowed teeth as the skin on his nose crinkles in a snarling scowl. "Is this damned thing broken?"

His eye twitches at the thought of his computer being broken, his annoyance rising with each tap of the button. He had just done a systems check a few days ago and everything was running smoothly! How could this infernal contraption he broken?!

Mayuri gives a small twitch as his tapping pauses, staring at the screen for a moment before his snarling scowl morphs into a triumphant grin. "Found you~! Did you really think you could fool me?"

Topaz eyes stare giddily at the screen, a high-pitched chuckle tumbling from painted lips as the President of the Soul Society's Research Institute gazes at a picture of a blonde haired intruder, hiding against a wall as a shinigami passes him. It was by sheer dumb luck Mayuri got this picture, and he was nearly cackling from how this character had bad enough luck to set off the only panic switch that was still active and working. Too bad it sent a signal to only him, because now he had to take a trip to see the Head Captain.

Though he didn't have time to complain about that, because Mayuri was focused on how this man got inside the Soul Society without triggering the reiatsu sensors. "He can't be a regular soul if he slipped in undetected." Excitement rushes through the scientist's body as he starts to already plan examinations that had to be done on the strange boy. "Heh heh! Once you're captured, I'll learn all your secrets." A smile that could only be described as deranged stretches painted lips as he prints out the picture, snatching it up impatiently once it's spit out from the printer.

He turns on his heel, grin still in place as he walks from the room and towards the doors leading outside. "Nemu!" He snaps out, glancing around for his fukutachio.

"Hai?" The quiet-spoken girl bows, dark eyes gazing at her father.

"Watch the lab, I have to tell the Head Captain something."


Mayuri walks from his lab, deranged grin in place as he strides down the streets with a purpose. He flickers out of sight with Shunpo, using a few of them to quickly get to his destination. Once at the First Devision, he demands to see the Head Captain, stating he has urgent news. His impatience was evident as he waited, foot tapping against the floor that only succeeded in annoying the few shinigami who were around to hear.

"Kurotsuchi-Taicho, to what do I owe the pleasure?" A gruff voice asks as the owner walks over to the impatient shinigami.

The smile that Kurotsuchi flashes as the Head Captain makes the elderly man shift uncomfortably, but what was said made him frown deeply.

"We have an intruder."

Genryūsai's brows furrow, making the wrinkles on his face deepen. "The reiatsu detectors have not picked up any unusual readings, what makes you say this?"

"Because we have one." Mayuri hands over the image of the blonde intruder. "I believe he isn't giving off any reiatsu readings at all."

Genryūsai's lips thin out as he stiffens. "..."

The day has come, my old friend.

"Chōjirō, sound the alarm that there's an intruder."


Naruto pauses in his journey, looking up as he hears a loud alarm start to blare all around the city he snuck into. He frowns softly, head tilting as cerulean pools glance about his surroundings. Was he found out? It seemed like it as a few shinigami on the other side of the building he was hiding against start to murmur about an intruder. Guess this wasn't a fire alarm then.

No matter, even if he was found out, the demon wasn't about to let this get in his way.

Hopping up on to the buildings roof, bare feet lightly stepping on the rough roof shingles, he was amused from the almost immediate reactions;

"There he is!"

"That's the intruder!"

"Get 'im!"

A blonde brow arches as Naruto watches the men charge, giving battle cries as they raise their weapons. He lifts a hand up, palm to the sky, and his fingers tense and stiffen to form a sort of bowl shape. Small tendrils of wind and a red substance start to gather and swirl in his palm, growing bigger and bigger until it's about the size of a soft ball.

The appearance of the small mass of energy was enough to stop the group of shinigami in their pursuit, confusion written on their faces. That wasn't like any kidō they've seen before.

"What's that?"

Deciding to give them a closer look so they can try and figure out what it is, Naruto hurls the Rasengan at the group, watching impassively as the mass of energy explodes on impact. The wind whips his hair around harshly as dust and debris shoot up in the air, polluting the area in a could as the shinigami's bodies ragdoll in different directions.

"Too easy..." The blonde mumbles, crouching only a bit before he hops on to a different roof. Azure pools glance around as the lithe boy hops from roof to roof, golden mane fluttering lightly behind him.

Maybe he should have just started off like this instead of bothering with stealth, it was easier to search, and Naruto was sure it didn't matter if they knew he was here or not.

Golden brow arching as a horde of shinigami starts to chase him, he gives a haughty scoff as he upturns his nose in the air and waves his hand in a small arc. Violeting eyes widen a fraction as four crimson spheres spiral into existence. A rush of glee and adrenaline tingles his nerves as power licks at his veins. This new found power was incredible!

With a flick of his wrist, the spheres are dispersed, flying out into the masses and exploding with more energy and power than the first. He almost forgot what it felt like to battle... If he could call this a battle, these shinigami were just too weak if a few explosions had them incapacitated. The blonde was starting to itch for a good fight, his old personality rising to the surface a bit. Who could he fight? Who could he test his powers against? Who could make him sweat?

As violet eyes blink, he pushes away those thoughts and the feelings that slipped passed his grip. He didn't have time to think like this. Naruto sends another wave of Red Rasengan at the horde following after him, staring coldly down at the few who kept their consciousness. "It would be best for you to leave me be, else you want to die." He says with an icy tone, narrowing hollow eyes with his threat. "You're not my target, I'd hate to waste my time with you."

Having said that, Naruto vanishes in a swirl of flames, not wanting to waste his time or energy with the weaklings.

Bluing eyes take in his new surroundings, a small frown tugging the corners of his mouth. It wasn't exactly a new area... Everything looked the same no matter where you were. The only difference here, was there wasn't any cloud of dust, no broken walls or ground from his attack, no bodies littered around, this place was clean. "Che..." How was he supposed to find his target like this? Naruto was seriously considering going back to Aizen and telling him to do it himself. Could he even do this himself? Could one of his little pets do this? "Probably not." He mumbles out loud as he starts to walk once more, stretching his senses out to find which power signatures were the strongest.

He could do trial and error, just take them all out so he didn't have to deal with finding just one. He wondered if Aizen would be annoyed by that, since he wouldn't be following his "orders". A small twitch tickles his fingers. He was so wanting to do that now... Just to spite the man.

His senses crawl along as he searches out for the most powerful of these creatures, giving a small sigh. Not anywhere close to him, that's for sure. Why did he have to go through a test? He hated tests. Why couldn't these creatures just go to war? Like the good ol' times were you'd just show up on their door step and start to battle it out. Why did he have to go and give a sneak attack? He ignores the small voice in the back of his head that was yelling at him that shinobi basically invented the sneak attack, unimportant details!

A sudden tingle nips at the top of his spine before shimmying its way down and then biting harshly at his tail to send the tingles back up. He sucks in a crisp gasp, red eyes snapping open as the pupils shrink down to small circles.

What was that?!

Snapping his head side-to-side, Naruto gives a soft growl before his eyes zero in on a spot in the distance. Such power... It was so intense, and so chaotic, he couldn't wait to smell it, to taste it. His mouth waters, throat yearning for the destructive power that beckoned him. It was teasing him, coaxing him to come close and indulge.

The demon takes a small step towards the chaotic storm before he pauses. Focus on the mission... Just get it over with and then leave, his mission was to find a woman, and he most definitely sure that whirling power wasn't his mark. Act like a good little tool for now. A small whine escapes his throat as he forces himself to bolt in the other direction, moving as far away from the tempting power as quickly as he can.

In his retreat, he failed to notice a lower level shinigami spot him and start to chant a strange poem. He noticed too late when they thrust their hand out, a glowing red ball forming on their palm before shooting out to him. Naruto grunts when it slams into his side, body flying off the roof and slamming through a few walls before crashing to a stop.

Well that hurt. What was that? His body slowly starts to move, dust falling from his hair and yukata as he sits up. Red eyes glint from behind a curtain of golden strands as he pushes himself up and stands. "..." His head tilts, hand going to his bloody side to lightly finger the burn mark already healing. His yukata was ruined now... A small growl of irritation leaves him as he fingers the torn fabric. That damned shinigami will pay for this!

Before he has the chance to hunt down whoever attacked him, his body freezes up, muscles going tense as his veins turn cold from a familiar sensation caressing over his body. His hair spikes up in shock, thin whisker marks widening out a bit.


"So you're the intruder." A king voice, motherly even, speaks up to his right.

"..." He didn't dare look, a sudden fear of what he'd see grips at his heart.

"I'm sure you have a good reason for coming here, we really should be more diplomatic when dealing with these kinds of situations." His heart quivers at the small, motherly chuckle. "Is your wound bad? I could look at it for you."

Tranquil feelings wash over his body, relaxing tense muscles and forcing calming thoughts into his mind. He finally glances over his shoulder, wide, red eyes panning over to a kindly smiling woman with a long braid draped down her chest. Bloody pools narrow, and with an enraged snarl, he shoves away the tranquil feelings trying to coax him into a more tame demeanor.

"I know what you're trying to do. But it won't work."

Unohana's widen a bit as she takes a startled step back, feeling the boy's bloodlust and killing intent aimed solely at her. The feeling was intense, nearly suffocating her with the waves of animosity. "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about." She says softly.

Naruto's eyes widen in his rage, nose crinkling with a snarl as his whisker marks bold out completely and streak black across his cheeks. "Oh? Really? It's the same thing she'd do! To keep me calm, but I won't have it!"

Hand waving in front of him, the enraged blonde summons a Rasengan and flicks it. The ball of energy slams into the woman's chest and sends her flying into a building. Bare feet follow after the trail of destruction and he summons more of the spheres to disperse them through out the building in a blind rage. Naruto walks over to the coughing, wheezing woman with a cold look of hot rage.

The Rasengan had burned and shredded a hole in her shihakushō and the thin white underlayer, blood staining the fabric and her skin. The pain in her chest made it hard for her to breath evenly, her lungs shocked from the force of the attack. Wide eyes glance up to meet crimson pools glaring menacingly at her, sharp teeth bared in a snarl.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you." Clawed fingers wrap around a now exposed throat, the woman's braid had come undone and her hair was rumpled and in disarray. A flinch goes through the woman's battered body as sharp claws cut into the flesh of her neck. "That's not my mission."

Unohana was virtually useless, her systems shocked in more way than one left her brain frazzled and slow to send signals to her extremities. Her whole body felt numb, but the pain in her neck was slowly starting to thaw the numbness away and allow her brain to kick start back up. She didn't even have time to defend herself, however, as the enraged demon picks her up by the neck and slams her back against the wall and presses her into it until cracks start to spiderweb and branch out.

The pressure on her throat was starting to become too much, she could feel her trachea being crushed. Navy blue eyes start to roll back in her head, pale skin tinting blue as she's deprived of oxygen.

Naruto releases the woman, watching her body crumple to the floor as she gasps deeply, coughing as her abused trachea aches. He growls, crimson pools wide as he pants soft breathes, adrenaline fueling his body and making his limbs shake gently. His body was plagued with his rage, his rational brain on vacation for the moment. The blonde gives a small cry of rage, spiked out mane shuddering with his anger as a clawed hand grips black hair and yanks the woman up, flinging her into another wall so hard it collapses under her weight and she tumbles across the floor of a new room.

Weakly stretching out a few tendrils of her power, Unohana feels regret coil in her gut. Only, it wasn't hers, and that made her give a shaky smile of sadness. He wasn't acting on his own, was he? Stretching her tendrils of power out more, she gives a pained sound as she feels the boy's emotions trying to work their way through iron walls erected around a broken heart. What happened to this poor boy that he closed his heart off to his own emotions? The captain of the Medical Corps gasps as her ankle is grabbed and she slammed down on to the floor with amazing force. She couldn't feel the physical pain, all she could feel was this boy's emotional pain, and her motherly instincts wanted to coddle and comfort the boy.

With a final slam, Unohana's consciousness is taken from her and she lays in a battered heap in the middle of the demon's destruction.

Naruto pants harshly, wide pools of crimson glaring down at the poor woman. His body shakes and shivers from the adrenaline, a cold sweat had broken out on his tawny skin during his rage, and his muscles give twitches from the chemical coursing in his veins. Full lips peel away from sharp teeth in a snarl as bare feet patter backwards, glowing pools of red hot anger slipping closed.

Not Baa-chan...

He calms himself down, evening his labored breathing and slowing his heart beat. Opening now cerulean eyes, the demon gazes around at the damage he made; broken walls,cracked floors, when did they go through those rooms? And where did the other shinigami come from? How did he not notice these details? He must have really been pissed to not notice where he had been going and who had gotten in his way.

Squaring thin shoulders, the now calm demon steps out of the damaged building, half-lidded eyes taking in the numerous white beds he passes. So, this had been some sort of hospital? Made sense, Aizen apparently wanted him to take out the head of the medical facility. Good tactic.

Once outside, dull azure eyes slip closed as a gentle wind coaxed his golden mane to play. The dull oceans open once more as a tan hand lifts up to dig sharp claws into the air in front of him to open a rift for him to step inside of. Just as the garganta closes behind him, the chaotic energy he felt before flares up and roars. He shudders and is too late to stop a soft mewl from tumbling passed his lips. Covering his mouth in a bit of surprise, dulled eyes blink a couple of times before he gives a shake of his head before starting down a crimson path.

His legs carry him along the materializing path until he stops his journey to rip open another garganta. Bare feet touch down on the cold tile of the meeting hall, and he twitches just barely at the cool voice.

"Ah, welcome back, Kyuubi-kun." Steely brown eyes gaze at Naruto as he arrives back from his mission. "I take it the mission was a success?"

Dull eyes regard the shinigami for a moment before he looks away from him boredly. "If it was to take out the head of the medical team, then yes."

Sōsuke smiles. "It was. I'm glad you could pull this off without any hitches." Brown eyes trail down to gaze at the torn yukata. "I see you got clipped, Gin can give you fresh clothes. In the mean time, you can go rest."

Naruto turns and walks out of the meeting hall, heading down the halls to the room Aizen had so generously given him. His ears pick up the sound of two sets of footsteps walking towards him. A blonde brow arches as he sees Ulquiorra walking next to an auburn haired girl with a gifted chest. A human? What was a human doing here? He gives a small sneer from the wide eyed, fearful look on her face, looking ahead of himself as he passes the duo. Whatever, it didn't wasn't his business if Aizen Sōsuke wanted to abduct humans.

With a yawn, the blonde turns down the hall and over to a door with the kanji for "Kyuubi" on the white surface. Pushing the door open, Naruto steps inside the room, nose wrinkling from all the white. What was with this guy and white? Seeing a shock of color makes him blink in a bit of surprise, arching a brow as he walks over to a vibrantly orange kimono hanging off a white hanger. That was fast... Slightly suspicious, the blonde inches closer before he shrugs out of the ruined yukata and let's it drop to the ground. Wearing only his skin underneath the soft cotton, Naruto pulls the kimono off the hanger and inspects it.

For the under layer was a thin, silky material that was a light azure color. It fit around his body snugly, clinging to him like a second skin, and the sleeves fell passed his hands a few inches. He arches a brow, this Gin fellow had a strange sense of style... The orange kimono is pulled on next, smoothing over the under layer and dropping to the ground to hide his feet and drag behind him with a small train. The sleeves were shorter however, stopping at his wrists and allowing the blue sleeves to be seen.


Seriously, this guy's fashion sense was extremely strange to Naruto. He lifts his arms a bit, staring at the sleeves. Those would probably prove to be annoying... Deciding to just ignore them for now, he settles down on the surprisingly comfortable bed that lacked the color his new kimono had.

He curls himself around a large pillow, eyes falling closed as he snuggles into the fluffy pillow and slowly starts to relax.

Ichigo paces back and forth, brow furrowed deeply in worry. His ears were barely listening to Rukia talk with Yamamoto, but he he was paging attention to he didn't like. Not one bit.

"How's Unohana-taicho's condition...?" The petite girl asks with a heavily concerned tone.

"Her injuries are grave, but there is no immediate concern for her life." The gruff voice crackles lightly with the technical feedback the large monitor gave.

Rukia nods, brows drawn together with her worry for the motherly shinigami. "And... Orihime...?"

"The human girl is not of my concern, nor priority."

"What?!" Ichigo growls out, eyes flashing as he glowers at the image on the large screen. "You're not going to help her?! But—!"

"Enough!" Yamamoto bellows out, slamming his cane against the floor. "All shinigami posted in Karakura Town are ordered to come back to the Soul Society at once." The Captain-Commander levels a steady gaze at the substitute shinigami. "And you, Kurosaki Ichigo, are ordered to stay in your home. Any act to rescue Orihime Inoue will be considered as a betrayal against the Soul Society." With a final thud of his cane against the floor, the picture on the large screen shudders before fuzzing out.

Ichigo's scowl deepens and he growls at the now fuzzy screen, ignoring Rukia as he storms out of his room. Not like it was his room anymore, being as the shinigami decided to take it over and set up that obnoxiously large computer.

Che! That old geezer! What made him think that he could order him around like that?! Ichigo wasn't one of his little soldiers that he could command! Fine then, Ichigo was going to have to get his friend back without the Soul Society's help!

Walking briskly down the street, Ichigo lightly grinds his teeth as an orange brow twitches. His anger and frustration were just about at their boiling points, and he was fed up with the shinigami. If that Jiji didn't want to help, fine, but he was sorely mistaken if he really thought he could order this substitute shinigami around!

His walking pauses for just a moment so he can turn and walk over to a small shop that was tucked away between two larger buildings, almost swallowing up the humble shop completely. Quickly walking inside, the orangette calls out loudly;

"Oi! Geta-boshi!"

"Hai, hai." A tall, sandy haired man steps out, covering a yawn with a plain paper fan as grey eyes glint out from under a green and white striped-bucket hat. "I know why you're here, follow me."

With a small huff, the agitated boy follows after the tired man to the small trap door leading down to a large hidden basement underground. He still had no idea how Urahara built this place... Ichigo gazes around the large underground layer before stopping next to the exiled shinigami. Warm brown eyes gaze up at a large contraption, the same one used to get into the Soul Society. "Can this take me to Hueco Mundo?"

"You wound me with your doubts." Urahara chuckles softly when Ichigo scoffs at his mock-hurt, overly dramatic tone. He looks over to the side with a small smile, snapping his fan out and aging it gently to hide his amused smirk.

"You mean 'us'."

Giving a few blinks in shock, Ichigo looks over to see Ishida pushing his glasses up, Chad standing next to him with shaggy bangs in his dark eyes as always.

"Ishida? Chad? What are you doing here?"

The Quincy scoffs, scowling deeply at the substitute shinigami as he arches a slim brow. "What do you think? We're coming with you."

The large man gives a silent nod, hidden brow furrowing lightly with his worry and concern for his best friend. He was always doing this... Going ahead by himself and putting himself in immediate danger.

Ichigo gazes at his friends, his own frown marring his handsome face. "Guys... I couldn't possibly let you come..." Orange brows deepen in their furrow. "The risk is too great."

"They're our lives to risk, and the risks are the same as when we went to get Rukia. Or do you think we're not strong enough to accompany you?" Ishida snaps lightly as he walks over to the orangette, arms crossing over his chest.

Chad steps up, staring down at Ichigo with an almost hurt expression. He had so much faith in Ichigo, did his friend not have the same feelings?

Guilt wells up at the expression his long time best friend was giving him, and Ichigo offers the gentle giant a sheepish smile. "You're right, I'm sorry." He says softly and then squares his shoulders. "Fine! Do what you want!"

Urahara grins widely. "Great! So now that we're all ready!"

As the shop owner and his large assistant start to get the portal ready, Ichigo pulls out a small green pill and tosses it inside his mouth, gulping it down. A sandaled foot steps out of his sneakered one, shihakushō covered body sliding free from his casually clad one, Ichigo looks over at his body. "Take care of my family, Kon."

Snapping his hand up to salute the solemn looking twin, the modified soul nods. "Of course!"

With a nod, the orangette steps between his friends, staring up at the portal as it starts to open and show an image of a vast desert. "Don't worry, Orihime, we're going to save you." His voice hardens with resolve, eyes narrowing coldly at the thought of Aizen Sōsuke.

That bastard will pay...

Dark pools of azure open slowly, glancing around a white room before a lean body site up, golden strands falling over thin shoulders and tickling an equally trim chest. A shiver travels through his body from the tickling to his bare chest, thin fingers lightly gripping the fallen shoulders of his new kimono to pull them back in place. His head tilts lightly, golden mane tingling as foreign reiatsu starts to pollute the air of Hueco Mundo.

One shinigami... No, not entirely shinigami. Two humans, but... Different.

Naruto stands up, ignoring the chill of the floor on his bare feet as he pads across his too-white room and slinks through the door leading an equally too-white hall. These three beings felt strong, and ever since his little mission, the demon has been wanting to fight with someone strong enough to last longer than a minute, scratch that, a second.


The blonde pauses, twitching at the chilling voice and gazing over his shoulder to level a calm stare at the self-proclaimed Lord. A single brow arches.

Sōsuke chuckles softly. "Where are you off to?"


"Oh? I didn't give you permission to leave the premises." Brown eyes glint at the demon, demanding his submission.

Cerulean eyes narrow, hair bristling lightly. "I didn't ask." He hisses out, clawed fingers twitching.

"I noticed." His own steely eyes narrow, though his smile stays sickeningly polite. "I don't appreciate it either, all my tools and soldiers need my permission."

Cerulean pools darken to violet, thin whiskers bolding out. "I agreed to aid you in your war, not to become one of your pets."

The rumbling growl did nothing to deter the shinigami, his smile never wavering. It only fueled Naruto's rage even more, the violet darkening to an inky purple.

"Now now, Kyuubi-kun, no need to get so hostile." Aizen was determined to quell this creatures sense of freedom and break his will.

"Silence! Do not test me! Or I will destroy your army and end this war with your life!" Golden locks spike out like needles, starting to crackle with energy.

The smile finally drops into a tense frown. "How insolent. This is how you thank the one so generous to grant you freedom from your prison?"

"I am tired of your arrogance, Shinigami! Find someone else to be your pet, I will not continue to put up with you!"

Sōsuke scowls deeply as the demon disappears in a swirl of flames, turning sharply on his heel and striding down the halls. "That unappreciative brat! I will get him to obey me! His reign is over, and he needs to learn just who is in charge and on top!"

Naruto snarls loudly as he appears in a room, ignoring a startled and terrified gasp from the only occupant. His hair shudders in rage, the strands still spiked up like deadly needles and his whiskers still bolded and streaking his cheeks. He glances over to the trembling girl, inky purple eyes narrowing. "You."

Orihime jumps from the growling tone, gulping as large, grey eyes stare at the infuriated blonde. Where did he come from? She stiffens from an impatient growl and whimpers.

"Ye... Yes...?" She whispers out fearfully, voice and body trembling.

"The humans who came here, they're here to rescue you?"

The young girl gulps again. "Ye-Yes..." She nods her head, auburn hair bouncing lightly from the motions. She glances over at the window, a guilty expression pushing aside the terrified one.


Naruto steps over to her,gripping a white clad upper arm before flames consume their bodies and transport the two out of the room.

Inky purple eyes stare at the company of three very strange humans. The blonde gazes at the shocked expressions, his own mask a mask of dull rage. Releasing the girl's arm, he watches in boredom as she rushes over to an orange haired male and throws her arms around his neck. The sobbing was getting on his nerves, and he scoffs lightly as she buries her face into the boy's neck. A blonde brow quirks at the suspicious glares thrown his way, golden mane lightly flittering as their power increases to try and intimidate him.

How amusing.