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(27 Tiny songfics about Tsuna and an Arcobaleno ((That means either Reborn, Collonello or Fong, but mostly Reborn)) I hope you enjoy them ;D)

(Adult!Reborn x Tsuna)

P U M P E D U P K I C K S (by Foster the People)

"Faster, Dame-Tsuna, outrun my gun!" Reborn yelled while smirking. "You know what will happen if the bullet reaches you!" His smile grew larger. 'You know what would be your punishment...'

"Hiiiiii!" Tsuna squealed in response, running with all his strength, as bullets flew around him. Reborn was lately very fond of making him run around like an idiot, and his punishment methods were…very uncommon, as he had proved yesterday, when he couldn't dodge a bullet that passed very close to his head and Reborn made him…well, we better keep that as a secret, for Tsuna's sake.

'Your pain is my pleasure, so either way I win.' Reborn thought, as he laughed at his student, who was almost crying from the effort. 'Even if you manage to dodge all the bullets, I'll still devour you tonight.'

"Faster, Dame-Tsuna, faster!" He ordered, as lifting up from his seat. Tsuna looked at him with teary eyes, which screamed 'NO!' and this turned on Reborn. The hitman looked to his prey right in the eye as a warning, and started chasing the sky guardian around, like a savage animal, shooting randomly at the boy.

"No, please, Reborn, don't! Stop, please!" Tsuna tried to convince the other one, but he couldn't. The hitman seriously loved making Tsuna pray for mercy. Once Reborn started running after him, everything was lost. Tsuna was going to be raped by Reborn tonight.

But in a corner of his mind, Sawada Tsunayoshi was happy. Actually, he was…excited. He was going to be raped by Reborn.

Tsuna finally gave up and raised his hands in defeat "I give up; I'm no match for you, Reborn." He said to his smirking home tutor.

"You know the consequences of giving up, right?" He laughed at his lame student, as Leon changed to his usual chameleon shape.

"Yeah, I know." Tsuna barely smiled in response, as his pulse fastened. Reborn smelled the sweat on the Vongola's neck. He walked towards the kid, grabbed him at his waist and deeply kissed him, while Tsuna let himself get carried away.

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