Okay so I want to make a suggestion real quick... If you have read or are reading Volturi Mistress then most of this story is going to be known. I was asked to write what Jasper was thinking and this is it. There is going to be a lot of repeating things from VM, but there IS going to be new stuff here; this chapter for example!

As always I own nothing...

Chapter 1

"Can I have your attention please," started the flight attendant. "We will be starting our descent to Florence Italy shortly. At this time, we ask that you put your seats and tray tables in their upright positions. Also, this is your warning to start ending you phone calls and shut off all electronics." I never could understand that request, it is not like my cell phone was really going to interrupt the computer system of this plane.

"No Jasper, it wouldn't bother the plane," laughed the voice currently on my phone. "It will bother the person three isles away though, if you continue to think about throwing it!"

"I'm not going to throw the phone," I said, chuckling at the thought though. I had a passing thought earlier about doing just that when the said person's snoring got on my nerves. "Could you please remind me again why I agreed to this trip Ali-cat," I asked. Alice might have been my ex-wife and now remarried to another, but she was still one of my best friends and using her nickname was as easy as breathing... well if I actually needed to breath that is.

"You wanted a change of pace Jasper," Alice sighed into the phone. "I can't see what is going to happen, not that I would tell you, but I see you getting just that." I was about to answer when one of the flight attendants locked eyes on me, I could hear Alice's giggles from the phone.

"Sir, I need to ask you to finish your phone call soon. We will be landing soon," she smiled down at me, leaning forward practically shoving her chest in my face.

"I know," I said evenly, pushing some acceptance toward her. "I am almost finished; I should be off in roughly five minutes at the most."

"That's fine Sir," she said, her smile faltering slightly when I didn't take her silent offer finally leaning away. "As long as your phone is off before we actually start our descent."

"That was not funny Alice," I said in reply to Alice's continual giggles once the attendant moved away. "Well at least if I don't feel comfortable after meeting with Aro I can leave without even bringing up anything about the guard," I said getting us back on topic.

"About that..." started Alice.

"What about it?"

"Well," she hedged.

"Alice," I growled slightly, not loud enough for humans to hear but enough for her to know I meant business.

"When Carlisle called to setup your meeting with Aro," she started again, "he may have mentioned that you were interested in the guard." I took a deep breath to calm myself, snarling into the phone at this point would not help the situation...even if it would make me feel better.

"Does Carlisle not realize the spot that he has put me in," I asked when I could keep my voice down. It was common knowledge in the family that Aro had wanted me in the guard for the longest time. I think it might have been the reason I have been allowed to live this long after he learned I had helped Maria in her first war. "Once Aro sees an opportunity to get me in the guard, he is not going to stop until I agree. I really wish I had been made aware of this before starting this trip." I started to feel myself slip into my old persona. The one that saw everything as a threat, the one that would kill first and ask questions later. This Jasper, or Major as some called me, was feared by many and known by all. This Jasper was now looking for some strategic plan to use if I did not in the end want to join the Volturi Guard.

"Relax Jasper," Alice said calmly. "You remember what Eleazer has said about the guard the last time he came to visit?" When I didn't reply she continued, "Aro has placed someone else in charge of the guard. He can want you all he wants, but it is no longer his call whom joins."

"He still is in charge, Alice," I stated clearly. "I am sure he can overrule who ever is in charge of the guard now if he wanted."

"That is not what Renata said when I ran into her a few months ago," She quipped back at me obviously getting annoyed at me. "She said the new Leader of the Guard did not take any crap from Aro, that this new leader really had made some drastic changes to the guard. It was one of the reasons Renata left the guard."

"You don't leave the guard, it is a lifetime gig,"I said still trying to keep myself calm. "Unless maybe being kicked out for bad mouthing the brothers."

"SHE left Jasper," said Alice, her voice going slightly high. "It was her choice to leave; she found her mate and wanted out. That is one of the changes this new leader has made, the guard is not a longer lifetime commitment." She took a deep breath, when she spoke next her voice was back to normal. "Stop trying to see trouble where it does not exist yet."

"Fine," I replied. "Now before that flight attendant comes back..."

"I have a rental waiting for you at the rental place under Whitlock-Cullen," She cut me off. "I also have a room booked for you at the Florence Hilton for two weeks."

"My meeting with Aro is tomorrow Alice," I sighed. "Why do you need me to be in Italy for two weeks?"

"It's nothing bad Jasper,." Alice laughed lightly at me. "I just figured that if you didn't join the guard you could ask Heidi to pick a few things out for me at the fashion show that is going to be there in Italy." How did I not guess it would have anything to do with clothes?

"We will see," I answered her when I was again caught in the flight attendant's radar. "I got to go Alice," I said as she started toward my seat. "Give the family my love and tell them I will call later."

"I will Jazz. Love you."

"Love you to Ali-cat," I said then shut my phone. "Sorry about that," I said looking up at the attendant shutting my phone off. "It took longer then I thought."

"Saying goodbye to the wife is always hard," replied the attendant with a small smile.

"It is," I said, "but that was my ex-wife, but she is still a very good friend of mine. More of a sister now," I said with a smile. The attendant just nodded and walked away to bother someone else. I turned and looked out the window. I had this feeling that just as the ground was coming to greet the plane, that there was a new adventure waiting to greet me in Italy. When the plane finally landed I gladly stepped off and into what ever awaited me.