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Dani had lived with Ryou Bakura for about two months now. He had been nice enough to offer her a place to stay after a fire had destroyed her own home. Actually, he was the only one she trusted well enough to let him provide a living space for her. He was the one she knew wouldn't do anything to harm her body or her sanity. She agreed to it, and she'd been living here for sixty-three days and counting... and it was actually nice.

Still, she had never known Yami Bakura, his dark side (from the Millennium Ring), to have any trouble sleeping. Certainly not nightmares, even. That was normally Bakura she had to comfort when he'd had a bad dream. Yami Bakura - well, to be perfectly honest, Yami Bakura was usually the one causing Bakura's nightmares. But he never experienced them himself - until this past week, that was. This last week, starting on Sunday, he'd been having awful nightmares.

Neither Bakura nor Dani could figure out the cause, nor could they console him. They were both virtually distraught; after all, even though he was often annoying and mischievous (and at times a big pain in the tuchus thanks to the evil situations he cooked up), they still considered him a part of the family. Okay, so Dani really wasn't a member of their biological family, but she still saw herself as a member of the house, therefore she had duties... and the way she figured, duties made her a part of the family. And she cared about the psycho Yami as much as Bakura did.

Yami Bakura's nightmares always made themselves known the same exact way. And unfortunately, that way was screaming. Dani wished the nightmares would have picked a quieter way to present themselves, but so be it. She and Bakura would be woken up by shrieks from the living room, where Yami Bakura chose to sleep most of the time. (He had his own room, but for some reason, he preferred the lumpy couch to his bed.)

They would come out of their rooms, look at each other sleepily, then race to the living room, where they always found the same thing every night. They would see Yami Bakura on the floor, struggling desperately to get up, a mess of tangled sheets and bedhead, still screeching like a banshee. Well, it was actually more like his bottom half was still on the couch, but his top half had tumbled to the floor. When they got him calmed down and asked what the matter was, they always received the exact same answer:


But they didn't believe him. Who in their right mind would?

And finally, Dani grew tired of the spirit's little game. She was extremely fed up with this roundabout "Mighty Ra, oh, damn it all to Osiris!" "What's wrong?" "Oh, nothing!" kind of thing. Though Bakura would never say it (he was too polite for that), he was reaching his limit on the nonsense, as well. He was considerably more irritable, and he became frustrated with homework, which was something that usually relaxed him. They both wanted it to stop.

So, this night, the eighth in the pattern, they made a pact together before going to bed. "We can't let this keep going on," Dani told Bakura, sitting on the edge of his bed. "Someone's bound to call the police because of all the screaming, and then where will we be?"

Bakura nodded. "I agree wholeheartedly with you, Danielle. It has to stop. Do you know how much sleep I'm getting?"

"Probably about as much as I am - AKA, none. The next time he gets woken up by a nightmare, we are not, repeat not, letting him get off scot-free. We are interrogating him about this, and we are finding out what's causing this. Deal?"

"Of course, Danielle."


So, that night, the shouting from the living room came on cue - right around midnight. So, Bakura and Dani came out of their rooms. Bakura was quickly buttoning his pajama top, and Dani tying up the sash of her robe over her nightgown, as they rushed down the hall together. They stumbled, ran into things, since they were still half-asleep.

And, of course, they found the usual scene. Yami Bakura was on the floor, knotted up in the sheets, kicking and yelling, often swears. When Dyani tried to pull the sheet off him, he swatted at her, letting loose a string of Egypt's finest obscenities. Dani held onto Bakura's arm, and for good reason - Yami Bakura had once sealed someone's soul into a lamp for disturbing his sleep. They'd managed to make him let her go... but they tossed the lamp, anyway. Bad connotations and all that.

"Yami!" Panicking and not quite sure what to do, Dani wildly flipped the light on. "Wake up! It's not real!"

All of a sudden, Yami Bakura's head poked up from the sheets. His hair was even unrulier than usual. His big brown eyes were staring at them wide, obviously upset and appearing to be stressed. "Oh... hi, guys. Did I wake you?"

"Did you wake us?" Dani crossed her arms, letting go of Bakura. "You woke the goldfish, and they're supposed to be the heaviest sleepers on the face of the Earth, Yami."

"So? They probably just had a bad dream."

"Uh, no."

"You're the one who's had the bad dream, who's been having the bad dream," Bakura agreed, crossing his arms and finally putting his foot down. "It's been happening for the past week, Yami. Danielle and I both think that something is causing this, obviously, and we concur that we must get to the bottom of this. You are not going back to sleep until we find out what is the cause of these wretched nightmares. So, then..." Helping his dark side up, he sat down. "What is the problem? What are your dreams about?"

"It was when I still lived in Egypt, five millennia ago. You wouldn't know how to stop them, or even interpret them. Be gone now, and let. Me. Sleep."

"If you go to sleep," Dani pointed out, sitting beside Bakura, "you'll just have the dream again. You'll wake up screaming, and we'll run in, and none of us will get a single wink of sleep. What's bothering you? Some unresolved matter from Egypt? A tomb you didn't get to raid? An enemy you didn't get to off as violently as desired? A... A..." She shook her head, trying to think of what else it could be-

Her brain clicked, and she blinked understandingly at him. "Was it a woman?" She grinned happily, delighted to find that Yami Bakura did indeed retain some sensitivity. "Oh, Tin Man!" She threw her arms around him. "You do have a heart!"

"A woman!" Yami Bakura sputtered, pushing her away and folding his arms over his chest as he turned away from her. "Lies! Absurdity! Hikari, I hate to be the one to tell you, but your courtesan is ridiculous! Please tell her that I am not as weak as to get this upset - upset at all! - over a woman!"

"Sh-She's not my girlfriend!" Bakura protested, face turning red.

"Uh, yeah, totally," Dani giggled nervously. She wanted to be Bakura's girlfriend, but she didn't think he was ready, and that little display of embarrassment exactly showed her that. "But anyway... some unfinished business with this woman could be causing these-"

"There are no nightmares! There is no 'unfinished business'! There is no woman, you mortal idiot!" he insisted - but tears were pooling in his hazel eyes.

Dani sighed. "What is your dream about, Yami Bakura? Is it the same each time? What happens?"

He let out a breath, putting a hand on his head. "I keep trying to reach her. It's like... like... like a video set on a continuous loop. A neverending replay of the day I lost her. They were making me... making me watch the whole thing. The day, at mid-morning... they took my love away from me. And I kept trying... running to her. They tried to hold me back, but they couldn't. But with every step I took... she just got farther away from me. I couldn't get to her. I couldn't save her. She died because of me, and that is something I can... I can't ever forgive myself for. It was all my fault. If I... If I hadn't interfered with her life... they wouldn't have..."

"What was her name?" Dani questioned, leaning toward him and putting a hand on Bakura's arm.

"Hmm." The spirit's eyes got a faraway look to them, and the other two could tell they were in for a very long story. "Masika."

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