Chapter 8

Carlisle POV:

The vote never happened because I did not foresee Edward's strong reaction. If this hybrid is really his mate, what does it mean for my sons future? I was hoping that she was a mere fascination to him but his mate. What are we to do when the Voltaire find out? This girl is not meant to even exist. I personally don't have any experience with them but this would put my family at risk.

Edward is my son and I cannot allow him to put himself in danger. It would destroy both Esme and I if anything were to occur to him. I know Edward is powerful but he doesn't usually exercise his power.

Alice has seen that he will be in school on Monday with this hybrid girl. She has even caught Edward getting intimate with this girl to the point that he did not hear her approach until she called his name. Alice relayed that Edward seemed bewitched by the girl and that she had scene a side of Edward that she has never witnessed before. He was gentle and loving towards the girl. Edward was not exactly cold but he never showed any emotion. He always seemed bored and his face appeared stoic majority of the time.

Alice portrayed the girls' physical attributes to the family. She has beautiful long hair, she has large eyes that are a mixture between brown and hazel, she has plump red lips, long lashes, a straight edge nose that made her look like she was painted, and seemed to always have a lot of color in her cheeks that made her glow. Alice seemed to be taken with her. She had both inhuman beauty and the human beauty.

The most important question lingered has my son found a mate with this hybrid. This was a factor I did not want to consider. Esme wanted to be happy for our son knowing how long he's struggled to find his mate. I couldn't help but worry about the safety of the family.

We were currently having a family meeting without Edward. Everyone seemed to have their own stand on the issue. Rosalie and Jasper are even suggesting to get rid of the girl.

"Carlisle, we cant take chances. The whole family will be destroyed because Edward is bored with his existence." Rosalie is all but shouting.

"I think we need to get rid of her; she is a danger to this family. Edward is clearly not thinking." Jasper tone was both commanding and chilling.

"Edward will destroy you all before your thoughts become actions. You are all taking lightly the way Edward feels for Bella. I know he's already irrevocably in love with her. Edward is happy for the first time in his existence. None of us will harm Isabella. If anybody wants to face the wrath of Edward be my guest."

"Don't speak her name as if she should even exist Alice!" Rose was furious.

Emmet was silently watching everything unravel and for the first time he seemed serious. Esme seemed to be at war in her mind Edwards happiness or protect the family. I understood how she felt.

"Rosalie calm down. Tomorrow observe them and then we will have a family meeting. No one will harm the girl. We might need to come to terms that she is his mate." I concluded our meeting when no one argued.

Bella Pov:

Who is Tanya?

My stomach twisted. All I wanted to do was get out of there. I didn't look at Mary and Angela when I left, but I caught sight of Edward hissing towards table his family was occupying. He looked furious.

The moment I made it through the doors of the cafeteria I ran as fast as I could. I knew where I was headed. I needed to think because the thought of this Tanya or even Rosalie having a past with Edward made my skin crawl.

Edward and I never discussed whether he dated, but who was this Tanya person? She was probably a beautiful vampire. I knew I couldn't compete with a vampire. Even when I was growing up Billy told us that a vampire's main lure was their looks. Rosalie Cullen I could have sworn that when she looked at Edward that she fancied him. Did he have a past with her?

By this point I was hyperventilating; Edward was my mate I was sure of it. If he was, it shouldn't matter if he has a past. I loved him and he was mine.

By the time I'd stopped I was in the meadow with Edward already there with a look of worry and frustration. I could tell the frustration was not directed towards me.

"Please love, we need to talk."

"Who is Tanya? And why does Rosalie look at you like she fancies you?" There was no beating around the bush; I had questions that needed answers. I could feel the tears coming down my eyes. Since meeting Edward I seemed to not have control over my emotions.

"Please sit."

"NO. Who is TANYA?" He looked surprised. There was a hint of fear as if I was slipping through his grasp. In that moment I realized Edward might be more knowledgeable, more handsome, and stronger then me but I could hurt him by leaving him.

"Tanya is a woman who has shown interest in me time and time again, but I've constantly refused her. She is a succubus and I have never been with any female before you. I have waited through the extended era of the century for you. I need you to believe in me and my love for you." His eyes were hypnotizing me in place. I couldn't utter a word that would parallel his eloquence. "My dearest Isabella, please believe that you have become the focal and most vital point of my existence. I love you."

"What ab.. ou..t Ro…salie?" I was stuttering and trying to keep my composure.

He was suddenly in front of me and my head was between his hands. It was a tender gesture as he patted my cheeks and his eyes were smoldering keeping me forever trapped in his web.

"Rosalie" he spoke with his lips brushing against mine "is another admirer who is to vain to comprehend that a man can reject her."

I couldn't take it anymore I grabbed his hair as our lips collided. His lips took control as he let out a really loud groan, tilting our faces trying to deepen the kiss as much as we can. We were kissing with no restriction. He grabbed my body like I weighed nothing fusing our bodies until we seemed like one person. I truly couldn't tell where my body began and where his ended.

His tongue was battling my tongue for dominance but I felt like a starved animal I wanted to completely devour him.

His mouth tasted amazing as always and I wanted more. Edward grabbed my butt. Which was becoming a recurring thing; my gentleman was an ass man.

I wanted to control the situation for once. The way he made me feel gave me confidence. So I pushed him and he looked at me confused. I have a strong feeling that it would be very difficult for Edward to not be in control, but I needed it this time.

I needed to feel as if he was mine. I hoped I can convey with my eyes as his strikingly beautiful eyes gazed into mine.

"Take off your shirt Edward" I tried to use what I hoped was a seductive voice.

To say he looked surprised was an understatement of the year.

Edward was wearing designer jeans, combat boots, a navy sweater that hugs his obvious chiseled chest, and his long black coat. He looked too sexy to be real like a mirage. His attire made him seem like a model but it was obvious within a second of his presence that he seemed to have an uncanny shrewd aura that made you feel as if you should bow down to him.

I've seen the way people reacted to his presence. He was kind to the people that mattered to me, but seemed to be detached and cold to the rest of the world.


"Take. Off. Your. Shirt. Unless you want me to do it for you."

"I seemed to lack the ability and cunningness to undress. I would very much appreciate your help." His voice betrayed nothing but his raised left brow was the only sign that he was playing along.

I took a step forward and looked at him. He made me feel like a high school girl. Even though I was, I always felt above that since I had matured much faster then my human classmates.

I raised my hand to take off his coat while he continued to gaze at me and my heart was beating erratically. While taking off his coat I stood on my toes and gave him a peck. I reached for his sweater when his coat landed on the grass of our meadow. I reached for the hem of his sweater lifting it with the white under shirt that was beneath it. He lifted his arms to help me take them off. Once he was shirtless I couldn't help but stare. As he was standing in front of me now shirtless; he watched me, trying to anticipate my next move. With our eyes connected I latched my mouth onto his neck. As I continued to place open mouth kisses on his neck Edward placed his hands on my hips.

"Is..abella, your playing with fire." At the exact moment I bit on his neck and instantly he let out a growl that seemed to echo all around us. What surprised was how I was attuned to his growls, instantly when he growled I felt myself get even wetter then I already was.

Without being conscious of what happened I was on my back in the center of the meadow with Edward on top of me.

"Didn't I tell you that you're playing with fire?" His eyes were coal black I was panting so loud that it was embarrassing, so much for me being in control. His voice was raspy and smooth in the same time. I don't know how he does it, but every time I think he cannot possibly get any sexier he does.

"Baby" I pouted as I tried to keep control of my embarrassing loud panting, "I want to be in control."

He contemplated for a moment before he relented control. I flipped us so that he was lying down on the grass while I was on top. Never losing eye contact I bent my head down and kissed him; I started placing kisses up and down his neck. When I reached his ear I sucked on his ear lobe.

"Bella." He was warning me but his voice was barely a whisper.

I continued to taste him. When I reached his collarbone I swirled my tongue before sucking on this skin there. I looked up to see his hungry gaze.

"I love you" I couldn't help but confess as he stared at me with obvious lust and love as well.

I didn't give him a chance to speak as I bit down hard on his apex. His hand automatically grabbed on my head as his body rose a little from the ground, but I was determined to continue my journey until I reached the valley of his abdomen.

Edward let out a hiss. The carved muscles of his stomach outlined his sculptured chest.

I ran my hand over his muscles and followed with my mouth until I reached his pubic bone.

"Edward, can I?" I didn't know what I wanted to do exactly but I wanted to see him lose control under my touch.

"Bella." His eyes were closed he was trying to think clearly. The gentleman in him would never allow this to go further. He had described his human upbringing so I knew that going all the way would morally bother him.

"Edward, can I just touch you?" I asked. Mary had told me how to do it. When Angela and I slept over she showed us with a banana. Angela was interested at the time because she was already with Ben, and I was the supportive disgusted friend. Since meeting Edward I wanted to see him come undone because of me, especially since he seemed to always posses my body in an all-consuming manner.

He looked at me realizing what I was asking for and he could tell how much I needed to be in control of this situation. I knew I should never have doubted his love for me. I needed to put trust in Edward and our relationship. I can't compare what we have to the people that I've grown up with because Edward and I are completely different creatures. Human and vampire relationships are completely different. We mate for life, its instinct.

Finally, he nodded and my hand descended into his trousers I couldn't believe I'm doing this. Once my hand was in his boxers I felt the defined line that led to his cock. His breath hitched in anticipation.

My hand ran along the outline and I couldn't believe how large he was. Was it even possible for him to be this large? He was long and the girth was thick. I couldn't rap my hand around it.

Leah had even shown me a dildo and it wasn't this big. I finally started moving my hand up and down even if I could not fully rap my hand around his cock.

I started a slow pace testing out his reaction. Starting from the base I started moving my hand until I reached tip. I started moving my hand up and down; I kept changing the pace. I couldn't keep eyes off his face. Edward was the most handsome and beautiful specimen I have ever seen. It hurt to just look at him without jumping him.

He looked at me not wanting to look away, but when the pleasure got too much his eyes would roll back as his eyes flapped shut.

"Fuck. That feels … …fucking. Good." Edward was grunting.

I kept going for twenty minutes and a couple of seconds before he finally let go. I learned that Edward had amazing control there was many times when I thought he was about to come but he would restrain himself. He seemed to want prolong the experience as long as he could. I realized why I needed this. I needed to claim him and seeing him come undone by my touch was what I needed right now. I didn't need words to prove something. What I was feeling was animalistic I wanted to bite and claim him in any way possible. This was instinct and my natural senses were in action.

Edward had realized this and even if he did not feel comfortable with the moral aspect of my actions he gave me what I needed.

Hearing my name come out of his mouth throughout those twenty minutes made me feel alive and helped relieve the animalistic part of me that wanted to claim their mate. All I wanted to do in that cafeteria today was growl and run across the cafeteria and tear Rosalie apart. I wasn't a violent person but this was something I could not restrain.

I wanted to find this Tanya and destroy her. I wanted to eradicate any threat that might try to seize what is mine.

Edward's eyes were still closed and his breathing was still harsh. Nevertheless he looked satiated and replete. He was in a state of bliss and I could not help but stare.

I loved this man.

I had napkin in my pocket so I took my hand out of his pants and removing my mates cum from hand. Even if all I wanted to do was lick my hand like an animal; I restrained myself.

I laid in his arm and he rapped them around me like vines that helped diminish todays stress. His arms now were my shelter and utopia.

We lay there for an hour before I broke the silence. There was nothing to discuss we were just appreciating the feeling of each other's embrace. Edward loved to sniff up and down my neck while placing kisses along my neck. It made me really horny but I tried to control myself.


"Yes, my love."

"I need to go to the reservation today." He stiffened.

"Why?" he tried to keep his voice normal.

"I need to tell them about our relationship before they hear it from someone else."

"I cant. I'm sorry but thats a gamble I can not risk. I do not wish to sound commanding but you must understand that everything about the situation rings danger. I love you and for the first time in my existence I have a weakness. You are a part of me now any danger to you is worst then any danger that might occur to me. Please try to understand that you are my mate and its instinct to be overprotective."

"I understand honey but can't you see why this is important to me. I grew up with them. I promise I will be ready this time if Jacob or any of them lose control. They would never harm me intentionally and I'm stronger then most of them." I added a pout for good measure.

"Bella, your are not playing fair."

"I love you." I fluttered my eyes flirtatiously.

He closed his eyes and just let out a thunderous growl.

"Fine but you must not stay too long unless you'd like to give me a vampire heart attack," he concluded.

I automatically jumped into his awaiting arms. He flipped us so that I was now lying on the grass as he devoured my mouth sucking, tongue battling, and light bites. He started to slow down but I didn't want him to stop.

"Please Honey, Don't stop." I wasn't beyond pleading.

"I thought you wanted to go talk to your friends, and I need to have a chat with my family."

"Lets forget about everyone else." All I wanted to do was finish off what he had started. I pulled his head down before he took both my hands and imprisoned them with his left hand above my head. He want back to kissing my lips with vigor. I was enraptured with his ability to render me into ash.

After half an hour of him completely dominating my mouth and body. We untangled so that he could take me home and I would drive up to La Push. I was afraid he would argue with his family because of me and I couldn't have that on my conscious.

"Edward. Please, don't argue with your family because of me." At the present he was running through the woods with me on his back. He didn't reply. He stayed quiet for a while and I wished he would say something.

When we arrived in the backyard of my parents home I slid down from his back. He didn't acknowledge what I said. Instead he kissed me and bid me fair well. He waited until I locked the door before he began running.

I had just passed the borders of La Push; I was heading home. Edward had called half the time I was there. I had already text him that I was on my way back.

To say the pack was unhappy is an understatement Jacob, Paul, and Sam destroyed trees to let out some frustration, but I told them it was not something I had control over like imprinting. Sam and Jacob understood, but did not want to believe that I had mated with a vampire.

I had called them before going. I told Jacob that I needed to speak to all of them. As shocking as finding out I had mated with a vampire was nothing compared to the fact that I was an actual half-breed.

I suspect they will need time to digest all the new information. It was hard for me to leave especially when the people I consider apart of my family wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I understood this was a heavy load and I will give them time to process it. I knew I was crying but it seemed I was going through a lot of emotions this past week.

I didn't want to think about the fact that I'm not supposed to exist because the thought hurt too much and if I was honest with myself I was scared. I understood why his family has yet reached out to me they did not want me for their son. Did I pose as a threat to Edward?

Edward would never tell me if his family didn't want him to be with me, but Edward didn't strike me as a person that allowed people's opinion get in the way of his decision. Edward loves me. So anything they say or do will never get in the way of what he feels for me.

"Bella" I heard Edward call my name from somewhere in the woods.

I stopped the car and he appeared in the passenger seat. Automatically my body glided to him until I was on his lap. We lingered there just holding each. I was holding him like he was my lifeline.

"Can you spend the night?" he asked and I didn't want to let go of him tonight so I knew that was what I needed.

"Let me just go home, tell my parents, and get some cloth."

" I'll come in thirty minutes, unless you need more time."

"That's perfect. ..I love you Edward." I stared into his eyes seeing the instant reaction that my words had. He looked at me softly and adoringly.

"As I love you." He placed me on my seat and disappeared into the night.

I continued driving until I got home. I got out of my car and I could hear my parents inside. Once I made my way to the door I took out my keys and unlocked it.

"Mom. Dad. I'm home." I said loud enough for them to hear.

"Hey Honey," they replied in unison.

They were both in the kitchen drinking coffee after dinner. I gave them both a peck and sat down with them.

"Mom. Dad. I wanted permission to sleep in Edwards house." I paused looking at their faces. My mom was trying to wink at me. Lord help me from her, she'll probably want play by play when Edward and I finally have sex. Mom is a freak. I knew she used to make Dad watch Porn with her. It did wonders for their sex life. Gross. I shiver every time I think about it.

Dad on the hand looked pissed at my confession.

"Its not what you think. We will not have sex so get that out of your heads. I'm just sleeping over."

"DO YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT BOGUS EXCUSE." Dad was pissed and he looked like was about to pop a vain.



"Dad. Edward was born 1901. He doesn't believe in sex before marriage." He scoffed. "Dad don't you believe me. We are just going through a hard time and we just want to spend the night together. I know as a parent it doesn't sound proper, but I promise nothing will happen."

"Wait. He doesn't believe in sex before marriage. I'm sorry honey. Does that include other thing?" Oh Sweet Lord strike me know. Does Renee ever stop? My face was different shades of red.

"Have you lost your mind Renee?" Dad looked at her like she was crazy.

"Oh Charlie, don't act so ignorant. When we were her age we were going at it like rabbits. Remember the backseat of your fathers c-"

"Ewwww. MOM. DAD. Gross." Dad had the logic to look embarrassed. Mom on the other as usual nothing fazed her. I swear she's a freak. I don't know how dad keeps up with her libido.

"Mom. Dad. Please, can I?"

"Honey, go have fun and you should see if you could break his resolve." Oh god she's winking at me again. I always feared the day I would date because of her.

Dad looked as embarrassed as I was and kept trying to bring Renee a couple of pegs down.

"Dad?" I didn't want them to end up arguing because of me. He looked at me as if trying to see if I was lying.

"Alright princess, but if he tries anything…."

"Oh, thank you so much Dad." I gave both of them hugs and kissed both their cheek sand ran up to pack some cloth before dad changed his mind. I was packed and ready within a blink of an eye.

I heard Edwards's car driving up the block. I was getting excited and I hoped he would tell me what happened in his parent's house.

Carlisle POV:

Alice had called me to the hospital two hours ago to let me know that Edward was coming today as a reaction to something Rosalie had said. I feared that if we did not already on my way home, the kids already finished school an hour ago.

I made the turn that leads to our long driveway; I could see a car behind me approaching quickly behind me. It was Edward. I can see clearly through rear view mirror that he was angry.

I have never seen him this angry. I heard the angry scoff as a reaction to my thoughts.

Son calm down; we're your family or have you forgotten?

I haven't forgotten yet father, It's this family that has yet to act as one. Have I not supported this family enough? Have I ever asked for anything? And to be clear I'm not here to ask for a favor.

I parked my car, his car was already parked, and he was already inside the house. It always confounded me how fast he was. The way we may seem to humans.

Everyone was already in the dining room waiting. Edward looked pretty angry, while Rosalie was staring at herself in her mirror. I can tell she was nervous but she was trying to hide it.

The moment I sat down Rosalie must have thought something because Edward stood up, his teeth exposed, and his eyes were in predator mode as he scrutinized her.

"I dare you, Rosalie. Lets see how brave you are." Edward was suddenly smiling, but the smile was terrifying. He got closer to her. This was a surprise since Edward seemed to always avoid her like a plague. "Are you getting excited Rosalie by how close I am? Do you know that my mate cried today because of you?"

"Edward. Son." Esme seemed nervous about this meeting and I was too. He had just admitted that the girl was his mate. Everyone in the room became tenser with his confession. She was his mate.

"She is my mate and I dare anyone to stand in the way. I will destroy the entire Voltaire if they dare to challenge me. So, your concerns are not required. She is mine, and anyone causes her to be miffed will deal with me. She is my sole concern now. " He paused to gauge everyone's reaction. "Rosalie. This will be your first and last chance. Upset my mate again and I will spit at your ashes once I'm done with you." His voice was low and terrifying leaving no room for question of whether he would make do on his promise.

This was the first time Edward had ever cared for another person. He must not know how to handle all the new emotions he must be going through. He's used to going through life aloof and in control of everything. To see my son almost normal and caring will be flabbergasting.

"You will also apologize to her tomorrow." Edward demanded.


"You heard me." He paused and turned to Esme. "Mom, I would like to introduce you to my Bella. Would that be alright?" Esme beamed and her smile was blinding.

It was no secret that she truly cares for Edward; most would say he was the favorite. Edward was the only one that Esme and I had gotten attached to since he was human. We watched him grow and Esme saw the son that died in him.

It was no question when he got sick that we would never let him die. We had already loved him like a son and today he was finally his mother to meet the woman that has captivated him. How ignorant I have been of my sons' feelings.

"Of course honey, I can't wait to meet her." Esme stood up to embrace him.

"I shall call or come to pick you up when I see fit. Bye Mom." He pecked his mom on her cheek.

He turned to Alice who was jumping up and down. He simply raised an eyebrow at his sister and shook his head at her antics.

"Of course" Alice answered his question out loud.

A few seconds later his car can be heard starting up before he raced out of the driveway leaving us all staring at the place he had occupied a couple of seconds ago.

I stood there frozen. It did not escape my notice that my son did not ask me if I wanted to meet her.