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A/N: This was in response to the prompt:
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, the answer is yes. oh yes.

(The Duncan/Methos aspect kind of fell by the wayside, not that it's incompatible with this, it's just not really addressed.)

The Answer is Yes

The answer is yes. Oh yes.

Methos is so old that the questions don't matter anymore. He's so old that his memory doesn't stretch back far enough to a time when they ever mattered.

Is he a killer? Is he a healer?

Sometimes the answers are sequential: He was a killer for this time period (yes, oh yes), he was a healer for that time period (yes, oh yes)

Is he a sinner? Is he a saint?

Other times, the answers are a matter of perspective: He sinned according to the Romans (yes, oh yes), he was a saint according to the Muslims (yes, oh yes).

Is he a defender? Is he an attacker?

Sometimes it shows him how confusing battles really are: He has preemptively attacked his enemies to defense his people (yes, oh yes) and he has lured his enemies into ambushes (yes, oh yes.)

Does the world change? Does the world stay the same?

Is it true? Is it false?

Questions about history, about philosophy, about people, don't come in easy yes/no dichotomies. They're always open-ended. And yet, so many people have asked Methos for a simple answer. Duncan is merely one of a thousand who have asked for a simple answer.

What is the meaning of The Game?

What is the meaning of Life?

The answer is yes.

Methos loves life. He has gone everywhere, seen everything, been everyone. When people ask him a question, the answer is yes, oh yes. When the world itself asks him a question, the answer is yes, oh yes.

Has he been...?

Has he done...?

Does he want...?

Oh yes.

Always and forever, yes.