"Oh my god! Nellie wake your ass up let's go we're late cause of you!" My best friend since 1st grade yelled at me "iight! Mookie!" I said sitting up and looking over my shoulder to see Molina going through my dresser "Aye! What you doing?" I said sitting up fully "getting you something to wear you know we're going to the criminals workshop" she said throwing a pair of sweats and a "Les Twins" t-shirt "now get up and get your French ass into the shower chica!" Mookie said waving her hands at me I got up and headed into the shower.

After my shower I was ready to… make a fool of myself at the workshop today when I heard there was a workshop that the criminals were having I knew I had to go it was my dream to meet the Les twins I knew that if the criminals were having a workshop then the Les Twins will be there. Me and Molina ran into the room as fast as we can and placed our stuff in a cubicle and stood by the shelves I almost screamed when the twins came in but I held it in I have to be professional but god! I wanted to let loose! Then the twins started speaking and I listened with all my might. " Hello and welcome to the criminals workshop" we all cheered me the loudest "okay me and my brother here would like to see you dance to know where to place you all" okay that wasn't going to be hard I can dance and so can Mookie "Okay we'll pick who starts" the brothers then started to converse to themselves in French of course I did get all of the conversation but I didn't listen in I started putting my hair into a ponytail I looked at the twins again and they were looking at me I turned quickly oh my god! They were looking at me OH MY GOD!

"Okay we picked and we choose you!" I looked to see them pointing at me I walked over slowly as to not trip and fall cause that would be… god I can't even speak of it when I got closer one of the twins rapped a arm around my shoulders I almost fainted Oh! "what's your name?" The one holding me said please voice work! "Nellie" I said as both twins kissed my cheek I blushed "Hello Nellie" the one that wasn't holding me said "I'm Laurent and that's my brother Larry" I almost died! Larry was holding me and rubbing up and down my arm causing goose bumps

"show us what you got Nellie" Larry said patting my shoulder and kissing my cheek again I nodded and they backed away I was hit with a sudden hit of lost and longing I shook it off and got ready to dance I was dancing to "outta your mind" by lil john I smiled and started dancing I was waiting for the course to start and when it did I ripped it that the crowd was cheering even the twins was I did the dance me and Mookie made to this song (YouTube search: Emily sasson Lil john Choreo) I stopped and Mookie jumped to me I started laughing as I hugged her back.