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"I didn't get around to kiss you,
Goodbye on the hand.
I wish I could see you again,
I know that I can't.

I hope you can hear me,
I remember it clearing.
The day you slipped away,
Was the day I found it won't be the same."


The pain of the wound in his stomach had been nothing compared to the pain in his heart. True, he had been fucking bleeding to death. But he didn't care about his body that much, after all it belonged to Claude. It was his to devour when Alois' wish was fulfilled. In any way he saw fit.

To Alois, it was merely a shell.

Now, it was a broken, rotting shell.

He remembered wandering off while Hannah fought that Shinigami. The redheaded man that had appeared out of nowhere.

Where had Alois been heading to again?


Had he been going off to see him?

Alois couldn't remember anymore, his reasoning's fuzzy even to him.

He remembered falling against a tree as he lost blood. Too much, obviously. He was numb, tired, weak.

There was a growl nearby.

A wolf, or some other sort of wild dog.

It lunged, prepared to tear out Alois' throat. He remembered his last thought before he had closed his eyes.

"Fuck it."

Hardly elegant, really.

Yet it suited him perfectly.

The growl had snapped off with a sharp whine, and he cracked open one blue eye to take in the stunningly beautiful sight before him.

Claude, standing against the light of the moon as he held the dead carcass of the wild dog in his hand.

Alois knew then that he didn't want to die just yet.

Not...just yet.

As Claude scolded him, he simply smiled at the demon. Soon however, he was crying.

He had crawled to him, unable to walk anymore. He had clung to the male's leg and cried and begged, pleading pathetically that he didn't want to die.

Then he said what he had been feeling for years.

"I love you!"

The demon simply looked down at him, his face emotionless as only he could do. Alois had rambled on, saying something about Claude being his highness.

Suddenly, he felt Claude's hands on his tear streaked face.

Startled, he had simply stared at the male as he whispered a sentence. A mere sentence. Yet it made Alois' heart pound, all the same.

"What a thing to say to a mere butler."

He felt a slight pressure on his temples, and he knew what Claude was going to do.

Yes, he knew then that he was going to die.

However, he didn't fight it.

To die by the hand of the man you love... Is somewhat of a beautiful thing.

A slight pressure.

A build up of sudden pain.

Then nothing.

Nothing but emptiness, and this small slab of stone flooring.

He realized then that he hadn't done what he had wanted most of all to do.

He had wanted to kiss Claude.

Even once, anywhere.

He should have turned his head before his head was crushed, honestly.

Kissed the palm of those deceitfully strong hands.

As he sat alone in the dark, he thought about it over and over in his mind.

He should have.

Now he never would.

No, he didn't illusion himself with the prospect of seeing Claude ever again face to face.

To touch him. Or even to simply talk to him.

No, that would most likely never occur again.

He knew that.

But that didn't mean that he gave up, exactly.

He talked to the emptiness as if it were Claude himself, hoping that maybe by chance his voice would extend past the ring and reach the ears of his demon.

No... Not his anymore.

He never "his".

He knew that.


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