Truth and Consequences

Author: yeknodelttil

Show: Young Dracula

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Vlad/Erin

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Dracula. This is purely for the enjoyment of its fans, created by a fan.

Spoilers: 3x02 – The Enemy Within, 3x03 – Faustian Slip and 3x04 – Fangs for the Memories.

Summary: Set after 3x04. When Vlad finds Erin trying to get rid of her stake, he realises what she is. How is he going to deal with her?

A/N: After four years the series is finally here! I'm so grateful the BBC had sense to bring it back, there aren't many decent kids shows out there on BBC anymore and Young Dracula is one that is definitely for all ages.

I love the pairing Vlad/Erin, to me its got a potential for Romeo and Juliet. To me there was a spark there straight away.

This is my first Young Dracula fic.


Erin drew back the cotton curtain, exposing herself the last few minutes of sunshine before sunset. Reaching out she grasped the bobbled handle of the window; the handle stuck at 90 degrees but refused to move further. Clearly the window was stiff so she was forced to use both hands to push it open. She could feel the centuries old glass shift and rock beneath her fingers in its lead settings. With a clatter and a screeching clunk the window staggered open.

The young woman drew back and reached into her pocket, she felt the metal embossed handle, and taking great care she withdrew the item from her pocket. If she cut her hand on the sharp tip they would know who she was or rather *what* she was. Once it was free she drew back her arm preparing to throw the object out of her window. Where was she going to throw it? She glanced around the courtyard and then the fields trying to decide where would be the best place to aim.

The temperature of the room made her shudder uncontrollably. Then Erin realised: it wasn't this cold a minute ago.

In fear and shock she spun completely forgetting about what she held in her hand. In her haste it slipped from her fingers dropping to the floor with a loud clunk, rolling loudly across the floor in what she felt was completely the wrong direction. It just didn't want to stop. On and on it rolled, further and further away. Finally it stopped its endless journey, coming to rest with a slight thump in front of a pair of boots.


With a loud resounding click the curtains snapped shut with such a force she thought the rail would fall down, completely blocking out the natural light of the sun. Immediately the candles flickered into existence replacing the light.

The youngest vampire in the school opened his hand and immediately the stake flew into it. He gripped it tightly, so tightly that Erin could hear the wood creaking and cracking.

Rarely did the youngest Dracula dress in the leather garb that all vampires wore but when he did he was an intimidating sight. To Erin seeing him dressed like a normal teenager made him seem harmless enough but as a vampire she was truly terrified, it didn't help that he was the most powerful vampire in existence. The leather hugged his body like a second protective skin; leather was more durable than cotton or denim. He looked handsome wearing it; it gave him a more regal air as the restrictive high collar of his jacket prevented him from looking down. He looked every bit the Grand High Vampire he was to become in less that a year.

In less than a blink his fangs had extended downwards as an even icier blast flew through the room. Erin shuddered as the cold stuck her. That was her mistake, vampires didn't feel the cold.

His eyes had turned as black as coal and she realised then she'd rather see the emotions of her enemy to predict his actions. The only emotion that was clear was his anger, not that she needed to see his eyes for that, the endless roar of thunder was enough to realise that.

"You're a breather." His voice bounced off the walls. "And a slayer."

Erin opened her mouth to answer but no sound came out, Vlad became more impatient as the time ticked on.

Vlad felt like an idiot, he had welcomed her into his home, trusted her, tried to help her and she'd been lying to him the whole time. Buying time until she could slay him.

"How many vampires have you killed?"

Erin knew her life depended on her answer, she knew that Vlad had been learning telepathy and would probably know if she lied. Erin wasn't going to lie to him she was going to tell the truth. "None, I'm not a murderer." Vlad's eyes narrowed as he studied her.

"Why are you here then? Trying to start off at the top for your first kill?"

Erin looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "Ingrid bit my brother."


If anything Vlad hadn't expected that.

It shocked her the way Vlad reacted. His eyes lost the black abyss but his fangs remained. Erin couldn't believe the compassion in his eyes.

"I tried to kill her to save my brother, but I couldn't do it. Ingrid's a person, it doesn't matter that she's a vampire." Erin shifted her weight slightly. "That was before you told me it wouldn't work." Erin gestured to the stake in his hand. "I was trying to get rid of it when you found me." She watched him carefully he seemed to be waging war on himself; he didn't know what to do.

Vlad placed the stake on the ground and clicked his fingers, immediately it burst into flame. Erin jumped on instinct. "It's gone now."

Erin clenched her jaw slightly, she was ready to accept her punishment. She began to speak her voice quivering as she spoke. "If you want to kill me," She pulled her scarf off exposing her pale neck to him. "Do it."

Vlad wrinkled his nose in disgust, stepping away from her completely. His fangs disappeared.

The young slayer wasn't sure what to make of his reaction. Part of her was relieved but the other part was offended at his finding her blood distasteful. Wasn't slayer's blood supposed to be a delicacy amongst vampires?

"I've never drank blood, and I'm not going to start now." He sighed loudly debating what to do. "I'm not going to kill you."

"Are you going to bite me?"

"NO!" He answered quickly, too quickly. "No one deserves to become a vampire." Vlad, undid his cloak and threw it over the coffin. It failed to grip and slid to the ground in an ungraceful way. "Look you keep using that spray and…"


"The one you're masking your heartbeat and scent with, and I'll find a way to get you out of here." Vlad promised, although he was crushed at loosing the only friend he'd gained since losing Robin four years ago…and the girl he had developed feelings for. Vlad slowly approached Erin, taking her hand in his. "Do you have anywhere to go?"

"No." She choked out, "The slayers will be after me once they learn about what happened to my brother." Tears began to pour down her face, being in Vlad's home hadn't been nearly as bad as she'd expected it to be.

"I'm sorry for what Ingrid did." Vlad gently brushed a tear away from Erin's face. "You can stay here under my protection." He offered, "I won't tell anyone that you're a breather…just don't touch anyone." He gave her a half smile.

Breathers had warmer skin than vampires, so while vampires might not feel the cold they would certainly feel the heat of their prey. After all their hearts were constantly pumping hot blood around their bodies. Vlad liked the feel of her warm skin; it made his fangs tingle slightly as his nature tried to force itself forward. It made him long for the slightly warmer skin he had as a kid.

"Did you mean what you said?"

"About what?"

"Breathers and vampires living in peace?" Erin ventured.

"Yeah, I like breathers. There's gotta be another way of living than off blood." He whispered. "We can't go on killing each other for centuries to come." Erin smiled softly, he wasn't like other vampires and she'd known that from the day she'd met him.


The pair remained in a comfortable silence for a while, for the first time Erin felt free. She still had to hide her secret from the Count and Ingrid but it was nice to have someone else knowing about her, it didn't make her feel so alone.

Erin looked up at Vlad before reaching into her coffin. He looked confused at first as she reached underneath her pyjamas before pulling out a brown tail that grew, as more was revealed, into a toy monkey.

"Yours." He grinned as she handed him Mr Cuddles the Second. He waved it from side to side slightly. "Thank you," She added sincerely. It had helped to have something to hold for comfort.

"You can keep him in here if you want." Vlad offered. A vampire with a stuffed toy, he shook his head to clear the image, it had given him comfort when everyone was pressuring him to 'get on with his destiny'. Sometimes it felt good to have something you could just hold.

"You just don't want to buy Mr Cuddles the Third, if he has another 'unfortunate accident'." She joked lightly, it felt good to joke and laugh with someone.

"Especially if I can't go out during the day." He conceded. A smile tugging at his lips. It was his first genuine smile since fleeing Stokely.

He glanced at Erin, watching as her eyes shone and reflected in the candlelight. She was far more beautiful than any of the vampires he'd been introduced to, especially when he'd had to reveal himself before they went into hiding. Her cheeks were red from her tears but she still looked stunning.

Vlad took a chance; he leaned down slightly before hesitating and making it look like Mr Cuddles had slipped from his grip. He mentally scolded himself for being a coward. He closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds before darting down and pressing the softest of kisses to her lips.

Erin stiffened in surprise before instinctively reaching up and placing her hand on his cheek. Stepping slightly closer to him, she felt Mr Cuddles drop to the floor as Vlad wrapped a cool arm around her waist. She shivered but not from the coldness of his skin.

Erin mentally let out a laugh; Stephanie Meyer had no idea what she was writing about. Vlad wasn't as hard as stone or freezing cold like ice he was just cooler and just as soft as a human. Now she knew why the Count was always laughing when he read the books that Miss McCauley had confiscated, the same ones he though no one knew he was reading.

Vlad deepened the kiss; it was unusual feeling her warm lips against his cold ones. He slipped his right hand up to her face, guiding it as he kissed her. Vlad held her closely; Erin seemed to fit perfectly in his arms. He'd never felt like this about anyone before. He shuddered as he felt her right arm reach around his neck and play with the dark hair there.

When he'd walked in and found her with the stake in her hand he didn't want to believe that she was a breather. He didn't want anyone to hurt her. Deep down he was terrified if he let a relationship develop it could turn into Romeo and Juliet. It was too late now, he'd made the first move and he didn't want to go back.

Vlad pulled back breaking their kiss, watching her eyes flutter open before pressing a couple more chaste kissed to her mouth. Erin laughed at his actions, before tilting her head so their foreheads met.

"Does this…mean you…can't…hypnotise me?" She asked between gasps of air. Vlad laughed at her question.

"Who says I've tried?" He countered back, his breathing was perfectly normal in the sense he hadn't breathed since his 16th birthday, not that he'd ever stopped mimicking sighing for emphasis.

Vlad leaned down once again; watching as she began to smile at what was about to happen. His head paused as his sensitive hearing picked up a crash.

"WOLFIE!" A roar echoed followed by a matching clap of thunder. Vlad pulled back slightly with a groan, his head dropped in defeat. Erin suppressed a laugh at the Chosen One looking so defeated.

"I'd better…" He gestured to the door with his head, "Before Dad does something stupid." Erin smiled nodding to him; placing her hand on her chest trying to calm down from the jolt her heart had received.

Vlad slowly unwound his hand from her waist, his other trailing drown her arm to squeeze her hand gently. He wanted to her to know the kiss hadn't been a passing fancy, that he felt something for her.

Before he could leave Erin placed a hand on his arm, before leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you." He nodded before speeding out towards the Wolfie and the Count. Erin bit her lip, a small laugh of joy escaping as she touched her lips.

Maybe living with vampires wasn't all that bad.

The End

A/N: Thank you for taking the time to read this fic.