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Sonic's house. There's a huge banner outside that says " PARTY" Inside we see a bunch of video game characters hanging out, dancing' to music, etc. Sonic is talking to Kirby near to the side.

Sonic: And then, Robotnic pulls out this huge cannon and has these big bat wings and so I'm thinking' "Where the heck did he learn to fly?"

Kirby: Why are you telling me this? I hardly know you, where am I?

Sonic: -And then Knuckles shows up, like I need his help.

Kirby: ….

*Mario walks up*

Mario: Hey, where's all the food?

Kirby: What? There was a whole table of food over there.

Mario: Well it's not there now.

Sonic: *looks at the bare table* Hey, yeah. What the heck happened to all the food? There was tons of it and now it's gone!

Kirby: Maybe Botnic ate it all!

*everyone laughs*

Cut to Robotnic's lair, or house or where ever the hell he lives

Robotnic: Blast! I'm not even in this story! Can't you go through fic without making fun of me?

Author: Nope! *whacks Robotnic with a fish*

Cut back to Sonic's party

Sonic: Hey Mario, why don't you get the extra food from the storage room?

Mario: It's your house, why don't you get it?

Sonic: I'm busy.

Mario: No you're not!

Sonic: .. Okay, so I'm not. But you still have to get the stuff.

Mario: WHY?!

Sonic: Because I said so, and because the author likes me best.

Mario: Oh yeah?

Author: Yeah! *throws an evil cupcake that tries to eat Mario's foot*

Mario: Holy crap! *smashes the cupcake with a hammer*

Kirby: Awwww, poor lil' cupcake.

Author: Quiet you! *sets Kirby's head on fire*

*Kirby runs around in circles screaming. Rouge comes up and dumps a bucket of water on Kirby's head. Kirby stops running and collapses on the floor panting heavily.*

Kirby: *feels the top of his head, then looks seriously pissed* AAAAAAUGH!! My hair! My beautiful hair! That asshole Author burned off my hair! I'm gonna frickin' kill you bitch! *grabs a chain mace*

Author: Oh crap, here's trouble.

*Kirby chases Author swinging a chain mace and the Author runs like hell*

Sonic: O-kay. That was .. Unusual.

Mario: *nods*

Sonic: You still have to get the snacks.

Mario: Goddamnit fine. *walks off*

*Sonic takes a seat and munches a chilidog watching the fight between the Author and Kirby*

Author: Ow! You pice of #$%*! I'l kill you! *puuls out a gient chainsaw and starts chasing Kirby with it*


Cut to Mario. He's walking down a dimly lit hallway looking for the storage room. He looks annoyed.*

Mario: *grumbling* Stupid hedgehog with his stupid.. *continues mumbling*

*Mario stops at a closed door*

Mario: Maybe it's in here *walks in and the door closed by itself behind him* Damn, it's not here either. Guess I'll check the rest of this stupid house.

*Mario turns the knob, but can't open the door*

Mario: What the-? *yanks the door but to no avail* Oh crap.

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