Gumball the Genius?

Chapter 1: The A+

It was rather a typical day for Gumball and his brother Darwin as they both sat in Miss Simian's classroom. Gumball was rather quite nervous whether or not he had passed the recent test to as much displeasure, Miss Simian was reluctant to hand over Gumball his grade since he did get an A+.

"As it pains me to say this" said Miss Simian who struggled to give Gumball the paper back, "you passed."

"Ha, an A+!" laughed Gumball to which he leaned over to Darwin, "What did you get?"

"A C-" sighed Darwin as he wasn't thrilled.

Gumball then began to go on a rampage of arrogance showing off his A+ toward mostly everyone in the school, except for Tina Rex who began to chase Gumball after showing the grade.

"How come you got an A and I didn't!" roared Tina Rex.

Gumball dashed through the hallways eventually losing her to which his mother Nicole was there to pick him for the day.

"I see you had an exciting day" said Nicole to which Darwin was reluctant to show his grade, "come on, I don't think you should hide your grade from me."

Darwin ends up shamefully displaying his C- grade to his mother.

"What a C-?" cried Nicole who couldn't believe why her son got that grade.

"But it's really hard!" cried Darwin.

But as Nicole was taking her two sons home for the day, meanwhile in another world, a certain Phineas and Ferb were hanging out in the backyard.

"So Ferb, do you know what you want to do today?" asked Phineas to his brother Ferb.

"Now that you think about it, I always want to go into another world" continued Ferb.

"Hmm, I know exactly what we'll do today" laughed Phineas.

Indeed the two brothers began to build the portal to a random world that they'll travel to. Meanwhile, Candace who was up in her room noticed the two working on the odd portal.

"Hey, you two, stop that racket outside!" cried Candace.

"Hi Candace, we're getting bored so we decided to build a portal to another world" continued Phineas.

"What, oh no you didn't, I'm going to get you two busted for this" laughed Candace as she went off.

"Say, have you seen Perry around?" asked Phineas to Ferb.

"Not recently" continued Ferb.

Perry indeed was on a top secret mission as Agent P, he hopped through a scoot where he was prepared to do his duty for the Organization Without a Cool Acronym.

"Agent P, glad you could make it" said Major Monogram on the big computer screen, "there are rumors that our arch enemy Heinz Doofenshmirtz is planning to drain the power from the main power plants in the tri-state area, we need your help to stop him before he accomplishes the evil deed."

Agent P ends up saluting to Major Monogram and heads off to do his mission, it was just then that Isabella had arrived at Phineas and Ferb's house and noticed the two were working on a portal.

"What's you doing?" asked Isabella to Phineas.

"Making a portal" continued Phineas.

"We were a bit board on what to do next" added Ferb, "so why not travel to another world?"

"Like which world should we travel to?" asked Isabella.

"Hmm, how about this one?" asked Ferb as he selected Gumball's world just by a random choice.

As the trio leaped right in, Candace showed up and noticed the portal.

"Mom won't believe me if I didn't have the right evidence to bust them" said Candace.

She took a deep breath and dived right into the portal and began to chase Phineas and Ferb. But as they came up on the other end, it was just then that Nicole who was driving her two kids home almost ran into them to which she steered the car right out of the way.

"What the heck was that?" cried Nicole.

"Must be an alien!" cried Darwin as he was rather excited with joy.

"I don't think aliens would do that" said Gumball as he rushed out.

"Are you people crazy?" cried Nicole as she ran toward Phineas, Ferb and Isabella as they were likely going to yell at them.

"Hey, this is getting good" said Candace as she ran for cover witnessing how Nicole was giving the trio a tongue lashing that she could use against them.

"Look, we're sorry we nearly caused you an accident" said Phineas.

"An act for an apology, we would like to help make your life better" added Ferb.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, I do need some extra help around the house" said Nicole, "come on kids, let's get back into the car with our new guests."

"Ha, time to follow them and bust them" laughed Candace as she hurried to chase them.

Meanwhile back in Phineas and Ferb's world, Perry in his Agent P uniform started to sneak around Doofenshmirtz's headquarters. He ended up landing himself right into a trap setup by Doofenshmirtz himself.

"Ha, I got you Perry the Platypus!" laughed Heinz as Perry was locked in a steel cage, "Now there's nothing that you can really do to stop me from draining the power of the tri-state area."

Agent P then holds up a sign that says "Why?" on it.

"Oh, so you want me to tell you my plan? It's rather simple really I drain the power with my Power-in-Ator machine, and the entire tri-state area will only be forced to use my energy source which is my own power generators that are powerful enough to power the entire tri-state area with an extra expense of course" laughed Heinz.