Chapter 1

Running through the woods was the only time she felt a sense of freedom. she forgets for a moment that she was different, she has been living with Charlie and Renee since she was found as a baby. They were good to her treated as if she was their own. They knew she was different, but have always taught her to mask the attributes that made her different. The story they told people in town was that they had adopted her when she was born. Renee had found her crying in the woods behind Charlie's house, she was a couple of days old. She had no idea what happened to her, but she knew both her biological parents were dead. She was still confounded how she was aware of that fact but she was. Renee and Charlie's marriage was falling apart when they had found her; she gave them a reason to stay together but Renee was never meant for the ordinary. Renee was young at heart, she needed someone careless and young, but finding Bella and raising her had giving a new found love for the simplicity of the small town of Forks.

Since she was still half human nobody can really tell, the only factor that always made her stand out was her inhumanly beauty. Even by vampires standard she was exceptional, she has yet to know of the new family of vampires coming into town. There has been gossip all over town of the new family coming to Forks, it was the biggest event the small town has ever experienced. It was also unknown to her that her life was about to change.

She had an ordinary childhood there was the fact that she was smarter then other children, having a photographic memory, but the older she got the more her senses enhanced. Isabella became aware that her friends started to smell good to her in a way that terrified her. That first day it happened she decided to go for a run in the woods as she was running she caught the scent of a deer and it smelled even better to her then humans did. So she followed her instincts and before she even realized what she was doing, she had already snapped the deers neck and was drinking leisurely. She felt stronger and healthier then she had ever felt. That same evening she returned home from her run, she did not tell her parents what had happened, she was both ashamed and appalled of what she was. Even at age of ten Isabella knew what had happened in the woods could never be considered natural or normal.

Isabella did not even confide in her best friends Angela and Jacob. Jacob was a Quilette he did not go to the same school as her and Angela. Nevertheless Jacobs' parents and Isabella's' parents were best friends. It was when Isabella was thirteen that they got the call that Jacobs mom had got into a car accident, so her parents rushed to the hospital with Isabella. Upon arriving the doctor told them their was nothing they could do that the damages were too severe, she was on the brink of death and had only hours before her heart gave out if they were lucky.

Everyone was in turmoil, Billy her wise godfather and powerful leader was unrecognizable in his pain. Billy sat there as if he was made out of stone, Isabella was trying to reconcile her best friend who was a year older as he was crying. It was the first time she had seen Jacob cry he always seemed to allude an aura of a fearless leader even as a child.

By then everyone from La Push was there in the hospital to see the condition of the chief's wife and to pray for a steady recovery. As all hope was gone everyone who was dear and close to Lillian was going into her room to say their goodbyes. When Charlie and Renee started to rise to go to Lillian's room Isabella stood to go with them, they tried to persuade her to stay in the waiting room, but she was determined to say her goodbyes as well. Upon entering the room she could smell the blood and she could sense its weakness or maybe it was death she was able to sense. Regardless she sprinted to where Lillian lay and grabbed her hand. No one knew what happened but the machines started alot of noise both Billy and Charlie tried to get to her but they couldn't touch Isabella. Right as the nurses and doctors were approaching Isabella released her hand, and Lillian opened her eyes.

By the time the doctors entered the room Lillian was in a sitting position asking what happened, as Renee, Charlie, and Billy just stood there not able to comprehend what happened, they would look from Isabella to Lillian not knowing the answer. The doctors were baffled, it was declared a miracle, the only way to explain it because Lillian was in perfect health. Billy looked to his wife calling her name and touching her as if she was made of glass; terrified that Lillian will crumble as if she was a figment of his imagination.

Isabella had grew up listening to her god father tell her and Jacob the stories of the cold ones, but now it was time for Charlie and Renee to come clean about Isabella. As Charlie and Renee were telling Billy, Lillian, and Jacob, Isabella began crying there was so much shame and confusion. "I am not a hero, I'm a monster, I've done things Dad that I don't understand myself" she declared somberly with tears coming down her face. Her parents were befuddled they asked her why she would say such a thing, so she told them about what had happened when she was ten with the deer; how she still does it once a month because she begins to feel a burn in her throat if she stays longer then a month.

Billy at that moment gasped and could not comprehend what such a thing would mean because in that moment Billy recognized that his god daughter was far from being human. Sitting there in front of him with her white dress tears coming down her face she looked like an angel, but that was just it she was too beautiful, inhumanly beautiful. Billy told Jacob to go call Harry Clearwater and Quil Ateara Senior, the two people beside him that knew about the legends and they both loved his god daughter. Yet in the back of his mind there was the knowledge that one of her biological parents could be a cold one, but at that precise moment he did not want to acknowledge the idea of it. Because even though in the past his father had made a treaty with a group of vampires who only hunted animals, the truth of the matter is the very gene in their system existed to destroy vampires. They will always be their worst enemies and vampires will always be an abomination. The hatred between them ran deep they were mortal enemies, and vampires were soulless creatures. Even thinking about them made Billy angry, how could their little Bella be in any association with such monsters?

As they arrived the men settled to discuss the matter at hand the women took Isabella and left to Sue Clearwater's house, while Charlie demanded to stay since it regarded his daughter. As Charlie divulged the things Isabella can do and how she was different. it became apparent to conclude that Isabella was indeed hybrid, her biological parents must have consisted one vampire and the other must have been a human. It was the only conclusion they can come up with, and if they are right in their speculation do the Quilette rules apply to Isabella?

Jacob who was baffled at the moment became very angry, did they not realize that the girl they were discussing was his baby sister. It was appalling that they even needed to discuss this, Isabella has never harmed anyone. He loved Isabella she was his sister and best friend, as future leader of the tribe he stood in a manner that demanded attention. He might have been only fourteen, but Jacob was never normal Billy had always believed from when Jacob was young that the shape shifting gene was active. The four men in the room turned to look at Jacob as he spoke, " As heir leader of this tribe 'Isabella is one of us, a Quilette'"the tone in which he commanded left no room for argument.

A year later Jacob and Isabella were walking in the woods to a meadow Isabella keeps telling him she found, so he decided since he was sleeping over they would make a day out of it. They had ten sandwiches that were only Jacob's he consumed food like an animal Isabella often joked, and three for her. He loved her cooking so she made him all kind of sandwiches. They also packed drinks and junk food; an outside observer would think they were packing for a weakened instead of a couple of hours.

As they were getting closer to their destination Isabella stopped coming across an odd scent that caused her to be automatically on the defense as if they were in danger, but the odd thing was that it seemed Jacob could smell it too. Looking around making sure the creature was not still there she was so consumed with making sure it was safe, she failed to see Jacob shaking as if he was having a seizure.

Upon noticing Jacob she became terrified not knowing what to do, she went to hold him but he stopped her. He commanded her to keep space between them having an idea what was happening to him. All the sudden they heard a noise Isabella would have heard the creature coming had she not had her attention detained on her best friend, but all the sudden she saw a beautiful creature racing towards them and she could hear cloth ripping behind her. Before she could even try to defend herself a giant wolf leaped from behind her and met the creature head on.

It took her three six of a second to realize Jacob was the giant wolf, and for five seconds she stood there both in shock and disbelief before she sprinted into action to help her best friend. The creature physically looked human, yet when looking closely you can see the red eyes and how pale this creature was. What also surprised her, was it did not have a heart beat, the creature was fast but her and Jacob were able to keep up. Isabella at that moment as if the whole time her mind was gathering what was evidently laid before her eyes in slow motion, they were fighting a vampire. The vampire seemed confused, he was fighting what looked like a beautiful human girl, and a wolf in the middle of day. Maybe it was element of surprise that helped them to defeat the vampire, and defeat the vampire they did. From what Billy had told them they had to tear it apart and burn the pieces, so as Jacob continued tearing the vampire in pieces, Isabella started the fire.

Once they were done Isabella just sat there looking at her best friend in the form of a wolf, and going over everything that had happened; Isabella then collapsed. Jacob sat there for an hour trying to change back, but was finding the act to be very difficult.

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