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That Cute, Clumsy Girl

Part 3 Decision of the Cute Princess




The bell rang twice when Xiaoyu finished packing the whole books, which started with alphabet C-H, inside the second floor of Mishima High School Library. She had voluntarily asked Mr. Lei whether she could help him or not with the current reconstruction within the books and Mr. Lei had agreed instantly toward her noble request. It was extremely rare to find good volunteer like Xiaoyu, he thought happily. Moreover, spending good time in the canteen with Miss. Julia might brighten his day.

"Have you finished struggling with those dusty stuffs?" came Miharu's light voice behind the gigantic shelf near the storage room. As expected from her best friend, Miharu accompanied Xiaoyu in that godforsaken part of library.

"As you can see, I've been arranging all books started from C." Xiaoyu replied flatly, placing some books to the top shelf. "I still need hours to finish all. Will you stop sitting on those books, Miharu?"

"I couldn't believe you asked Mr. Lei to be involved in this pathetic mess, Xiao." Miharu commented, slowly tapped her skirt, trying to clean the bottom part from dust. "Gosh, I guess I'm allergic to dust and these all books… achoo!"

"Actually you don't have to force yourself to come here with me. Besides, you've been sneezing…"


"Oh, that's awful! You'd better leave this place!"

Xiaoyu hurriedly pushed Miharu away from her. Her best friend had sneezed so many times that afternoon, and she didn't want Miharu to get serious problem with her allergy or whatsoever. Besides, all she needed was being alone for a while.

True, she needed to be alone.

"Are you sure you want me to leave you?" Miharu's red eyes stared at hers. Xiaoyu nodded, telling her that she would be fine. Besides, there was nothing to be afraid of. Miharu finally agreed to leave her. "Fine, then… see you tomorrow."

"Yes, see you too." Xiaoyu waved her hand and closed the door. Instead continuing her library task, the Chinese girl closed her eyes for a while and covered her face. God knew how stressful she was that day.

Since Lars kissed her—that happened less than 24 hours ago—Xiaoyu hardly focused on another thing, but him. The memory of Lars and his words always came into her head, torturing her. Even worse, she still remembered what their kisses felt like, the passionate sensations she had never experienced before. That was terrible. She was a traitor. She had betrayed her Jin.

Xiaoyu had vowed that she would only love Jin, and she would give her everything for him. She had saved her virginity lips for a long time, hoping Jin would… perhaps he would—who knows?—kiss her. Yet, Lars had stolen her first kiss.

"Oh… if only I could turn time…" Xiaoyu signed desperately. "Stupid me, I shouldn't let my guard down! Why should he!"

"What should he what?" Hwoarang entered the door, looking so dashingly charming in his uniform. He narrowed his eyes as he laid his eyes on Xiaoyu. "You seem very busy, babe."

"Stop babe-ing me, Hwo." Xiaoyu pouted her mouth. "What are you doing here?"

"Fuck you, Xiao. I've been looking for you whole afternoon and all I get is this sullen reaction?" he stopped talking and stared into her eyes. His eyes were deep and mesmerizing.

"Sorry…" Xiaoyu answered, avoiding his eyes. "I don't feel like meeting anyone today and…"

"I miss you like crazy, babe. And I knew you've been thinking of me just the same."

"Will you cut that nonsense?" Xiaoyu blushed red as Hwoarang told her how he missed her. He had just returned from Korea for some family business. Some said that his mother had been sick, and some said his teacher had given him special training there. Truthfully, she had no ideas. "Why don't you go and see Jin? I believe you miss him more than me."

"Like I'm fucking gay or what," Hwoarang released a cheerful laugh. "Talking about Kazama, I haven't seen you spending time in the rooftop again with your binoculars. Finally manage to forget him?"

"Oh, shut up!" Xiaoyu gave a small punch on his shoulder. "You're so annoying!"

"Mind taking a little tour with me tonight, babe?" Hwoarang continued, wrapped Xiaoyu's waist with his strong arms. Xiaoyu pushed him away, but he didn't release her. There was no use of resisting him, Xiaoyu told herself.

"I never take no as an answer."

Xiaoyu couldn't help smiling. "You won."

"I knew it." Hwoarang smiled wider than she did, then he backed few steps, releasing her. "Well, I have no reason to disturb your romance with books here. I'll pick you up later."

Xiaoyu nodded. Sometimes Hwoarang asked her to go out together, but she wasn't sure those could be counted as date or else. They only spent time talking, discussing, and fighting, literally. They spent most wonderful time. Hwo was such a good friend.

"Do something with your lips. They look awful."

Fine, Hwoarang was such a good friend with annoying remarks. Yet, he made her feel much better. He really did. Smiling broadly, Xiaoyu continued with her current task. Reading was one of her hobbies, and taking care of them could be very entertaining. She developed some interests in machine and rides, and probably she would pick engineering as her major in university.

Xiaoyu didn't notice that there was someone else behind her, watching her closely as she placing the books on the shelf. Some of them were too heavy, and she almost lost her balance when she tried to put one on the top of the big shelf.

"Watch out!"

Fortunately, such strong hands supported her, catching her on time. She was saved, Xiaoyu thought happily. She was so damned lucky. Yet, as she saw her savior, she felt like falling down was much better option. Her face was red when she talked to him.

"Are you okay?"

"Get out!" Xiaoyu stormed angrily. "Leave me alone!"

Lars Alexandersson smirked, "I believe you should thank me instead yelling like mad woman. You know, you're quite popular, seeing that redhead run all over the place looking for you."

"I said leave me alone!"

"How long has he known you?"

His voice was full of jealousy when he spoke. Xiaoyu hardly believed Lars' reaction. Why should he care so much about boys around her? Besides, who was he to question her friends?

"I don't care whatever you say. Please, stay away of me." Xiaoyu's voice was trembled, half-angry, and half-nervous. She backed, avoiding him. "Please leave me alone."

"Xiao-chan, I want to…"


"I can't… I've fallen in love with you." Lars said in pitiful tone, almost whispered. Xiaoyu didn't say nor do anything. Then, he walked through the door, closing it. Lars huffed deeply. I've fallen in love with you…




Lars stared at his papers blankly. He sighed, thinking about his problems. He had never felt that way, so miserable just because one single girl. Yeah, Ling Xiaoyu wasn't just a girl, she was so intriguing and so cute. Lars had faced so many girls in his wonderful life. They were all pretty and smart, but they lacked something, something like true love spirit.

He had seen it the first time they met. He remembered that all right, the time when his heart stopped beating when he saw her. Smile appeared on his handsome face. Of course, who would easily give up just because that accidental, forceful kiss?

He would steal her heart even before she realized it. There was something in his blood—something that made him persistence to keep fighting with every obstacle he faced—the will of winning. Perhaps it was coming from his father side, even though her mother had never talked about that.

Speaking about his father, Lars acknowledged that his mother had sent him to Japan for that reason. His father had to be Japanese or so. He had found some clues back then, in their big mansion in Sweden. Ah, why bother thinking about father? How to make Xiaoyu think I am not what she thinks about me?

"Perfect scores again?" Bob checked out papers in Lars' hands. "You're lucky bastard!"

Lars gave no response. He was far to concern about his next plan in conquering Xiaoyu's heart. Damn, she hates me more than anything does right now.

"Hey, why you keep silence?"

"It has nothing to do with you. You'll never understand it." Lars replied nonchalantly. He slowly put his perfect A scores inside his box. "There are several circumstances where you can't involve yourself with."

"You're falling in love, aren't you?" Bob laughed, and then he pointed Lars' swollen lips. "What a wild kiss you had. She bit you there?"

Lars almost choked to death when Bob said so. His face was so red, burning, and flaming like fire. He hardly said anything. Why on earth Bob could guess so perfectly?

"You face revealed everything, my friend." Bob continued, mimicking professional fortuneteller on TV. "Who's the lucky girl?"

"Well actually…" Lars placed his face between his hands. Hopefully, Bobbie was the right person to talk with even thought he wasn't quite sure. "She's not my girl and she's in love with someone else."

"Have you made love with her?"

"Huh?" Lars dropped his jaw on the floor. "Did you miss something, Bobbie?"

"Have you prepared condoms or what? If you don't have one, I have cherry flavor for you. Actually, blackcurrant tastes a lot better. For beginners, enjoyable position means pleasure. Woman on top is the best, but for man with your size, risky enough, Lars. "

"Two words, Bob. Fuck off." Lars had never looked as irritated as he was right now. He closed his eyes for a moment. Talking with that crazy birdbrain was useless. He spent his time for big nothing.

Everything would be all right, Lars. Everything would be all right.

Miharu entered the classroom with Shin Kamiya followed behind her. Lars raised his brows when he saw two of them. Shin Kamiya was Miharu's boyfriend. He was also Jin's classmate. Having raven hair, sharp eyes, and nice personality, Shin was one of popular students in Mishima High.

"Oh, Shin... I'm so confused…"

"I understand that very well, honey." Shin answered, giving his calm smile. "But, it's not your fault anyway."

Lars intentionally walked pass two of them, then stopped nearby, sitting next to Dragunov. Dragunov was his classmate. He was quite mysterious, that Russian. He almost never spoke with anyone, even teachers and always sat alone until that day.

"Hey, nice day, huh?" Lars forced a smile. Dragunov stared at him. His eyes were cold like ice in Arctic. They were damned freezing. Lars bit his lips in despair.

"Xiaoyu keeps spending time in library these days." Miharu explained. "It's completely awkward. She is like… she hides something from me, I knew it. You know, the best thing is she's with Hwoarang right now, and she stops seeing Kazama."

That redhead bastard, he dares teasing Xiao-chan while I'm gone? Lars clenched his fists furiously. Dragunov was still looking at him with uncertain kind of emotion. Lars hummed a bit and finally asked him again. "Say, do you like playing game?"

Dragunov didn't say anything, like usual. Lars rolled his eyes dreadfully. That was rather bothersome. Hell, he had no choice, right?

"You said you hate Hwoarang, what's with that sudden heart changing?"

"No, I still hate him. I always think that he's rotten bastard, always calling me little fucker wherever I am… stop laughing, Shin… God, you're asshole!" Miharu laughed when Shin teased her. "Still, he's much better than Kazama. I wish Xiao could find better man with sweet personality, who cares her with all his heart…"

Lars smiled, moved to his seat, waving Dragunov goodbye.

"Too bad, I like playing games."




Xiaoyu had packed all of the books in the right place for the whole three days in a row and she was very proud with her works. It was lonely and gloomy for cheerful girl like her spending time in library, but well, it was the best choice. She had cleaned all of her thoughts from Lars, finally.

The cute girl pouted her mouth, realized she had been avoiding Jin just the same. She really missed him, the sight of his perfect straight hair and cold face she adored so much. Oh, how awful… she had missed writing in Jin-eating-list book for three days!

Perhaps Jin had eaten another stupid less nutritious bento, or yakisoba. Maybe Jin had ordered another menu? Xiaoyu shrugged her shoulders, decided that she would never ever miss Jin's eating time anymore.

"Jin Kazama, what are you eating… what are you thinking? What are you…"

Xiaoyu stopped singing. She hardly believed her eyes. It was clearly impossible. It was dream. She was dreaming. Yes, she had to be dreaming. Jin couldn't be standing in front of her, right?

Jin Kazama gazed at Xiaoyu with his deep, black eyes. Then, he slowly smiled, a cute one, making Xiaoyu's heart filled with unexpected happiness. That was so unbelievable to see Jin Kazama personally came to the second floor of dusty library.

"You just sang… a song of me?" Jin said. "What kind of song was that?"

"Uhmm, that's was stupid song! A very stupid one! You shouldn't… you shouldn't hear it! It will only poison your ears, making you sick, vomit or whatsoever!"

"I like it, your stupid song."


Xiaoyu was so nervous she thought she would collapse anytime. What just he said to her? Did he say he liked her song, the song she created just for him? Wait, he mentioned that song was stupid? Did he feel that I am stupid too…?

Jin stepped forward, coming to her. Xiaoyu had never been that nervous since she was appointed as class rep in her first year in Mishima High, but who wouldn't when a very handsome, charming young man she had been in love with coming straight to her?

"Uhmm, Jin…"

Xiaoyu looked tense when Jin was so close to her. She could smell his body, light and bold. His eyes were so much different with other boys. They could tore her soul, driving it madly. Xiaoyu was about to faint when Jin wrapped her body and drew her to him.

"You want to know what food I ate this afternoon?" Jin spoke so soft into Xiaoyu's ears. Xiaoyu instantly nodded without thinking. She saw Jin released another smile, and she smiled back at him.

Jin held Xiaoyu closer in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her on the lips.

Jin's lips were so soft and sweet. The way he slowly sucked her lips, then kissed her deeper was so rough, as if he had never kissed anyone before. Still, the sweetness and delicacy feeling wrapped her like strawberry cupcake. In fact, that was the sweetest taste ever.

"Strawberry cupcake," he whispered, his lips still touching hers. Jin leaned closer, gently placing Xiaoyu on his lap as her knees grew weaker. "Julia's birthday, she forced everyone to eat her homemade cakes."

"Ohh…" Xiaoyu impulsively moved closer and replied his kisses. Her hands gripped him close, burying her fingers in his hair. Jin smiled naughtily, and kissed her again. Slowly they were sinking on the floor, kept touching each other with desire and unbearable lust. Jin's mouth was moving between her neck and face, kissing her passionately.

"I'm always fond of sweets…"




Jin held Xiaoyu's hand tightly, taking her to the parking place. Xiaoyu still hardly believed what had happened between them. It was dreamlike, walking together with her ultimate love, Jin Kazama. Moreover, he had just kissed her. He kissed her so full of passion. This was so crazy, so surreal.

All of the students in Mishima High were as shocked as Xiaoyu, actually. They couldn't stop staring at those two when they walked together, the cold icy prince of Mishima and that annoying looking girl? Who was she anyway?

"I'll take you home." Jin spoke, giving her a helmet. Xiaoyu was still in shocking mode when she received that helmet, precisely fitted to her. He leaned his big motor to the ground, asking Xiaoyu to join him. "I'm taking you home from now on." He added with flat tone. "Or wherever you wanted to go, just call me."

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