So...Casey and Sammy are together...and this person (Can be anyone you want it to be...Danny, Billy, etc.) loved sammy. but Casey won her love...

basically from the broken person's point of view.



A small glass heart

Suspended in mid air with a red string.

teetering and tottering,

threatening to come loose

Like Cinderella's shoe

The thing that put everything together

Finalized our decisions

Our happy ending.

Was it not meant to be?

The day I saw you

you were sitting down by the lake

like an angle your hair was flowing in the wind

Like the devil the man came

and sat next to you

How he spoke the words that sealed me out

Just two little words

"Marry me?" he asked

the way you looked at him

overwhelmed by emotion

the eager look in your eyes as you nodded your head

A simple "yes: escaped your lips

with that the string splits

and my heart lands, with a crash

broken glass flying everywhere.

Had you known I was watching,

that I loved you beyond your imagination.

Your answer would have been different.

I was too late

My love was unrequited

for you had found someone else.

And that my love

was how you broke my heart.