This is a one shot from my "New Experiences" universe. It is my last one for this universe.

This one is set after "Snap Shots: Confusion"

As always, the characters aren't mine. I get nothing from this but the satisfaction of writing a fun story about two of my fav characters.

I would love reviews on this. Thank you for taking time to read this!

"My internship is going well," Janie said as she took her place at the dining table. "I'm not certain I want to remain there once it's over, however. I don't feel it's the right place for me."

"It's best find where you fit and your services will be best utilized," Maura nodded as she settled in her own seat at one end of the table. "Are you coming across any issues where my expertise could be of use?"

Janie chuckled. "All the time! But, I find that, if I ponder on it for a moment, or perhaps a few, I'm able to work out a plausible solution based on the facts presented."

The older blonde nodded. "Yes, facts are best."

The younger doctor frowned. "I don't like guessing. It's so very…"

"Inaccurate," Maura finished.

"Yes, that's it exactly," Janie nodded her agreement.

"Ma, why are we even here?" Alessa snorted before taking a bite of her dinner.

"To look pretty? Hell if I know," Jane took a sip of her beer as she glanced up at the women at the other end of the table. "What?"

"All these years, Jane, and you have to ask me?" Maura rolled her eyes. "Language."

"The girls are grown. I'll swear if I want to." The detective nodded, looking up in annoyance as a strand of grey hair fell in her face. "Damn it."

"Ma, why don't you do something with your hair? Mother's hairstylist could probably help you with that. She helped me." Their daughter glanced across the table to her friend. "I think?"

"I do love what you've done with your hair since last I've seen you. I was going to ask, but decided to wait until after we'd settled in." Janie nodded. "Are those highlights?"

With a blush, Alessa nodded, glancing around the table. "Yeah, I think Jennie did a good job of incorporating the plumb highlights."

"I would have to agree. It looks stunning under direct light, and it works well with your eyes and skin tone," the young blonde nodded, smiling warmly.

The two older women remained quiet, sharing a knowing glance between them.

"Ally, how's your internship going? You liking New York?" Jane's intonation indicated she was less than thrilled with the city.

"New York has its charm, but, honestly, I miss Boston." Her daughter shrugged. "I mean, I don't want to move back in or anything, but I think I'd like to try to get a job in the DA's office here and settle. The Manhattan DA's office is really sort of… well, it's drama filled." She shrugged.

"How do you mean, Alessandra?" Maura passed a bowl to Janie as she asked, trying to not sound too hopeful of her daughter's shift in interest from living in New York to moving back to Boston.

"Well, it's sort of like I'm working on a drama show. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you would not believe some of the crap that comes through that office, and, Ma, there's this ADA who looks just like…"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but, Alessandra, aren't all District Attorney offices somewhat 'drama filled' by nature of what you do?" Janie tilted her head to the side, confused.

"Probably, but I just don't think they're like this. Besides, I miss being home. I'm ready to move back to Boston." The youngest Rizzoli shrugged.

"My favorite song," Jane muttered.

"Jane!" Maura lightly chastised.