Chapter 7


We ran to the woods in silence, anticipation and anxiety running high through our systems. Oh God, how am I supposed to face the Cullen's now? Now they'll really think that I was cheating on Edward, because I've only been gone for a couple of days and now I'm with Elijah. Oh yeah, I'm kinda screwed.

We finally arrived at the clearing and I could see that Elena , Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, and Damon were already there…perfect. Now all that's missing is Klaus and the Cullen's.

"Hi." I said rather coldly.

"Bella, what are you doing here with him?" Stefan asked, while in a protective stance in front of Elena.

"Oh didn't you hear, we're together now." Elijah replied coolly.

I heard Damon and Stefan growl. I guess they don't like me having the the upper hand.

"Is there a problem with that?" I asked. The only reply that I got was a cold glare from both of them, and a gasp from Elena. Aw the doppelganger is scared, how cute.

Suddenly I heard footsteps walking towards us. Oh great he's here.

"Oh looky here, the Salvatore siblings have reunited." I gave him a death glare.

"Or not." He said looking at me. " Why hello Isabella, it's been a while since I've seen you. Tell me, how is Edward."

I snarled at him. "Don't touch him."

"I wouldn't dream of it, Damon over here already took care of that for me."

I looked over at Damon who had a pissed off expression on his face, but when I looked into his eyes who were staring into mine, I saw the pain and guilt in them. Oh now he feels pain? Ha! He doesn't know what pain is! He was the one who ruined my relationship with Edward and the Cullen's , and then got Jasper to attack me, and then injected me with vervain! That's pain!

I was in a crouch ready to attack him, but before I could leap Elijah held me back, in a strong grip, that as I kept on struggling, was getting more impossible to get out of.

"Oh I see I've hit a touchy subject." Klaus remarked.

But before I could make a come back, I heard 4 sets of feet running towards us. That must be Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. Oh this should be good. I got out of Elijah's grip and took a step to my left. I didn't need the Cullen's to call me a whore. I snuck a peek at Elijah and saw the pain in his eyes.

Now don't get me wrong, I feel guilty, but I'll just have to deal with him later. I may sound like a bitch right now, but this is how it goes.

"Oh look it's that whore." Jasper sneered as he caught sight of me.

"Fucking everyone here, are you?"

"That wasn't creative Jasper. And as a matter of fact, I'm not. And I'm sure Damon can clear that up for you." I looked over at Damon with a death glare, I've heard mine are intense. He sighed and turned to look at Jasper.

"Uh listen Jasper, I lied. Bella is actually Stefan and I's sister. And she actually does love your brother and has never cheated on him."

Oh, I can't wait for that to sink in. I looked over at Edward who was alternating between staring at me in Damon in shock and anger.

Emmett was the first to recover, he ran over to me and gave me the biggest bear hug ever. If you were me, and that happened to you, wouldn't you tense up too? I mean there's this bear sized vampire running at you, and is really strong. I bet you'd pee yourself, just saying. I on the other hand pushed him off.

"No. You don't get to hug me, none of you do. The fact that you believed someone you didn't even know, who lied to you, and said that I was some whore, who was cheating on your brother, and who was lying to you the whole time, over me is just fucked up! I'm so done with all of you, and if I ever see you again, I promise that I'll kill you!"

Emmett stepped back and had a pained expression on his face, as did Edward.

"Wow, this is just like a novella." Klaus stated.

"Oh shut the fuck up Klaus!" I yelled.

"Bella…" Edward started.

"No Edward, I've made my decision, and I never want to see or hear from you all again. Leave. Now."

And one by one, all of the Cullen men left, they looked back at me, and ran off. But I knew I'd see the Cullen women soon enough. But with them gone, I finally had something else to worry about; Klaus.