Indeed, normal

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summary : If history was to remember them, it would be because it was too desperate to find anything better. Just a glimpse of some caravanners daily life. Three-shot.


Rav Lin was amused.

Life as a caravanner was just too much fun not to be. Of course there were downs too, for example, what most new caravanners didn't know was that the hard part of the journey was not to battle monsters that attacked you. No – even if some were a bit tougher than he cared to admit – the hard part was to reach the myrrh trees – in one piece – with a thousand pounds caravan behind you. That was actually the challenge.

More often than not, getting Mapi to the tree was like a puzzle. How to fit three pieces in one hole? This time was no exception. The myrrh tree had grown in a seclude part of the devastated fortress. Strangely enough, it had managed to sprout in between the slabs of the floor and now stood proudly in the middle of the ravaged room.

A ravaged room with a tiny door.

It had taken a hour or so to reach it and now came said hard part. They could not let Mapi outside, the range of their crystal was too short. He would be dead by morning. And though many things were amusing to Rav Lin, carrying all the stuff they had in the caravan themselves, definitely did not fit with his amusing definition. Plus, he was quite fond of the blue beast.

Actually, he was quite fond of every members of their caravan. Don't repeat it to Cassy. He would never live it down.

Not many caravans were confront to this problem. Well... none that has come here, apparently. The caravans of towns had a larger crystal on their chalices and so the problem of range was quickly dealt with and the caravans of smaller villages were not wealthy enough to have a beast of Mapi's size. It explained why they were there, looking at the offending entrance with spite.

Celebran was trying to determine if either or not the building would collapse on them were she to cast a spell to blow off a part of the wall. As he had nothing intelligent to do, the Selkie had decided to do something stupid which leaded him in his current predicament.

"I didn't fall off. I jumped off the lizard. Clumsily, sure, but I jumped off."

"Of course, I'm just saying that it really really looked like a fall from my point."

"Well, your point was wrong, okay ?"

"Live in denial as long as you wish Rav, but I'm telling you, you fell."

"I'm not living in denial, if anyone here is, it's you !"

"What ?"

"I was just brilliant and you refuse to admit it. That's denial, if I ever saw it."

"Rav, face it. It was out of sheer luck that you crashed onto the trigger."

"That's where you're wrong ! I planned it all ! I'm a genius, you just refuse to acknowledge it."

"How long did you chant it to yourself before you start believing it ?"

"Are you jealous or som-"

The sound of an explosion cut him off. Apparently, Celebran had decided that the structure would be just fine without a whole wall to support it. The glowing aura of the tree managed to light them even through the clouds of dust that were rising in the air.

"At least we won't be troubled next time we come."

"My thought too."

Answered Celebran, looking quite proud of herself. Rav Lin couldn't hold back the chuckles that bubbled in his throat. They came out as strangled coughs, ruining all his effect. Stupid dust.

The Yuke always tried to look so mature but the three of them knew that she actually was rather fierce. Of course, she didn't hold a candle to Cassy, but the contrast with her calm appearance made her outbursts all the more funny. In her defense, she probably didn't do it on purpose but the Selkie had always found deadpanned humor hilarious. To tell the truth, he actually suspected that Cassy and he had a rubbing influence on her.

Not that Cassy did it on purpose either, she just was short-tempered and knew how to talk back. He wouldn't have chosen any other verbal sparring partner for all the gils in the world. Well... maybe for all the gils in the world. But not less !

"Are you coming or do you like it here ?" called Celebran.

He quickly catch up with the two and helped Cassy unbound Mapi before arranging some kind of flat space to settle the chalice on, so that the drops of myrrh would not make it topple when they fall into it. In the meanwhile, Celebran practiced an incision on the branch whose leaves were just above the chalice. Slowly but surely, the leaves began to glisten and small droplets began forming on them.

And now, they waited.

That was another down of the caravan life. The waiting for the sap to run down the tree leaves. When he had first joined the caravan he had thought that collecting it as soon as it began to flow from the bark would do. But no. It had to run down the leaves and mix with the water that they created for some reasons he hadn't care to listened to. All he remembered was that if it didn't, it wasn't really Myrrh and so it was useless to their Crystal.

The problem was that it could take up to three days to reach the tip of the leaves. Oh, well, he was used to it by now and over time he had found ways to distract himself.

"If it isn't a letter from our dearest Toni that you are reading, Cassy. How is your favorite Clavat boy?"

"Is it bitterness that I hear in your voice Rav?"

"Why, of course ! How I wish I could have a Clavat boyfriend too. And now, can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?"

Three days would pass in a blink of an eye, he would make sure of that.

Indeed, Rav Lin was amused.