Here it is, the last chapter of Remember When!


The only sound that filled her ears was the pounding of her own heart. His face drained of all color as they stood there. Time seemed to be moving at a glacial pace. His face gave no indication of what he was feeling.

"Damon," her voice cracked as she whispered his name. His eyes seemed to focus a little more hearing her voice, "Say something, please."

"Are you sure?" He asked quietly, still slightly dazed from her revelation.

All she could do was nod with teary eyes and a quivering chin. She was hoping for any reaction at all. Maybe he would yell, or scream, anything. Anything other than his blank face. All she wanted was to hear his voice, to know exactly where he stood.

"I know I caught you off guard, but I wasn't going to make my same mistake twice. You deserved to know," she explained quietly. He raised his hand and gently cupped the side of her face.

"It's ok," he whispered softly, his thumb running over the smooth skin of her cheek.

"You're not mad," she asked thickly, her tears still threatening to run down her face.

His eyes were soft as he shook his head, "No, I'm not mad."

Relief flooded through her so strongly, she almost collapsed from it. Her tears broke free, but they were no longer tears of fear. They were tears of relief.

"Elena," he whispered her name. Her gaze flicked up to his and she saw his eyes shining with unshed tears, "Please don't push me away. I want to be with you. I know I made a mistake, I've made a lot of mistakes, but I don't want to miss this. I meant it this morning when I said I wanted to be with you and I mean it even more so now."

"Damon," she cried his name. It was supposed to be a warning, a rebuttal, but it came out as a plea.

"I will work every single day for the rest of our lives proving to you that I mean that, Elena," Damon said passionately, his eyes showed her that he meant every word.

"I believe you," her voice broke as a new wave of tears hit her. Happy tears.

His hand slipped around the back of her neck to pull her lips into his. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the feel of his lips on hers. Suddenly the world clicked into place and she knew without a doubt that she'd be happy.

Her arms wrapped around his waist to pull him closer and his other hand wound its way into her hair. His lips nudged hers open and he tilted her head so he could deepen the kiss.

She was so lost in him that she almost didn't notice when he pulled away. Her lips immediately missed the contact and her eyes flew open to figure out why he pulled away. His hands stilled in her hair and slid down her back to her hips. His eyes were intent on her stomach. They glanced up into her eyes before gazing back at her flat tummy. His hands moved from her hips and settled on the smooth surface of her stomach.

Tears welled up in her eyes once more as she realized this was the moment she was robbed of so many years ago. This was the moment she finally got a second chance to relive. This was the moment she thought she'd never see again. This was the moment she'd spent five years dreaming about.

"You're having a baby," he said, wonder coloring his voice.

Her chin quivered at the love in his eyes when he spoke.

"I'm having a baby," she repeated in a shaky whisper.

"There's a baby in there," he said, his eyes still lit up, "My baby is in there."

The combination of hearing him call the baby his and seeing the tears he was desperately holding back finally break free did her in. A triumphant smile and steady tears covered her face as her fingers moved to intertwine with his over her stomach.

His eyes finally left her stomach and bore intensely into hers. His cerulean eyes were swimming with tears and emotion. She faintly wondered if she was in a dream. It all seemed so perfect. It wasn't a dream, this was the moment she'd been fighting for. Suddenly all the pain of the past few weeks, even the past years, was worth it.

"I love you," he said quietly, but his voice rang with strength.

She untangled one of her hands from his to cup his cheek, "I love you, too."

He wrapped his hands around the small of her back to pull her close and press his lips against hers. The kiss was deep and full of passion and love. It was perfection.

She pulled away after a few short moments to open her front door and pull Damon inside with her. She never broke eye contact with him as she led him up her stairs. On the top landing he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her to his body. She automatically wrapped her legs around his middle as he carried her the rest of the way to the bedroom.

Their clothes were shed quickly and when there was nothing separating them, he connected them in the most intimate way. They whispered words of love and each other's names into the others skin as he moved above her. She met his every move with as much passion as she could muster. His hands cupped her face as he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly against hers. The more they moved, the tighter they clung to one another until they were both thrown over the edge and into the blissful darkness. Her legs wrapped around his waist to hold him on top of her as they both caught their breath.

He rolled them over so he could tuck her in the crook of his arm and listened as her breathing evened and she fell asleep.

She woke up a while later because she could no longer feel the warmth of Damon next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was right, he was gone. She gingerly got out of bed and wrapped herself in her robe. She padded across the soft carpet and peeked into her hallway. With one glance in the hallway she knew exactly where he was.

She quietly opened the door to the dimly lit nursery. He was standing over the crib in his boxers with his back to her. She stood in the doorway just watching him. She admired the way his muscles flexed and relaxed in the dim light. She finally tore her gaze from Damon's bare back and took a long look around the small room. For the first time the room didn't feel like it was suffocating or that the walls were closing in. For once, being in that room felt right.

As if he sensed her presence, he turned to face her. She could see the conflict in his eyes. In the silence she crossed the room, tangled her hand in his, and looked down at the empty crib. The crib that never got to see the child that it was meant for.

"I wish I got to meet her," his quiet voice broke through the stillness of the room.

"Me too," she replied after taking a deep breath.

"Do you feel like the universe has given us a second chance?" He asked, his voice shaking a little.

"Ya, I do," she answered quietly.

"We'll get it right this time," he whispered, giving her hand a squeeze.

"Ya, we will."

"For the first time," the MC's voice rang through the speakers, "I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore!"

Damon and Elena came through the doors of the ballroom hand in hand to a cheering audience. They weaved through the smiling faces and right onto the dance floor for their first official dance as husband and wife.

"How are you enjoying your first day as Mrs. Salvatore?" Damon asked, his lips next to her ear and his warm breath leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"I'm loving it, Mr. Salvatore," she giggle back.

They gracefully spun around the floor until the song ended and Elena felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Stefan smiling at her. She immediately went into his arms as the next song came on over the speakers.

"You look awful happy," Elena smiled at him. He tried to hide a smile, but failed miserably.

"I am happy. My brother just married his soul mate and-"

"And you have the glow of an expecting parent," Elena finished for him, her smile growing wider.

"I should've never given Damon all that crap about being too giddy for his own good," Stefan laughed. They both glanced over to a very pregnant Caroline who was chatting the ear off of whoever would listen.

"Someone else wanted to dance with you," she turned when she heard Damon's voice behind her. She turned to see her husband with his shining blue eyes holding their baby girl.

"Hi my baby Brynn," Elena cooed as she lifted the baby girl out of her father's arms. She started swaying to the music as Damon wrapped his arms around the both of them and settled his hands on Elena's waist.

The little family swayed to the music until the MC announced it was time for dinner. Bonnie came up to Elena to take Brynn from her. Everyone in the room was served their dinner and ate with happy chatter filling the room.

A tinkling sound hushed the small crowd of people as Stefan stood up with a microphone in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.

"Hello everyone," Stefan started as everyone quieted down, "Most of you know me, but for those that do not, I'm Stefan, Damon's favorite little brother."

"You're my only little brother," Damon called out, "You win by default!"

The room filled with laughter at the brothers' antics and Stefan waited for them to quiet before he continued.

"As I was saying," he shot a pointed look at Damon, "Damon is my big brother and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He has been there for me through so many ups and downs in our lifetime that I don't think I could ever repay him. Everyone in here knows that story of Damon and Elena and know that they went through so much to get to where they are now. I'm so glad I can finally say that the journey was worth it. Elena, you are the sister I always wanted. I love you like you were already a part of my family. Not to mention you gave me the cutest niece a guy could ask for. Here's to Damon and Elena."

Stefan finished his toast raising his hand in the air while everyone in the room mimicked his actions and drank from their glasses.

Bonnie stood and handed Brynn off to Caroline before taking the microphone from Stefan.

"Elena and I have been friends for our whole lives," Bonnie started, "We met in the sandbox, both got picked on in middle school, gossiped about boys through high school, and stood by each other all through college. Elena was the one who was there for me my whole life. She stood up to bullies that pulled my hair and she was my shoulder to cry on when I got dumped for the first time. We have been through a lot of heavy moments in our short lives, but our friendship always weathered the storm, even got stronger because of it. Elena doesn't do anything halfway, school, work, love. She does them all with one hundred percent dedication and only when something is worth it will she commit to it. That is how I knew Damon was a man that deserved Elena because she'd never marry him if he wasn't. To Elena and Damon, may they live a long and happy life together."

The crowd raised their glasses once more and took another drink of the champagne before the band started playing and the dance floor opened up. Damon spent most of the time dancing with his baby girl, twirling around on the floor and watching her laugh. Elena watched from the corner of the dance floor and tears stung her eyes at how his eyes lit up every time he looked at their daughter. Her heart swelled at the love in their tiny family.

The last song of the evening came on and Damon approached Elena with Brynn in his arms. They danced just as they did earlier and Elena had never felt happier.

"I'm going to miss her so much," she said to Damon.

"We're only going to be gone three days," Damon chuckled at her sad expression.

"I know, but this is the first time she'll be without both of us for more than a night," she sighed, giving her baby a kiss on her head.

"She'll be fine, she's got Bonnie and Stefan and Caroline sharing her for the next three days. She'll be spoiled to no end," Damon laughed, brushing a hand over Brynn's head before leaning over her and placing a kiss on Elena's lips.

"I love you," she whispered against his lips.

"I love you so much, both of you," Damon said emotionally and she could see his eyes shining with tears.

In that moment she knew that they'd be happy for the rest of their lives.

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