Chapter 5: You'll Be In My Dreams

Alex laughed as they exited the ice cream parlor just as the main lights were turned out. They had been the last customers of the night, and she had opted for a single scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. As she licked her cone, she glanced over at him. "Vanilla, huh?"

"Can't beat the classics." He held up his cone as he gave it a lick. "Besides Cookie Dough isn't exactly walking on the edge..." He nudged her a bit with his elbow. "I'll give you a lick of mine if you let me lick yours."

Alex blushed then, her mind immediately going to somewhere that it probably shouldn't. She took another lick of her cone and nudged him back. "Ladies first."

He held out his cone to her, shivering slightly as her small hand encircled his wrist as she steadied it so she could taste the frozen dessert on his cone. He watched her, eyes flicking from her eyes to her tongue. He felt his own mind start to wander and had to reign himself in.

She loved the taste the plain vanilla left on her tongue as she offered up her own frozen treat for him to taste. It was only fair after all. Watching how his eyes never left her face, she blushed slightly. "Well?"

He wrinkled his nose and shrugged. "I think I'm going to need to do this another way. So how about you taste mine again and yours, too, and then I taste you."

The heat flooded straight to her gut. She opened her mouth to speak and nothing came out. Her cheeks grew warm and were a rosy red color that had nothing to do with the chill in the air.

He chuckled softly at her reaction. He then wrapped his arm around her back and waist and nudged her forward. "I was only teasing, Alex."

Her hand tightened around her cone, and she felt it cracking beneath the pressure so she loosened her hold and lifted her head toward him as the walked. "Well, it does sound like a pretty good experiment." She took another lick from her cone.

He bent immediately before it had a chance to melt away and kissed her until they were breathless. As he pulled back, he nodded. "Yep. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the best." He tossed his ice cream cone in a trash bin along the sidewalk toward her building. "Vanilla will never satisfy me again."

Her eyes were dancing with humor and adoration as they continued to talk quietly and shared her single scoop cone all the way to her building. She has even been kind enough to give him the last bite of the cone before she entered her access pass into the security lock and opened the door for her.

He quietly followed her toward the stairwell door and once they were inside, and she had moved up onto the second step, he watched as she turned to face him before her hand slip along his tie and pulled him forward.

Their mouths met as they stood entwined on the steps leading up toward her apartment until the need for air became necessary once again. She then leaned her head against his as she met his eyes. "It's been a wonderful night, Bobby."

He nodded and smiled up at her before his hand came to rest against her cheek. He tilted his head and gave her one of his charming boyish grins. "Too bad that it's almost over."

"It doesn't have to be," she began suggestively.

He shook his head. "It does. I meant what I said earlier in the evening."

She pouted and tugged at his tie as she began to pull him up the steps until they reached her landing. She loosened her grip on his tie and instead reached to entwine their fingers as she led the way onto her floor and toward her apartment door.

He looked up as he read the number and reached to still her hand as she fumbled with the lock. He squeezed it gently and turned her to face him. "I'm going to be every bit the gentleman tonight, Alex. Next time, I promise you can persuade me by any means necessary."

He bent down, kissing her deeply as he pressed her into the wall outside her apartment. His hand moved down, cupping her bottom through her dress and squeezed playfully. He let the kiss break naturally as they both stood there with slightly labored breaths.

"Next time better not be too long, Bobby." She moved up on her tip toes and nuzzled her nose against his before peppering his lips with tiny kisses.

"I can promise you that it won't." He wasn't sure exactly how long he could resist her, so he knew he needed to be going soon. His hand moved from her bottom to her hip, squeezing it gently. "Tonight was absolutely perfect. Thank you, Alex."

She made a slight whimper as their lips touched one last time as she watched him pull away and move toward the way they had just come. "Call me when you get home. Please?"

"I promise. The very minute I open my door." He gave a slight wave before he disappeared through the stairwell door once she'd had her door unlocked and open. They slipped through at the same time.

Bobby smiled as she answered on the second ring. "Honey, I'm home." He closed his door behind him, locking it for the night. He clutched the phone a little tighter as she gave a slight, sleepy yawn.

"Mmm. Good." She shifted in the bed, trying to get comfortable so she could snuggle down and get some sleep. And hopefully, she would dream of him.

"How about I come by in the morning and cook you brunch? I can get all your favorites: eggs, French toast, and bacon." He slipped out of his jacket then his shoes and tie quickly followed.

"How about breakfast instead? Nine o'clock?" Her eyes were slowly closing as her mind had already started thinking up ways to take him up on his offer only an hour before about persuading him under any means necessary.

"I'll be there." He clutched his phone slightly tighter as he felt the conversation drifting to a close. "Sweet dreams, Alex."

"Sweet dreams, Bobby."

/the end