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Foreword: I know, I know. I already have two ongoing stories. However, as a writer, I can't help it. I read so many stories where Harry has a twin that becomes the Boy Who Lived and so I thought I could write something like that. This is a lot different from my other works as I finally get a chance to delve into a Slytherin!Harry. I hope my regular readers aren't too put-off by this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!

The Warlock of Slytherin

by Romantic Silence


Harry James Black

WARNING: This prologue takes place in fifth year whereas the next chapter begins a little before first year. It is meant to give you a glimpse of what happens in the future. If you want to keep reading, feel free to, but you have been warned.

In the corridor between the portrait of the bearded noble with the scepter and the suit of armor wielding a fantastic claymore, a crowd was forming. It was morning, and the halls were filled with students from all Houses hurrying to their classes. However, something had occurred that detracted them from their task and instead had them form a huge circle around a plot of space in the corridor. Draco Malfoy and his two constant followers, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, were three of five students that stood in the empty space. As the group of students gathered, a haughty sneer formed on his face.

"Well, Potter, looks like we made quite the scene!" Draco stated proudly. "Well, what are you going to do? Oh, that's right! Nothing! You're nothing more than a spoiled, attention-seeking, daddy's boy!"

The Malfoy scion narrowed his eyes as he glared challengingly at his rival and sidekick.

Henry Potter, known as the Boy Who Lived, stared fiercely at his most troublesome foe. Ron Weasley, his best friend, stood by his side, sporting the same fierce stare that glared down at Draco and his two thugs. Aggravated by the blonde's words, Ron impatiently took a step forward and was about to raise his wand before Henry's hand grabbed hold of his wrist.

"No! That's what he wants!" Henry exclaimed. He turned to Draco and said, "Funny, the same could be said about you! All you ever do is go running back to your father whenever things don't go your way. Well, tough luck for you, Malfoy, but your father can't protect you like the sissy prat you are!"

Henry knew very well how to push Draco's buttons. As the blonde boy's face contorted to an expression of rage, he allowed a smug smirk to escape. Next to him, Ron began guffawing at Henry's comeback, inciting the other students that had been watching to laugh as well. As the crowd burst into laughing fits, Draco's face turned red, indicating that he was now thoroughly embarrassed. In frustration, Draco pulled out his wand and aimed it at Henry and Ron. The two of them were quick to react and pulled pointed their wands at Draco. Behind him, Crabbe and Goyle clumsily pointed theirs at the two Gryffindors.

A deathly silence fell over the crowd. It had become a standoff.

"That is enough!" cried an indignant voice amongst the still students. Hermione Granger pushed through the crowd of onlookers until her slim frame slipped into the open space between both groups. Her bushy brown hair was tied up in a pony tail, the remaining hair framing her face perfectly and allowing others to glimpse at the beauty she had displayed the previous year during the Yule Ball. Her warm, chocolate eyes were stern and observant, narrowing slightly as her sight fell on the two opposing parties. Her lips formed a thin line, expressing her apparent disapproval of what was occurring. Her Prefect badge gleamed proudly on her chest.

"Potter, Weasley, that is enough out of you two. That goes the same for you too Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle! It isn't even the third week since term started and already you are causing a ruckus! I warned the five of you repeatedly to cease this at once, but apparently you can't handle such a simple command." Hermione stated professionally. "I will report this to both Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape at once and have all five of you deal with the consequences of your blatant immaturity!"

"Oi, Granger, stay out of this! Besides, it wasn't us that started it! That ferret over there was the one that began insulting Henry here!" Ron sharply disagreed. He stood up at his full height, virtually shadowing over his fellow Gryffindor. Despite his height, he hardly looked intimidating what with his lanky build and fiery, red hair. He was staring impetuously at Hermione as he had never taken a liking to the rule-abiding girl.

"I will not!" Hermione replied. "You should be thanking me before things have gotten out of hand or else your punishment would have come out much worse than a few nights of detention!"

"You should listen to the mudblood, Potter." Draco said, his voice condescending. "If Granger hadn't stopped us, then I would have wiped the floor with you. Be grateful she decided that your life is worth something."

Immediately, Henry and Ron shot out their wands and fired spells at Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle. Caught off-guard by the swift attack, the three Slytherins were knocked back as their wands were sent flying towards their aggressors. Henry and Ron caught the Slytherins' wands and smiled triumphantly at the three of them. Hermione's mouth gaped open at the sudden exchange and looked ready to hex the two Gryffindors. The crowd watching cheered at the excitement and at Henry and Ron's display of magical prowess.

Hermione's mouth gaped open as she stared. Her attention turned to Henry and Ron and cried out, "Are you mad? Fighting in the halls! Professor McGonagall is going to have your heads!"

Henry grinned cockily, "It was self-defense."

"Right, self-defense." Ron agreed, adopting the same cocky grin his best mate had.

"Potter!" Draco yelled. "Unhand my wand! Wait until my father hears about this. You will regret that you -"

"Regret what, Malfoy?" Henry sneered. "Regret embarrassing you in front of the entire student population?"

At his words, everyone began laughing at the three defeated Slytherins with the exception of Hermione. She frantically tried to settle everyone down and return things to order, but her pleas were ignored in favor of humiliating Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle further. For Draco's two lackeys, they remained unaware of what was happening. They were known to be dim-witted and had yet to realize the full extent of their humiliation. They waited on Draco to be told on what to do next.

Unable to overcome his fury, Draco opened his mouth to make a scathing retort.

"Draco." A smooth, serene voice called Draco's name amidst all of the laughter.

Almost immediately, the laughter died. Draco Malfoy stopped as he felt a chill run down his spine. Even Crabbe and Goyle's eyes grew fearful; while they followed Draco, there was an individual in Slytherin far more up the food chain than the Malfoy scion. Silence descended upon the crowd as calm, slow footsteps grew closer and closer. Henry and Ron, realizing who was coming, formed a scowl. Hermione sighed in relief, she was thankful that reinforcements had finally arrived.

From behind Draco and his two lackeys, the sea of students parted down the middle. They gave a wide berth as a student calmly strode through the path that had been created. The individual was a tall, slim fellow. He was not overly lanky like Ron, but his build suggested that he was well-defined underneath all his robes. He walked with a regal air to him, moving gracefully as each step he took was aligned perfectly forward as his long legs gave a longer gait. His complexion was not unnaturally pale like Draco's, but instead took on a creamy peach color that complemented well with his groomed, raven hair. He was what you would consider handsome, enhanced by the aristocratic presence he exuded. However, his most remarkable feature was the piercing gaze of his brilliant, green eyes.

His name was Harry James Black.

He stopped once he stood next to Draco. Ignoring all others, including Henry and Ron, his gaze rested solely on the sole heir of the Malfoy family. A small, soothing smile graced his lips as he placed a comforting hand on Draco's shoulder. In a voice undoubtedly filled with warmth and kindness, he asked him, "Draco. I called for you. Why did you not answer?"

Draco nearly shivered as the words left his mouth. He averted making eye contact with Harry. Tentatively, Draco finally answered, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Oh? Well, then, that's quite alright, Draco." Harry replied, patting him easily on the back. "Now, would you share with me what happened."

"Well," Draco shifted his eyes to Henry and Ron, the two of them were glaring at Harry. "Potter and Weasley was insulting the honor of your name so I decided to defend you! Then once they refused to apologize, they raised their wands against us and took our wands! I have never seen such unrefined actions in all my life."

"Hey! We did not!" Ron shouted. "You're the one that started the whole thing. Hey, Black, Malfoy over there was insulting Henry!"

Henry bit his lip and nodded, "The git wouldn't leave us alone and then he and his goons raised their wands at us! The only thing we did was preemptively defended ourselves."

Harry turned to the two Gryffindors, his eyes resting on them as he studied them carefully. Draco scowled and moved to talk, but a hand raised by Harry ceased his thoughts of retorting. Instead of speaking, Harry walked away from Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle and moved towards Henry and Ron until he stood face to face with the Boy Who Lived.

It was always remarkable at how alike their appearance was. Their faces had a similar structure and their builds were closely the same. The only difference was that while Harry's hair was groomed and controlled, Henry's dark hair was far more wild and messier than his Slytheirn counterpart. Also, their eyes were completely different. While Harry's green eyes displayed an unfathomable cunning, Henry's brown eyes hinted mischief and confidence.

"So what you're saying, Potter," Harry began calmly, "is that Draco, a member of my House, purposely lied to his fellow Housemate who, may I add, is also the male prefect representing his year?"

Henry, not intimidated in the slightest, shot a fierce glare at Harry, "Yes."

"I see." Harry turned to Hermione whom had taken to watching the scene unfold and allowed Harry to handle the situation. While she would never admit it out loud to anyone, she knew that when it came to these type of matters, Harry was far more suited to deal with it than her. She did not have the same commanding presence as he did.

"Harry," Hermione called out to him, "Draco was the one that instigated it. He confronted Potter over the articles about him in the Daily Prophet. The two traded insults and it escalated until wands were drawn. It was Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle who drew their wands first, but Potter and Weasley disarmed them before they had a chance to cast a spell."

Harry cupped his chin, and nodded, "Is that so?"

"Granger is lying!" Draco shouted from behind Harry. "Why should you listen to a pitiful mudbl-"

"Draco." Harry interrupted him. His voice turned cold, "Enough."

His word alone immediately silenced Draco. Harry returned his attention back to Henry and Ron, smiling at them apologetically, "I'm sorry for how awful my Housemate had treated you. Would you be so kind as to hand over their wands? I assure you that they will be reprimanded appropriately after classes are over. Now, what do you say we just let bygones be bygones?"

At such a courteous apology, Henry simply could not refuse. Wordlessly, he and Ron handed the wands over to Harry. Once it was done, Harry returned the wands back to Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle. Once Draco had his wand back, he viciously raised his wand to strike while Henry was inattentive to him, but an icy stare from Harry instantaneously ended the thought.

"You'll get your comeuppance, Potter!" Draco vowed before leaving with his two followers.

With Draco gone, Harry clapped his hands, eliciting the attention of the students, "Alright. Everything is over. Please make your way to your respective classes. If you do not hurry, you will be late. Run along now."

The crowd of students did as they were told and began dispersing. Since the interesting event had already ended, there wasn't anything left to be entertained by. The students began talking amongst themselves, their topic having to do with what had just happened.

The only students left in the Hall were Harry, Hermione, Henry, and Ron. Hermione stepped forward from her fellow Gryffindors and approached the Slytherin prefect. An affectionate smile adorned her face as she said, "I'm jealous, Harry. Honestly, I wish I could have done something like that. It's always so troublesome when they don't listen to me."

"It can't be helped." Harry replied, giving Hermione a small smile. "You are considered a very loving and kind girl. You've only been a prefect for a few weeks and already some of the First Years I've talked to would rather prefer to get help from you. That's an admirable reputation."

"I suppose." Hermione stated airily. "Still, it is such a hassle when Malfoy starts trouble. Why does he always pick the days when I'm on duty to cause problems?"

"To irk you?"

"He would be petty enough for that."

The two prefects chuckled together. It was no secret to anyone that Harry and Hermione were the best of friends despite their differing Houses. However, the secret was that the two of them had been friends since they were children, long before both of them arrived at Hogwarts' doors. It all began when Harry's uncle had been promoted to regional manager of his company when Harry had been six and they moved from their home in Little Whinging, Surrey. Harry moved next door to Hermione and the pair had hit it off right away. Although, it surprised them when they both found out that the two of them were going to Hogwarts together.

"Harry." Henry said as he and Ron walked over to him. The scowl and glare pointed to Harry was gone and replaced with an apprehensive familiarity. The same, however, cannot be said with Ron who still narrowed his eyes pointedly at Harry.

Ignoring Ron, Harry eyed Henry aloofly. With a polite bow of his head, he asked, "Yes, brother of mine?"

Harry and Hermione's relationship to one another was not the greatest secret Harry James Black had. Rather, it was the relationship that he had with none other than the Boy Who Lived. Harry James Black was originally named Harry James Potter, the younger twin brother of Henry Charlus Potter, the one that, allegedly, defeated Lord Voldemort when he was a baby. It was also the night that Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, and their mother, Lily Potter, died. What came after was something both Harry and Henry didn't know. Harry was whisked away, abandoned by his father and left to be raised by Petunia and Vernon Dursley, his aunt and uncle on his mother's side.

Harry's upbringing with his relatives was not the best. Though they did not abuse him, he was treated with little warmth. His aunt, most of all, was largely apathetic to his existence. Ironically, it was his magic-hating, normal-obsessed Uncle Vernon that treated him fairly. Perhaps it was in large part of having been abandoned by his father as well, but he treated Harry with some dignity. While he may not have been loving like he was with his own son, Harry learned the importance of appearance and deception from him. Uncle Vernon was a flawed individual who sported bigoted views and a close-minded perspective in many areas, but his ability to hide it well from his neighbors, his clients, and even his own wife with a cheery disposition was something Harry always admired. The man was, after all, a successful salesman.

It had been a surprise when Harry received his invitation to Hogwarts. Though disapproving, his relatives allowed him to attend. It was when he visited Diagon Alley and went to Gringotts to cash in what money he had been given for his school supplies that he learned that he had a large inheritance. His godfather, Sirius Black, had left him everything he had. Sirius Black had even given him the title of being the Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. Throughout his childhood, his relatives had often told him how his father abandoned him as an infant after his mother died which. Harry grew to loathe his biological brother and any connection to the Potter name. It was with these feelings that led Harry into accepting his lordship and adopting his godfather's last name.

He entered magical society as Harry James Black, Lord of the Black Family.

"We're not brothers." Henry replied. "Just because we look alike doesn't mean we are! Stop making that joke!"

Both Harry and Hermione had to suppress a smile. How blissful ignorance can be. The two of them thought.

Harry grinned, "My apologies then, Henry. Now, what do you need? Hermione and I still have to patrol the halls before attending our classes."

Henry and Ron shared a look, their worries clear on their faces. Henry resumed his attention to Harry and explained, "Look, we may not have the best relationship." An understatement. "However, you're considered the leader of the Slytherins, at least, those of your year and below." An accurate observation. "And considering in the past that you've helped me," A misconstrued concept. "do you believe me about Voldemort returning?"

Ron shuddered when the Dark Lord's name was said. Harry and Hermione, on the other hand, remained unfazed. Harry held a calculating look over Henry, analyzing his options. For all of his bravado and arrogance he had displayed in the past as the son of James Potter, Boy Who Lived, and Youngest Seeker of the Century, Harry understood that Henry would not lie when it came to such serious matters. Besides, Harry completely understood the corruption the magical government had. Cornelius Fudge's placement of Dolores Umbridge as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was one of his latest misconduct. You did not have to be a genius to figure out that her placement was only to keep Henry and Dumbledore under the eye of the Ministry.

Harry nonchalantly shrugged and answered, "It doesn't concern me."

With that said, Harry and Hermione turned their backs and walked off. Though to the two friends, they believed the conservation was finished, but to Henry, it was far from over.

"Doesn't concern you? Of course you would think that wouldn't you? I was foolish to think that... forget it. Even though you're... ugh. Ron! Let's go."

Harry didn't turn his head back, but Hermione craned her neck to watch the two Gryffindors walk away. She frowned, curious as to what caused that outburst. For as long as she knew Henry and Ron, they hardly ever wanted anything to do with a Slytherin, especially Harry. Even if Harry had helped Henry confront Quirrel their First Year, opened the Chamber of Secrets for Henry to enter in Second Year, helped capture Peter Pettigrew their Third Year, and warned Henry of the dragons and gave him the hint about the egg during the Tri-Wizard tournament the previous year, Henry and Ron refused to acknowledge Harry was anything but evil.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Harry asked beside her.

"Just thinking." Hermione truthfully said. "I just found it odd that Potter acted the way he did. Usually, he would just ignore you."

"You're right." Harry admitted. "It's strange. Perhaps it's something I should look into."

"Perhaps. Still, I am curious though, what are your thoughts with his claims of Voldemort's resurrection?"

"To be frank, Draco is right about him being a spoiled, attention-seeking daddy's boy." Harry grinned slyly. At the sharp look Hermione gave him, he confessed, "Yes, I was watching the entire time. I thought it was amusing. Don't look at me like that, I intervened when things were about to turn violent had I not?"

"It is the principle of the matter, Harry."

"Of course. Anyway, to continue my answer, I do believe Henry is telling the truth. It is a topic I am about to bring up with the Slytherins soon. At the moment, we are refraining from making any collective opinion until we discuss it. Unfortunately, Draco is being aggravating as usual. The lad really gives the rest of Slytherin a bad name."

"Potter and his friends may be obnoxious from time to time, but at least they mean well and actually contribute to the House. Though annoying, they aren't on the level of Malfoy."

"Indeed. I would trade Draco for Henry any day."

At the end of their patrol route, Harry and Hermione had to part ways. Harry had Charms with the Ravenclaws and Hermione had Herbology with the Hufflepuffs. Before the two of them left to attend their respective classes, Harry dipped his head forward and placed a sweet, warm kiss on Hermione's lips. She reciprocated the action, kissing him back with the same loving fervor.

"I heard from the Head Boy that a trip to Hogsmeade is soon. Would you care to accompany me?" Harry whispered under his breath as he rested his forehead against hers.

Hermione beamed happily and gave him a chaste kiss, "Of course."

With the two of them satisfied, they separated. Their relationship had begun earlier during the summer. It was only natural that the two of them began seeing each other in a romantic light. Despite their apprehension of moving their relationship to a different level than what they were familiar with, the two of them were content on how things had progressed.

They departed and Harry hurried along to Charms. Professor Flitwick was well-aware of his the duties of the prefects and would not comment his tardiness. Curiously, when Harry entered the classroom, that the Slytherins and Ravenclaws were without the diminutive professor. He perused through the students that were inside, but saw nothing odd with either of the Houses.

Ignoring the Ravenclaws, Harry moved towards the Slytherins. His presence immediately alerted the other Fifth Years of his House and they turned to him respectfully. He passed through the rows of Slytherins until he arrived at an empty seat at the back of the classroom. Surrounding the seat in front, behind, and to the side of it were the other Slytherins, establishing himself as the centerpiece of the entire group. Harry rested his elbow atop of the surface in front of him and placed his cheek upon his hand. Apathy ruled his physiognomy as he gazed aloofly to the front of the classroom.

"Where is Professor Flitwick?" Harry asked.

"One of the Ravenclaws thought they could show how 'advanced' they are and attempted to do a Seventh Year spell." To his immediate left, Daphne Greengrass answered lazily. Her arms were crossed and she was leaning back against her chair. She was a blonde haired beauty and was easily considered one of the most beautiful witches in Hogwarts. Her uncaring disposition and venomous gaze made many of the male student population want to bed her. Her true strength was her incredible intelligence and her ability to use it. If it were not for Harry's intense feelings for Hermione, he would have been truly attracted to Daphne.

"He inflated to the size of a balloon and had to be taken to the Hospital wing. What an idiot, right?" Behind Daphne, her friend, Tracey Davis, finished her explanation and then laughed at the misfortune of the Ravenclaw. Like Daphne, she was a beauty to be admired. Tracey was a sporty girl, with relatively short, black hair that fell in waves. Though often hidden under her loose clothing, Tracey had developed womanly muscles on account of her dueling expertise. Her mother was a regular finalist of European dueling competitions and it was obvious her skills had been inherited by her daughter. She was also Harry's female prefect counterpart.

Seated behind Harry, Theodore Nott coughed loudly. Though built tall and lean, he had a surprisingly frail body. His skin was always pallid and his cheeks were always gaunt. He had long, brown hair that mostly covered his eyes as he cared little about his appearance. He was an excellent student, focusing more on his studies than socializing and taking part of physical activities. Every year, he was ranked as one of the top students of their class. In a strained voice, Theodore said, "He flicked his wrist too hard. The result of it caused the magical energy he was distributing to flux uncontrollably and backfire."

"Humph. What can you expect? Ravenclaws are only good for tests. It's not like any of them know how to use spells practically." Blaise Zabini haughtily stated in the seat right of Theodore. He was a handsome young man with dark skin and short hair. His long, slanting, brown eyes were affixed into a disapproving glare as he recalled the incident. Everyone in Slytherin knew how large Blaise's ego can be; in fact, it far exceeded Draco's ego. But unlike Draco, he had the abilities to back it up and the forethought to display it sparingly.

"Hey guys! Vincent and Gregory told me where Draco is. They said he wanted to skive off Charms to write a letter to his father because they lost a duel to Potter and Weasley." Millicent Bulstrode, seated in front of Daphne, eagerly relayed to the other Slytherins. While portly, unattractive, and even somewhat dim-witted, Millicent was at least more intelligent than Crabbe and Goyle. She also served as a translator between the two goons and the rest of the House. For some odd reason, she was able to understand the grunts and slow responses of the two.

"What? Is that true, Harry?" To the right of Harry sat Pansy Parkinson, Draco's apparent girlfriend. Though not as attractive as Daphne and Tracey, she was one that could be considered pretty. Unfortunately, her unsavory personality and lust for dominance made her an unpopular figure outside Slytherin and tolerable within. However, despite her callous traits, Pansy enjoyed the unity within Slytherin and would do whatever it took to maintain it.

Harry felt all eyes were on him. Amused, a small smile formed as he waved his hand dismissively. He confirmed their suspicions, "Potter and Weasley disarmed Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle after the latter instigated the conflict and traded insults. Despite his advantage, Draco did lose."

"Again?" Daphne said with a click of her tongue.

"What an idiot!" Tracey laughed heartily.

"Unfortunate." Theodore commented, uninterested.

"Fool." Blaise muttered.

"Oh, too bad." Millicent shrugged.

"Poor Draco." Pansy cooed.

"By the way, once classes are over, I would like to hold a meeting. It is concerning the events that had occurred at the end of term last year. I believe it is time that we discuss it. We will meet in the usual spot. I take it that everyone can make it?" Harry intertwined his fingers and placed both elbows on the table as he rested his chin atop his woven hands. He waited patiently for an answer and was pleased to hear the murmurs of agreement from all of the Slytherins present.

Once upon a time, everyone once believed that Draco Malfoy was the leader of the Slytherins. Throughout First, Second, and Third Year, he had the title of "Prince of Slytherin". A respectable nickname that declared his status within the House of cunning. But that changed in Fourth Year when Harry James Black, a once seemingly unimposing individual who was oddly nice to everyone despite being in Slytherin, took rein of Draco Malfoy's rule. At least, that's what people from other Houses assumed when one day, they found Draco cowering under Harry's cool gaze after the former insulted Hermione Granger. After that incident, Draco temporarily stopped his antagonizing of all the Houses.

To the Slytherins, the entire debacle was an entirely different story. It was more of an older sibling punishing a younger one. To many Slytherins, Harry James Black was an enigma. Everyone knew who the Black family were and it was a shock to find out that the bloodline hadn't completely fallen on to Draco Malfoy, whose mother was a Black. By Third Year, Harry completely united the Slytherins in his year under his banner, Draco included. After all, who wouldn't be impressed with his lineage and wealth? But Harry wasn't one to flaunt his role. He mainly took to the shadows, carefully ensuring that the House remain united so that the negative reputation of their House wouldn't affect them.

If the rest of the school hated them, they would stand together as a family. Though they were cunning and ambitious, Harry introduced the concept of honor. Bring honor to Slytherin, never embarrass the House. They all took that to heart. All except Draco whose actions continued to embarrass them with his flaunting of wealth and undignified actions. Though embarrassing, his actions could easily be forgiven as it only represented him and his group. It was not until his insults to Hermione Granger, Harry's best friend, did things become tumultuous for the Malfoy scion and became the straw that broke the camel's back. From then on, it wasn't Malfoy that would represent Slytherin, it would be Harry.

After establishing that he was the true leader of the Slytherins, the student body gave him a nickname for his feats.

Harry James Black, the Warlock of Slytherin.

Afterword: I tried a different style of writing and I hope it is intriguing so far. I know there are a lot of questions as to what happened in the past four years, but I assure you that many of them would be answered in the following chapters. I deliberately made Harry to be a bit ambiguous. Is he a bad guy or is he a good guy? Who knows! I also hope some liked the exposition I established. It's kind of hard not to have that. Anyway, this chapter is meant to establish what the world and its inhabitants are like at first glance.