Oct. 6th, 2001

California peered blearily through the smoke. "Radical, man." He breathed, gazing at the Channel Islands and Virgin Islands as if he had never seen them before. "Hey, when did you get here?"

Virgin Islands rolled her eyes. "Really, we've been here this whole time. You called us here."

Channel laughed hysterically at his older brother. "Omg, you are so wasted, man!"

"I don't even know what is going on, man. Like, who am I?" California asked, shaking his long blond hair out of his face. He was sitting on top of his skateboard wearing a tie dye shirt, black shorts and a black toboggan.

Channel was laughing so hard he was rolling on the floor. Virgin Islands stood up, and tossed her wavy brown hair with a pink blossom on the left side. "Really, you asked me to come all the way out here for this?"

"Haha, Alcatraz will really get mad if-" Channel began, thinking of his twin when suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Whoa, I have a visitor!" California exclaimed, trying to stand up as his skateboard began to roll underneath him.

"I got it." Virgin Islands said, as she was already almost at the door. She opened it to reveal a smug looking Utah wearing his hard hat. "It's Utah." She called back to the other two.

"Whoa, Utah, dude!" California said, finally getting to his feet.

Utah raised his eyebrows, pulling the hard hat off his head, then winked at the girl in front of him. "Hey, how about you and me later-"

"Let me think, um, no. And weren't you going out with Idaho?" Virgin Islands said, now even more irritated then she already was. "Since when did they let you out of the coal mines anyway?"

"Since I have amazing news!" Utah cried, pushing his way past her. "See if you can guess what incredible things I have to say?"

"Sweet, a guessing game! Radical, man, I love guessing games…." California said, stumbling forward and bumping into Channel. "Like, how many guesses do I get?"

"Tehe, he's gonna need a million." Channel giggled as his older brother looked as if he was going to give himself a brain aneurysm from thinking.

"Time's up, I'm going to tell you-" Utah began, when the door rang again.

"Whoa, how cool, I'm like so popular." California gushed as he tripped on his rug that looked like it was left from the '70s and face planted on the floor.

"Seriously?" Virgin Islands exclaimed, yanking open the door to reveal Nevada wearing his tailored suit and shuffling cards. "What!" she cried.

"So friendly." Nevada said in his oily voice. "I got bored at the casino, so I came here. Something…interesting is always happening at California's house." His eyes lazily drifted to the motionless state on the floor. Somehow, Nevada made you think of a 1930s gangster in one of those old movies. He even wore the hats they did.

"Utah, when did they let you out of the coal mines?" Nevada asked as he sat on one of California's many futons, never ceasing his card shuffling.

Utah growled, his face turning red. "There is more to my state than our coal mines!"

Nevada smirked, and turned his attention to the open door, through which Alcatraz stormed through. "What happened here?" he barked, taking in the area, especially his older brother with his face buried in that atrocious rug.

"Well, California was being California, Virgin Islands was getting moody, someone let Utah out of the mines, and Nevada got bored." Channel informed his twin.

"I swear!" Alcatraz growled, snatching the "cigarette" from California's hand, as it was burning a hole in the rug….not that he wouldn't mind it being burned. He began to mumble something about hauling his brother to jail, or something of the sort.

"ANYHOW!" Utah shouted, angry that no one wanted to listen to his story and their snide remarks about his state.

Everyone froze for a moment, looking at Utah as if he were mentally unstable. "Oh, do tell." Nevada said, in a mocking voice.

"My state has been chosen to hold the Winter Olympics in a few months!" Utah said, punching the air in excitement.

"Radical." California muttered from the floor, causing everyone to look down at him. As he didn't stir again, they looked back at Utah, still doing some sort of odd victory dance.

"Oh, so exciting I forgot to clap." Nevada said, standing, and putting his deck of cards in his pocket. He walked past the flustered state and winked at him.

"Oh yeah, America wants us at a meeting in DC on Monday." Utah said, shoving his hard hat angrily back on his head and shouldering Nevada on his way out.

"Dude, that blows." California said, sitting up and grabbing a bag of chips. "I'm totally starving."