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The Vampire Ninja
Two boys, both the same yet so different, one born in love and family, one born in hatred and loneliness, stood facing each other in a narrow valley.
"Come back to Konoha Sasuke!" barked one, a short blond in an tattered orange jumpsuit, the other one, a raven haired boy in a blue shirt and white shorts, just held out his hand and gathered lightning into it before charging at the boy. The blond replied by gathering a swirling orb of energy.


"RASENGAN!" They clashed in mid air and the valley erupted in light.

Seras sat on the roof of the Hellsing manor thinking of the last mission she had just returned from. She had been sent to eliminate a rogue vampire, but when she and her master, the vampire Alucard, got there all they met were ghouls and a priest from the Vaticant who had quickly incapacitated her. Her master had engaged the priest only to get beheaded and come back alive after telling her to drink his blood, to which she refused. Seras sighed in saddness why did she have to drink the blood, if she did would she become blood crazed like her master? she was interrupted by a flash of light coming from the forest.

"What was that!" she shouted and ran to find out. Following the source of the light she ran into a clearing where she saw a horrid sight. A KID lay naked in the middle of the field bloody and bruised. Inching closer she saw that he was blond with six whisker marks on each cheek. Kneeling down she got a huge whiff of his blood that seemed to make her mouth water. Shaking her head to gain control her self she looked for any other wounds, finding a nasty hole on his chest, next to his heart.

"I failed..." he whispered shocking Seras who quickly got an idea.

"What? oh never mind, do you want to live?" she asked the boy nodded

"Are you sure? What I'm about to do will bind you to my will your old life will be over." she asked again to which the boy nodded. Leaning down she bit into his collar bone, the boy opened his eyes and let out a scream of pain, before fainting. Pulling back Seras picked up her new fledgling and ran to the mansion, where Integra stood waiting along with Alucard, Walter, and some other men.

"Police girl what's going on?" demanded her master

"I found this boy in the forest and saved him?" she said

"You turned him?" Integra demanded, Seras nodded, "And what pray tell me were the extent of his injuries?"

"Multiple stab wounds, a hole in his chest, and multiple bruises." she explained Integra nodded and ushered her in. When they were in they immediately put the boy on a medical bed and carted him down to Seras's room. There they discussed what to do.

"If he poses a threat he will be immediately destroyed." ordered Integra to which Seras nodded, "When he awakes he will serve Hellsing and you will give him all the instruction needed, understood."

"Yes sir."

Naruto awoke in a dark room filled with fancy furniture. Looking around he only thought one thing, where the fuck was he? Getting out of bed he went to grab his clothes only to find them gone. Suddenly the door opened and in came an man in his eighties wearing a white shirt with a brown jacket carrying a tray. The man noticed Naruto and smiled, "Ah your awake I see, good. I'll go fetch Sir Integra and the others."

"Who are you?" came Naruto's reply, "Where are my clothes?"

"I am Walter C, Dornez, butler and servant to the Hellsing family. I've taken the liberty to retrieve some new clothes for you since you were found erm... in the nude" Walter explained producing a pair of black trouser's and white shirt

"WHAT!" Naruto screamed with a blush before quickly putting on the offered clothing. After he got them on he was led up stairs to a large office where a woman that almost looked like Tsunade except younger, brighter hair, and had glasses, sat behind a large brown desk with the woman from last night and a man in a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, a red cravat, and a long red duster.

"So your the boy Seras turned?" asked the Tsunade look alike, "I'm Integra Wingates Hellsing, the woman who saved you is Seras Victoria and this is Alucard."

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, ninja of the hidden leaf village!" he greeted Integra raised an eyebrow

"A assassin?" she asked wearily, Naruto nodded,

"When we're hired to do that other wise we protect convoys, merchants, princesses, but that's usually chunnin level missions gennins like me have to pull weeds and do chores unless we get the higher level missions." he said before going into a whole explanation of his life. By the end, Integra was rubbing her temples in frustration, "So let me get this straight, you are a low level ninja who was transported here to an obviously other world when you some how created a portal during your fight with your traitor of a teammate?" she asked to which Naruto nodded before asking, "But what did you mean Sears changed me."

"Well Naruto, in this world there are creatures called vampires, who drink the blood of other living beings. When you were found you were fatally injured, so in order to save you Seras had to turn you into a vampire. Now you are being forced to fight as a vampire for Hellsing doing what we do: killing bad vampires."

"Excuse me. I need some time alone." with that he left. Seras looked at the door with a worried expression.

"Do you think he'll be OK?" she asked Integra sighed in exhaustion

"I don't know, go check on him if you are so worried." she said, Seras nodded and ran off in pursuit of her fledgling.