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That Cute, Clumsy Girl

Part 1 Here Come Prince Charming




Lars Alexandersson was hurriedly walking along the school corridor with bunch of Valentine chocolates in his hands when he saw a girl crying in a lonely, dark classroom. He couldn't see the girl's face, but he was quite sure that the chocolate box near that girl looked lovely, wrapped in red sparkling paper gift. What a silly girl, he thought. Perhaps that girl couldn't give that present to her beloved one.

He tried his best to ignore that girl, kept walking toward the exit. That girl is crying alone… why is she crying? What she has in her mind? In the end, he failed ignoring her. He couldn't bear looking at desperate girl like that. His mother raised him with good values, teaching him to care and help others. Lars turned around and returned to that class. She was still there, all crying. He moved closer to the class door, asking her. "Are you okay?"

The fragile girl still cried, screaming, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Lars was offended by that harsh remark. He smiled tensely. "Easy, I'm going… by the way, be careful. It's rather dark and dangerous for a girl staying in the class alone…"


Lars signed. He was fully aware that girl was having love frustration. Come on, chocolate box, tearful eyes, crying alone? She was having love problem indeed. Therefore, Lars just moved away, secretly hoping that girl could find her happiness, somehow, somewhere.




Lars Alexandersson had just moved to Japan several months ago due to several conditions. He was a popular, nice person so he had no problems into adapting to his new circumstances. He would greet everyone first, asking their days and smiling in whatever situation. He would always give his help whenever the condition called.

"Lars, please give me some money, my grandma is dying in hospital, but I couldn't pay her bills."

"Next time ask government, you moron. Okay class, I need donation here, would you like to…"

In no time, Lars gathered enough money to pay the hospital bills. He nodded happily when his random friend hugged him, telling him how lucky he was to have Lars as his friend.

Lars also possessed that handsome look. His face swoon every girl's heart. His nice and warm smile always attracted those teenage girls, middle-aged women, and even elderly.

"Damn, I have no money left." Lars cursed his empty wallet. His mother usually sent him money by the end of month and that meant 15 days away. Lars was nothing but poor, broken down kid at that moment. Suddenly he got an idea. "Why, I never think that way."

With the help of his roommate, Lars managed to sell his half-naked photos and gained large sum of money. His fans bought his entire photos wholeheartedly.

"He looks like god fallen from the sky!"

"No, how dare your impudent mouth speaking about my lover like that!"

"He's mine!"

That's right guys, he successfully sold out his pictures. Moreover, his scores were always exceptionally awesome. Well, he had kind of twisted personality that couldn't allow himself to see under A grade in his papers.

"Blast you Swedish freak! You've got another A!" Bob told him, pressing his fat body over Lars. "Come on, tell me how you could achieve that score."

"Perhaps sleeping with the teacher?" Lars answered, chuckling. He was going to put that paper into his perfect A-grades-box, which his mother gave him when he was ten years old. That would make 200 papers, great hit, Lars.

"Fucking asshole, I'm no kidding, you rat! Next paper I got under 60 my mother will rip me alive."

"Spare those fat chicken wings. Eat your books, Bobbie."

"Gezeee, Lars!" Bob begged him with his not-so-cute puppy eyes. Robert Richard, so called Bob, was his best friend since Tougou left Mishima High School for taking care of his sick father. "You are my only hope!"

"Fine, fine…" Lars waved his hand. "I'll help."

In short, Lars was a very ideal boyfriend material. Yet, no girl could capture his heart.

"It's not too good, Lars. You can't keep helping Fat Bobbie," Miharu Haruno spoke. "Crap, I left my notebook in Xiaoyu's class. I think I should take it before Mr. Lei's class begins."

Lars raised his eyebrows when he unexpectedly saw a Chinese girl entered their class from the door, holding a notebook within her hand. Her smile radiated like sunshine. Her bright eyes gleamed before him. He could feel his chest beating so hard it felt like exploding in any minutes. That was funny. He could even imagine garden of roses behind her. Man, why he hadn't checked that one.

"How could you leave this one in my class?" Ling Xiaoyu protested. She slammed the book on Miharu's table. "Lili thinks I could get high scores because of you always backing me up!"

"I'm always backing you up, Xiao," Miharu gave an assuring smile. In second, her expression changed into a sly one. "Ah, just finished watching him today from that special place?"

Xiaoyu blushed. She was so speechless she looked very funny. She stuttered, "bell… bell rings. I have to go… yeah, ehm …see you after school!"

The pig-tailed girl hurriedly walked toward the door, and then disappeared. Lars was awed. He turned his head to Miharu, who was pulling out her math book from her bag. Her books were so disorganized she would hardly take which one which. Lars sighed deeply and heavily looking at that thing.

"She's your friend, huh?" Lars asked Miharu. "She's cute."

"She is. Don't waste your time, Lars. Her heart is stolen," Miharu mentioned the fact blatantly. She hated when some random boys asked her many things about her best friend Xiaoyu. Sadly, that happened many times.

"He's a lucky guy. Do I know him?" Lars opened his textbook carefully.

Miharu stared at Lars. Somehow, she felt that Lars was much better than that cold Kazama. The problem was, she didn't dare betraying Xiaoyu. No, she wouldn't do that, never.

"Come on, she wouldn't kill you by telling me her boyfriend's name."

"No, he's not her boyfriend."

"Bedmate?" Lars smirked, biting his lips. "What a waste."

"Jin Kazama."

Those two words worked better than any words might do. Everyone in Mishima High knew who Jin Kazama was. He was a cold, bitter sociopath who disliked talking with people. He was hard to talk with. He always stayed quiet in the class. Despite of his dark demeanor, his position as Mishima heir made everyone respected him. Ah, that beauty fell in love with Jin Kazama…

Wait a second. Jin Kazama had no girlfriend. Jin Kazama had no love interest too.

Jin Kazama… well, some rumors said he was somewhat gay with certain redhead Korean stalker. Some said he developed romantic feeling toward cold, sexy English teacher. He also heard that Jin person fell in love with his own huge-breasted cousin. Whichever the rumors, he couldn't care less. Du är jätteljuvlig, you are cute. I will find out a way to reach your heart, cute girl.




Ling Xiaoyu was watching Jin from the rooftop, again. She usually spent her lunchtime there, watching Jin from safe range. Jin always ate his lunch in the class, and he looked perfectly handsome from that angle. Sheesh, Jin was always adorable.

"Today he eats fried shrimps, rice, and those tuna sushi." Xiaoyu wrote in her Jin-eating-list book. She had collected five books so far. She knew Jin's favorite food. She knew how he hated onigiri. She knew everything about his eating habits. She giggled happily, "I hope one day I can cook you something, Jin."

Since the first time she laid her eyes on Jin Kazama in Mishima Mansion, she fell in love instantly with him. Jin was in his last year; meanwhile she had just entered the school. Therefore, they were separated in different building. Third year students were placed in North building, but first year students got West building. The only way to look at him was only climbing the rooftop and watching him afar. Pathetic, yes, but Xiaoyu didn't care.

"You are good stalker, cute girl," came deep voice from her back. The boy was tall and well shaped. He had sandy hair on his head, sweet looking smile, and those annoying eyes. He kept staring at her with those annoying dark eyes. "My name is Lars, Lars Alexandersson."

Xiaoyu refused to answer, but Lars stepped closer and held her hand. Xiaoyu sighed heavily, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to know you or give my name."

"You don't have to. Everyone knew who you are, Ling Xiaoyu. You are quite popular between boys, you know." Lars threw his smile. He turned his head around, observing that place. He noticed something that was quite interesting in that place. That's why she always spent time there, he acknowledged. "Oh, you are cleverer than your look. You obviously could see Jin Kazama from this place. He just finished his lunch, huh?"

"What do you want?"

"That's very nice of you asking me that. Actually, I want to make you my girlfriend."

Xiaoyu dropped her jaw. She was stunned, couldn't move a muscle as if thousand volts of electricity had rushed over her body. What did he say?

"What are you saying? You're crazy!" Xiaoyu stood, taking her lunch box with her. "I'm out of here!"

"Tomorrow, same place same time, okay?" Lars shouted cheerfully at her. He knew that girl would come. He just knew it.




From that day, Lars followed Xiaoyu wherever she went. He showed in places she would appear. First, he visited her class. Xiaoyu was so angry and pushed him out, throwing him out the window, literally. Lars was there in the rooftop. He disturbed Xiaoyu and teased her about the Jin-eating-list book. He even showed up in the restaurant where she was working as part time waitress.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Xiaoyu burst out, yelling from the top of her lungs. She despised the way Lars showed his affections to her. That day he showed up in the restaurant again, 10 days in a row. Even some costumers addressed that freak blond-haired boy as her boyfriend. That was really bothersome. "Stay out of me, will you?"

Lars laughed. He enjoyed teasing her. "This is public place, Xiao-chan. I can go anytime I pleased. Ah, have I told you that you look cute with that yellow kimono?"

Lars personally called her Xiao-chan. Xiaoyu despised the name, but Lars kept calling her that way. Guess what? Lars was far too stubborn to be stopped.

"Come on, Xiao-chan…" Lars took her hand and pushed her into his arms. He was so strong. Xiaoyu tried her best to release herself from his embrace but she failed. He spoke softly to her, "how about going into Mishima Cinema this weekend?"

"Let me go, you freak…" Xiaoyu struggled to go. She didn't want her manager giving her that red notice because of insulting costumers. "Lars, let me go…"

"I won't release you if you didn't say yes."

"You… how could you…" Xiaoyu stared at him angrily. The other costumers laughed at them. They thought that was lovers fighting scene, so they let them be.

"Do you want to go or not? Otherwise, I'll stay here until you finish your shift and follow you all day. And the next day, the day after tomorrow…"

That idea made Xiaoyu scared. Of course, who liked the idea of having crazy stalker like Lars? Although she was another stalker—Jin's stalker for months—but still, being tailed by that crazy psycho was creepy thing. Lars is so annoying. How if suddenly Jin came and found out about him? Oh, Jin would think that I had betrayed him… I knew we are not even in a relationship, but… oh my God… don't you ever think about that, Xiaoyu. Never think that way…


However, things seemed working against Xiaoyu. That night Jin Kazama appeared in the restaurant in his dark outfit. That restaurant was close from Mishima Dormitory, place where Jin lived since he had moved out from Mishima Mansion. The food was good and cooked with professional skill, especially since Chef Ganryu joined last year. The traditional Japanese decoration with bamboo ornaments was superb. Well, actually the main reason why Xiaoyu worked in that place was she knew Jin sometimes had his dinner there.

Xiaoyu was so surprised to see Jin. She quickly stomped Lars's foot. "Let me go!"

Lars released Xiaoyu, yelling as gentle as he could. Screaming to girls didn't fit his personalities. "What are you doing, Xiao-chan?"

Xiaoyu quickly stepped back, making sure Lars was away from her. Lars chuckled seeing her response. Then he realized the reason why Xiaoyu acted like brutal girl. He noted Jin entering the place. Ah, that man is the reason why Xiao-chan is working here. Harder obstacles, better prize, Jin Kazama. You will see who the winner would be.

Jin quietly sat near the windows, place where he usually sat every time he went there. Xiaoyu smiled when she saw Jin noted her, and she absolutely hated watching Lars moved and sat in Jin's table, greeted him. What that freak will do to Jin?

"Hi, think I know you," Lars spoke friendly. "My name is Lars, Lars Alexandersson."

Jin stared at Lars with his dark eyes. He had seen him many times lately, the popular nice guy. His classmates, especially the girls often talked about him, cute freshman in the school.

"Mind if I joined you?"

Jin's voice was cold and bitter when he finally spoke. "Find another place. I don't like sharing table."

"Funny, I think Xiao-chan works here because she wants to see you. Do you like her?" Lars asked without preamble, as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

Jin breathed a sigh of desperation. He rolled his eyes.

"If you didn't, can I have her?"

Lars could sense Jin reacted to his question. The young man in front of him didn't say anything. He didn't even looked at him. Yet he could felt Jin's hatred. That was sign of jealousy.

"Well…" Lars smiled. "If you refuse to answer…"

"What are you on?" Jin's tone was rather sarcastic and grim. He waved his hand, "I want the menu, please."

Xiaoyu came with the menu. Her face was so red when she handed it to Jin and Lars. "What would you like to order, sir?"

"Speak of the devil… can you give me green tea, Xiao-chan?" Lars smiled to her, saying, "give me this special sushi with salmon steak and lemon sauce."

"Yes, sir." Xiaoyu pouted her mouth, listing Lars' order. She gazed at Jin and asked nervously. "What's… uhm… what's your order?"

Jin put down the menu and stared at her. "My usual… with black coffee."

"Please wait 15 minutes," Xiaoyu said happily. Unexpectedly, she turned her body too fast, slipped near Jin's table.


That was quite a scene. Some costumers stopped their activities, looking for the waitress who had just fallen head over heels near the corner.

"Oh, my god…"

"Is she all right?"

Xiaoyu was so ashamed to stand up. Her face flushed red. "Ughh…"

Jin sighed and… much to everyone's surprise, Jin signed and helped Xiaoyu to stand up. His face was no longer cold as he lifted Xiaoyu to his side. He seemed like a different person. Jin muttered, "clumsy girl."

Xiaoyu's face turned redder than before. She whispered softly beside Jin's ear. "Thank you…"


Lars watched them carefully. Actually, he intended to help Xiaoyu, but Jin rose first and completely blocked him. That was pathetic. He was the main hero in the story. He wouldn't let that Jin person took over his love interest. Xiaoyu hurriedly stood and nodded, bustling in the crowd to get Jin and Lars' menu. Lars had to do something good.

"Hmmm, so you have some interests in her, Kazama." Lars spoke blatantly. "It is funny to see how you react around her. I guess I hate taking your lover."

Jin raised his eyebrows arrogantly, "don't tell me you fell in love with her."

"She's completely cute."

The young man in front of him smirked. "All she has in her mind is me. You wouldn't stand a chance."

"How if I could make her my girlfriend?" Lars challenged him. He couldn't easily give up halfway, could he?

"Less than 30 days."

"You are welcome to try."

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