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Slowly Michael's consciousness returned and he found a bright blinding, soothing light filling his vision completely. He could hear a heavenly choir singing in the distance harmoniously chanting majestic songs of love and joy. Michael looked around trying to work out where he was but no matter which way he turned there was nothing but that glorious blinding light. He tried to think of anything that could explain where he was or why he was there but nothing came to mind. Come to think of it he couldn't even remember his own name but that was ok because this place was so relaxing and pleasant. A faint rocking sensation took over his being and Michael allowed himself to relax completely basking in the glorious warmth he could feel flowing through him. The most wonderful smell of wild Jasmine began to drift through Michael's senses caressing his very being as he felt a contentment he had never experienced before covering his soul.

All at once an overwhelming sensation of spinning began to take hold of Michael as he felt himself being dragged backward through the blinding light. The choir took on a discordous tone sounding more like the murmur of an outraged crowd than the praises and hosannas of the heavens. Michael felt panic seeping through his very soul as the blinding light disappeared from his view leaving him with only the darkness as comfort.

"Raphael I need you to concentrate" he heard an assertive voice cry in the distance. Instinctively he snapped his head around trying to locate the owner and found nothing to greet him but more thick rotting blackness. The scent of wild Jasmine had now been replaced with the overwhelming musky stench of rotting flesh chocking Michael's senses. The choir was still there chanting the discordant hum like a drilling through the brain. He felt the grip of frustration beginning to tug at his mind as he tried to find a memory to support the growing suspicion that he knew the voice which had spoken, only to find questions he could not answer. Where was he? How did he get here? Who was Raphael? What in all of creation was going on? He felt a sinking feeling beginning to spread through him as he realised he was now falling. He tried to call out to voice the unimaginable terror now running within his soul as he fell faster and faster. The spinning sensation worsened entwining itself with the falling sensation as the choir grew louder and louder turning from the low murmuring to petrifying cries of pain. Louder and louder. Faster and faster. He couldn't take it anymore his mind was swimming with emotion as a sickening feeling began to coarse through him.

Michael could feel a pressure pushing down on his chest as every instinct in his body screamed out for him to fight it, to fight so he could breathe as a gut wrenching pain surged through him as his body felt it was being burnt from the inside out. The choir grew louder still, threatening to burst through his eardrums, to rattle his very core. He tried to cry out both in pain and terror and joy momentarily overwhelmed both emotions as he heard a choked gargle escape his own lips. Suddenly everything stopped. The pain began to fade as the choir began to finally quiet and Michael now realised the pressure he felt was that of four warm hands being pressed firmly on his chest. He could once again see the light returning slowly, this time it had a warm inviting reddish glow. The scent of wild jasmine returned also once again caressing Michaels senses and calming his very soul as he felt a single hand resting in the centre of his chest.

"Be still my son" The voice spoke once more this time in a soothing calming whisper as the burning was replaced with a loving soothing warmth. Michael let his eyes flutter open to be greeted by an elderly man smiling down on him. His brilliant blue eyes glistening in the light and his tanned skin glowing the deep colour of twenty four carat gold. Michael brought his hand up to caress the lines of the older man's face and ran his fingers through his long white beard that matched his long flowing hair. A spark lit up behind Michael's eyes as the memory of being cradled as a small cherub tugging at the man's beard. He now recognised the man as the father and he could not suppress the bright loving smile breaking out on his face as the father placed his hand on the side of Michaels face, a show of affection commonly used in the heavens.

"Rest, you need to adjust to being in your body again." The father spoke softly before letting his hand slide from Michael's face to squeeze his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. The father perched himself on the tall wooden stool, placed at the side of the bed, which took on an iridescent glow under the heavenly light pouring in through the tall beautifully carved arched windows. The walls were sandstone which cast the most beautifully deep golden glow through the room as the light cast bright shapes and deep shadows over the intricate swirling carvings which covered the walls.

"What happened?" Michael asked pushing himself up into a sitting position instinctively stretching his wings out behind him relishing how good it felt to have them back. He froze as another memory returned to him and he saw himself dropping down into a darkened alley in what the humans called L.A. He grimaced as the memory of the sheer agonising pain of cutting off his own wings pierced his soul like an arrow tearing through flesh. Why in all of creation would he cut off his own wings?

"We had to reform your body" the father said concern etching his features. He had never had to undergo a reforming of his entire body before with deep gashes or broken bones being the worse injuries he had ever received. Michael gasped as a whole flurry of memories of wars against Satan and his demons assaulted his mind at once. One in particular stood out in his mind of a tall muscular Angel standing to protect Michael's back as they prepared to battle the swarm of demons which now surrounded them. Gabriel let out a earth rumbling bloodlust roar as he swung his huge mace at the monsters taunting them while Michael silently cut through each obstacle grateful for having his most trusted brother at his back.

"Do you think you can stand?" the father asked interrupting Michaels flashback offering his hand to help the Angel of Mercy off the bed.

"I…..I'm not sure" Michael stammered reaching out to take the fathers hand, a sickening dizziness clutching his core as he slid from the bed and started to fall once again. This time instead of continuing to fall he felt strong hands under his arms pulling him up and pushing him back to lean on the bed. Once he was sure Michael was safely supported the father placed his hand on Michael's forehead and a bright light flashed through Michael's vision making his eyes burn as a warm sensation ran through his veins. He blinked trying to adjust his eyes back to the light in the room and was happy to find the dizziness had subsided.

"Thank you father" Michael beamed standing to attention before the father. The father simply smiled in return as Raphael entered the room carrying a bundle of cloth and metal gathered in his arms with a long blade balanced on top that Michael instantly recognised.

His sword.

Raphael stood blushing at the door and suddenly Michael was made completely aware that there was not a strip of cloth covering him. Blushing slightly himself Michael turned back to the bed pulling off the sheet and wrapping it around his waist causing the father to roll his eyes.

"Meet me in the throne room once you're dressed" the father huffed before turning to walk out the door. Michael walked over to the white marble basin in the corner of the room splashing water onto his face, stopping as he caught a glimpse of his reflection. He moved his face closer to the water trying to work out why a strange feeling had begun to impinge on his mind. Something was missing, but what? His eyes were the same bright crystal blue they had always been. His hair the same deep shade of blonde. His skin just as tanned and his wings….something was different about his wings. He could remember them being heavier, darker, more of a burden but now they felt so light, so glorious the colour of fresh honey comb. Michael fluffed his feathers smiling to himself at the soft ruffling sound which resonated from them.

"You know I always thought Jophiel was the vein one" Raphael chuckled from the other side of the room where he was sorting through the garments he had brought in with him. Michael laughed looking back at his reflection it was true Jophiel was always preening herself but the angel of beauty was not as weak or feeble as she appeared. Michael smiled as a memory returned to him of Jophiel pinning him to the floor during practice, her sword prone at his throat as she towered over him. Her long, flowing ebony hair draped over her rapidly rising and falling chest like a dark veil hiding all the mysteries of the Universe. Her deep brown eyes flirtatiously taunted him as he lay helplessly at her mercy, longing to reach up and touch her deep shimmering olive skin. Michael could feel the same sensations and emotions stirring in him now as they had that day as his manhood began to rise under the thin sheet around his waist. Michael quickly moved his wing around to hide the protruding member glancing quickly at his brother to check he had not noticed as shame began to set in making his heart feel heavy. He decided to settle with trying to bring back more memories to clear his mind of the impure thoughts now gathering while he continued with washing himself. All at once Michael was hit with thousands of memories at once as the events of the last few days of his mortal life played out in front of his eyes and his brother rushed to his side as he fell to the floor gasping for breath. He saw the girl in the diner, the birthing of the saviour and his brother. Gabriel.

"He killed me, Gabriel killed me." Michael cried out in agony. The heartbreak he felt was unimaginable, like having his torn from his chest to leave a gaping hole in it's place. How could his brother have killed him? The one brother who had always fought to protect Michael, who had always been there at his back when their duties began to overwhelmed them. The one who had been his best friend from the day they both could utter words. He felt Raphael wrap his wings around him as great loud sobs began to escape his chest in grief for what his brother had done. Every time he closed his eyes to blink away the tears Michael saw that last blow once again. When he had thought his brother was ready for giving up and joining him to give the father what he needed over what he wanted but instead his brother had grabbed his mace twisting the catch to impale both his own shoulder and Michael on the spike which shot from the end. Gabriel had pierced Michael's heart both literally and metaphorically as he threw him to the ground to watch him die looking down upon him in a mixture of contempt and sorrow.

"You wanted to live like one of them, now, you will die like one of them" The final words Gabriel had spoken to him played back through his mind as a fresh wave of heartbroken sobs shook his very soul. Michael didn't know which felt worse the fact his brother had killed him or the fact that once again his brother had been too thick skulled to see that there was another way. Gabriel had always craved the father's approval claiming that he favoured Michael and the others over him but Michael didn't think he believed it that much. Slowly the sobbing subsided as Michael began to pull his emotions back under control realising that as long as Gabriel was still on earth the saviour would never be safe.

"Come on, the father needs you." Raphael coaxed tucking his wings back behind his back and pulling Michael up off the floor. His deep green emerald eyes were glistening with tears, his strawberry blonde curls stopping just above them hiding the scar Michael knew Raphael had requested be left as a reminder of their lost brother. Raphael brought his pale hand up to grip the side of his brother's head lovingly as he rested his own forehead against Michael's.

"We all feel your grief my brother" Raphael whispered a single tear escaping and sliding down his cheek as he brought his wings around to touch Michael's with his soft under feathers. Slowly he moved away grabbing Michael's undershirt and holding it out to him giving him a sympathetic smile. Michael took the shirt pulling it over his head tucking his wings in tightly to his body letting them unfurl through the long slits in the back. Raphael handed Michael his garments silently waiting patiently for his brother to dress folding the sheet and placing it back on the bed once Michael had discarded it. Moving forward to assist Michael with fixing his armour in place before dismissing himself to return to his duties giving lectures in the library, leaving Michael feeling slightly comforted in the fact that he was not alone in his grief.

Michael let his eyes slide shut as he heard the door close behind him with a resounding boom. He was now completely alone as he fixed his sword into place unsheathing it to take a few practice swings as he pictured Gabriel standing before him. Michael could feel the anger beginning to surge through his body. How could Gabriel be so blind? He had been able to sense what the father needed him to do but why couldn't Gabriel? Michael shook his head remembering the father requesting that he see him in the throne room once dressed and he made his way out the door.

Michael once again ruffled his feathers letting out a contented sigh as a cool breeze caressed the sensitive flesh beneath them as he walked. As he reached out to open the door to the throne room Michael stopped his hand hanging in midair. He saw a vision of his beautiful honey comb coloured wings reflecting in the water in his mind causing him to frown as he realised why his wings had always seemed such a burden. He subconsciously moved his wings round to run his fingers through his feathers as he once again tried to work out what was going on a feeling of unease crept up his body. The door swung open snapping Michael back from his thoughts as he saw the father standing in the doorway looking excited. No not excited. He had seen this emotion in many humans and it was not excitement but anxiousness. Why would the father be anxious about speaking with him?

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