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Michael stepped out of the portal expecting to come face to face with a million chaotic Demons, instead all he found was a calm empty dark cave. The walls and ceiling were made of the darkest black granite Michael had ever seen. It glistened and twinkled like a beautiful night sky. He walked over to one of the torches lighting the room fascinated by the florescent green flame that lingered above it.

"Not what you expected?" Lucifer asked giving Michael an amused look.

"Surely this can't be right." Michael stated to himself letting his fingers glide back and forth through the flame.

"Yeah, I thought the same thing but He runs a pretty tight ship." Lucifer said nonchalantly with a shrug picking at his nails.

"Where is the fire, and the demons?" Michael asked looking out across the great lake laid out before him. Michael couldn't help but walk over to get a closer look at the deep purple waters.

"We're not actually fully in Inferno yet." Lucifer informed grabbing Michael's armour to stop him getting too close to the water.

"It's beautiful." Michael said leaning down to touch the dark waters, watching in horror and wonder as a hand came up to meet him.

"Fall in there and there really is no way out." Lucifer warned pulling Michael back further as the water rose up swirling into the atmosphere and beginning to take the form of a woman.

Michael watched his heart beginning to ache as the figure began to change form once again this time settling on a male with huge dark wings. He watched as it moulded itself into the image of his brother.

"Gabriel?" Michael questioned, feeling the urge to run into the creature's arms becoming almost unbearable. The longer Michael stood looking at the creature the more he was convinced it was Gabriel standing before him.

"It finds your inner most desires and entices you in, do not be fooled brother." Lucifer warned grabbing Michael's armour and pulling him back once again. Michael watched as the creature burned a deep red then fell back to the water letting out a deafening scream.

"Did you see him too?" Michael asked bemused, turning to Lucifer as tears glistened in his crystal blue eyes.

"Michael, I saw my wife and my children. They are what I long for the most. Each being sees what their heart desires most." Lucifer replied laying a hand on Michael's shoulder. Michael looked down at his hands unable to comprehend what was truly happening. If Lucifer was right then perhaps Gabriel was Michael's true love and the centre of all his desires. The more he thought about it, the more right it seemed for him to be wrapped in Gabriel's huge arms and wings. How well they would fit together! All Michael had to do now was hope that, if he ever did find Gabriel again, he would reciprocate the feelings of love Michael could feel burning in his heart.

Michael suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of guilt cloak him. The angels had hunted and killed Lucifer's descendants for thousands of years. They had always been told the Nephilim were an abomination, a mistake that needed to be dealt with. Michael knew now that they were nothing of the sort. They were in fact a by product of the purest love any of the angels could ever manage to fathom.

"Forgive me." Michael burst out flinging his arms hopelessly around his brother.

"I forgave you long ago my brother." Lucifer whispered into Michael's ear, his voice breaking as Michael felt a single tear tap on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." Michael sobbed pulling back to look into his brothers eyes.

"You were only doing what you thought was right." Lucifer reasoned grasping Michael's face between his hands.

"How can you forgive what I did. I do not understand." Michael asked confusion knotting his brow firmly.

"You will." Lucifer smiled placing a kiss over the knot in Michael's brow in a show of brotherly affection. Lucifer turned looking out across the water, sighing as he wiped his eyes.

"So how do we get across?" Michael asked walking over to stand beside his brother.

"Well we can fly, since we have wings, or we can be stupid and wait to be ferried across." Lucifer smirked sarcastically spreading his wings. Michael followed suit and the two of them took off soaring over the water, brother beside brother.

Michael watched the water as they flew over making sure not to get too close as hands rose up beneath them. Waiting for the opportune moment to grab one of them and drag them to the depths of suffering itself. Michael could see a river off in the distance with water the same colour red as the veins in Lucifer's wings.

"That's Phlegethon." Lucifer informed him pointing to the river that Michael could now see was literally a river of lava burning brightly in the distance. He could see various beings moving back and forth between the flames that hovered over the surface and some even swimming through the river. He surmised that all of these creatures were the demons that had always resided within Inferno.

"Is that?" Michael asked not knowing the right word to use to describe it without offending his brother.

"What the humans call Hell." Lucifer finished for him and smiling at Michael.

"So that's where all those the father denies entry go to." Michael stated in wonder. He was amazed at how brutal the father was with his punishments. He could only imagine the pain and suffering the occupants must endure there.

"No those are just the ones that break the rules, besides there are far worse places down here." Lucifer corrected pushing his hair back behind his ears.

Michael watched as they passed over the lake entirely and the granite began to obtain a slightly red glow. Michael looked up at the sky and saw that the beautiful black twinkling had been replaced with huge grey clouds interlaced with red veins. Almost like permanent strikes of brilliant red lightning in the sky.

He could see a huge building off in the distance made of some kind of red stone. As they approached the gate Michael could see a huge three headed dog pacing the grounds beyond them and was relieved when Lucifer landed on one of the window ledges.

Michael stood looking around the room unable to place the type of stone the room was made of. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even the floors were of the same material as the walls and ceiling. It was similar to that of the deep red ruby's of earth only it shone with a faint orange.

The furniture placed in it was mostly black and made of either dark wood or just black cloth. Michael was amazed at how glorious Inferno was. It was completely different to how it had been described to the angels in heaven. They had always been taught that the demons ran loose and that there was no order what so ever, from what Michael had seen so far Inferno was probably more organised than heaven.

"Apologies brother but we need to move on." Lucifer spoke softly walking away and signalling for Michael to follow him. Lucifer led Michael through a series of corridors not too different from the ones in the heavens. He ushered Michael through a set of heavy dark wooden doors and into a room which instantly reminded Michael of the father's throne room.

"That was once my throne room you know." Michael heard a voice claim form the darkness and he watched in awe as a tall being stepped out to greet him. Michael was surprised at how much he looked like the father despite having bright pale white skin. He wore nothing more than a deep black robe secured around his waist and Michael could see hundreds of scars scattered over his skin.

"My Lord." Lucifer spoke bowing in front of the eight foot tall god standing before them both.

"Nephew." Saolan replied bowing at Lucifer in return.

"You're Saolan?" Michael asked looking at the man before him in awe. He had exactly the same bright blue eyes as the father.

"Yes child I am." Saolan smiled walking over to take a closer look at him. He lifted Michael's chin so he could see his face more clearly then moved around the stand to Michael's left. Michael watched in apprehension as Saolan gripped his wing spreading it out and examining it closely, running a finger over one of his bladed feathers. Saolan dropped the wing and moved to stand in front of Michael, narrowing his eyes and looking at him in judgement. Michael couldn't help but feel his stomach churn as his eyes fell upon the long tears in Saolan's cheeks.

"Unfortunately Inferno was much more chaotic when I arrived." Saolan smiled or at least Michael thought it was a smile. It was hard to tell since the tears gave the effect that he had a permanent grin.

"You want the collar removed?" He asked looking Michael over, the amusement evident on his face.

"If it will assist me in my search for Gabriel, yes." Michael replied eagerly. Michael noticed Saolan glance over and grin knowingly at Lucifer before bringing his hands up to the collar around his neck.

"This may sting slightly." Saolan mused as he began to fumble with the collar before pulling it from Michael's neck.

At first Michael didn't feel anything, literally anything.

He felt as though he was floating.

No, not even floating.

He felt as though he was part of the air surrounding him.

As the sensation of owning a solid form began to return, Michael felt a searing pain burning through his wings as the metal began to melt away. He felt all the life drain from his body as he fell to the floor, his knees giving way under the pressure of pain.

After a while the pain began to subside and Michael found he was able to stand. He pulled his wings forward running his fingers through the once again silky feathers. His wings were back to feeling as light and delightful as they had been before Lucifer's fall.

"Better?" Saolan enquired looking Michael over quizzically. He seemed to be as amused by him as Lucifer, and Michael still didn't understand why.

"Thank you." Michael beamed at Saolan who nodded in return.

"Are you going to help us?" Saolan asked suddenly taking on a serious tone.

"I do not even know what is going on." Michael stated shrugging to exaggerate that he really had no idea what had gotten into the father.

"Our parents have returned." Saolan revealed sighing and moving over to throw himself down in the deep ebony throne against the back wall of the room. Michael stood like a rabbit caught in headlights, staring dumbly from Saolan to his own feet.

"No disrespect intended but how can the creator of everything have… parents?" Michael questioned causing Lucifer to burst out laughing and Saolan to order him to leave. Michael was surprised at how quickly his brother seemed to comply with his new leader and looked Saolan over suspiciously.

"I had heard he was spinning that little fable. He did not create everything. He created some of the life forms that inhabit the earth as did I, but our realms have always been. They have existed for as long as time itself." Saolan explained as Michael stood sporting a blank expression once again.

"So you're expecting me to believe that my entire life has been a lie?" Michael suddenly blurted out. He was finding it hard to believe that the father would lie about something so important, something so huge. They had been created to protect mankind, after all. If the father hadn't created mankind then did he even create the angels at all?

"I am not asking you to believe anything I say Michael, but you know in your heart that there is something wrong in the heavens. You heard the voices in the throne room before he placed that contraption on you, yes?" Saolan prompted. Michael didn't like how Saolan kept bringing up things from his mind that he had never spoken of. He felt as though his consciousness was being violated somehow.

"Apologies, Nephew, I forget that those not familiar with my powers may feel a little apprehensive at first." Saolan apologised grinning and bowing his head towards Michael.

"You can read my thoughts?" Michael enquired looking Saolan over suspiciously.

"Yes but I assure you anything I see I will never speak of to anyone other than you." Saolan assured. Michael still didn't like the idea. He was unsure where this Saolan would draw the line at anything 'too personal' and it made Michael feel wary.

"I do not understand what the voices are. I could hear more than one being speaking." Michael reported, telling Saolan the information before he had a chance to steal it from his mind.

"Collectively they are known as the Superioris. They are the five higher beings that created all of life and existence. They were the ones that forced the father to flood the earth the last time. This time they wanted to send an apocalypse but you, you crippled their plan Michael." Saolan said standing and walking towards Michael. Placing his hands on Michaels shoulders, enthusiasm and hope glowing brightly in his pale blue eyes.

"And Gabriel?" Michael asked hoping that Saolan would reveal that these Superioris were the ones behind his brother's harsh treatment.

"The father was furious at him for almost ruining humanities chances of surviving. The others only know that he killed you in the process and in their eyes it is the worst crime that can be committed." Saolan whispered the last sentence lowering his head.

"That doesn't change the fact that he is still my brother and I need to find him!" Michael exclaimed shrugging off Saolans hands. Michael could feel the desperation growing inside him he felt helpless, all he wanted was his brother.

"I know." Saolan spoke softly.

"So why don't they just take over and destroy humanity themselves?" Michael asked becoming frustrated at the holes he was able to pick in what Saolan was telling him.

"They cannot control the earth." Saolan answered rubbing a hand over his smooth head.

"We wanted to create a realm free from their meddling, their rule. So when they left we created the mortal plain together. They cannot even travel to their realm Michael." Saolan informed him walking back towards him.

"So if you were trying to create a realm free from them, why make humans suffer such pain?" Michael asked looking deeply into the taller gods eyes.

"Pain, Michael, is the price of freedom." Saolan sighed heavily. Michael stood dumbfounded it was something he had never considered before. The humans were free but longed for the pains they suffered to stop. The angels however suffered little pain compared but longed for the freedom the humans possessed.

"I will help you. Once I find my brother." Michael offered the conditions, he thought they were more than reasonable.

"Of course." Saolan smiled, bowing before walking past Michael and leaving the room. Michael heard low voices from outside the room before he saw a tall being walk through the door with dark red veins through his wings just like Lucifer's.

"Gabriel?" Michael asked unsure if it was one of the demons once again trying to fool him.

"Yes Michael." Gabriel replied holding his arms open to his brother. Michael rushed across the room throwing himself into his brothers grip, lacing his fingers through his hair possessively.

"I thought….I'm so glad you are safe." Michael whispered softly as tears began to trail down his cheeks. Gabriel cupped Michael's face in his hands holding his lips just inches away from his. Michael felt as though his heart was going to burst from his chest as Gabriel bowed his head kissing each cheek gently.

"I love you." Michael burst out holding his breath as he desperately awaited his brothers response.

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