I Keep Asking: "Why?"


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Claude, I lust after you. But at the same time: You're a fucking cock.

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Pairing: One-sided Claude/Alois.
Song: Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne.
Rating: T.


"I miss you,
Miss you so bad.
I don't forget you.
Oh, it's so sad.

I hope you can hear me,
I remember it clearing.
The day you slipped away,
Was the day I found it won't be the same."


Alois sat in the emptiness, his bottom resting on the hard surface of the crumbing stone beneath him. The chain on his wrist held him firmly to it, not that he could exactly move anywhere. All around him was simply: black space. There were no other little circles of stone, walls, anything. It was just...empty.

He thought of himoften. Claude Faustus, the demon he had once been contracted to. However, after Alois had dueled with Ciel, he found himself with a painful wound to the stomach as Ciel was dragged away in the arms of his own demon, Sebastian.

He remembered it clearly, more clearly than he remembered even his days at old man Trancy's when he was merely an object; A whore to be used and thrown away.

He closed his eyes as he huddled, looking for warmth. Though, it was odd. He was...dead, wasn't he? Just a soul without a body. So, how could he feel cold or pain? But alas, he did. He felt as if he was freezing, as if ice was slowly spreading through his entire body, he felt his heart ache at the memories that swarmed him.

He trembled as he remembered Claude's blank look when he had reached out to him, had asked for help.

He had noticed his preoccupation after he licked Ciel's blood from his face, noticed even the shining light of desire in those cold eyes.

Eyes that never once looked at him like that. Not with such utter abandon.

His heart constantly ached, tears coming forth to brim his eyes as he thought about it.

He knew, long before that day, that Claude was slowly slipping away from him, distancing himself even more than he already had from the child. But that day was the day he knew what would happen, despite Claude's whispered words of encouragement.

He would die, and Claude would leave him.

It was simple, yet tragic.

He truly loved the seemingly emotionless demon, and still did.

It was rather pathetic, really.

"I miss you..." He whispered quietly, then raised his face to the darkness above him as tears poured silently from his eyes.

Can you hear me, Claude? I miss you. I miss you so bad, Claude...


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